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Taxi driver charged with sexual assault

By Thumper - 6 December 2007 22

According to the Daily telegraph, a 55 year old taxi driver has been charged by police over the alleged sexual assault of a 20 year old student.

“The victim told a Canberra court that before the alleged attack, on Childers Street about 2.30am on April 29 this year, Mr Kayana drove her to a dark, inner-city alcove and told her she was “beautiful”.

“She was later found cowering in a dimly-lit garden by three women.”

The driver will stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court on December 6.

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22 Responses to
Taxi driver charged with sexual assault
shauno 4:15 pm 07 Dec 07

This guy needs to sentenced to 10 years jail minimum. Its high time we started adopting American style sentences for these idiots.

Spectra 8:37 am 07 Dec 07

Yeah, ’cause the Nazis were all about the presumption of innocence 😉
Also: Godwin’s law. Thread’s over.

Deadmandrinking 11:36 pm 06 Dec 07

Adding to my previous post – “if found guilty”

F-king legal Nazi’s!

Spectra 10:15 pm 06 Dec 07

I love this place – as soon as anyone’s charged, any notion of presumption of innocence goes out the window.
If, if he’s guilty, then I’m all for a nice tough sentence, let him rot in jail, “off with his head! lol”, or whatever else. People who commit the kind of crime in question sicken me as much as the next person.
But for god’s sake, let’s give the guy his day in court before declaring he should be strung up by his nether regions. The media, historically, have been piss-poor at giving both sides of any case, so to pass judgement purely based on their reports would be premature, to put it mildly.

bd84 9:05 pm 06 Dec 07

better headline for this story may have been “taxi driver committed to stand trial over sexual assault” since he’s been charged with the crime within days of the event occurring 🙂
off with his head! lol

Deadmandrinking 9:00 pm 06 Dec 07

Ah, I see. I’m actually all for a strict sentence in this case. I agree with vandam that he abused a position of trust and if an example is made here, then perhaps it will deter future cases.

vandam 8:56 pm 06 Dec 07

depends on the sexual assault. If it’s rape he should be. If its more of a indecent assault, which media tend to mix up then he wont be.

Deadmandrinking 8:52 pm 06 Dec 07

He’ll be on a sex offender’s register, won’t he?

vandam 8:49 pm 06 Dec 07

This is not the first time Taxi Drivers have preyed on drunk females.

This is completely outrageous. Just like bus drivers, Police, Docters etc etc they provide the public with a service. There should be tougher penalties for the people in these positions.

Though we can predict what will happen…….12 month suspended sentence. A harsh sentence would be suspending his licence.

Queenie 8:43 pm 06 Dec 07

We worked on this case and she’d been in a drunken stupor in the garden BEFORE the three women found her and put her in the ill-fated taxi. Or at least, I’m pretty sure that’s the sequence of events. I don’t know why the Daily Telegraph would get it backwards…

Deadmandrinking 8:41 pm 06 Dec 07

Exactly GNT. Send him to an Australian jail as an Australian.

Unless you want to send Bikies to Europe, of course…

GnT 7:01 pm 06 Dec 07

Where are you going to send him home to? Nowhere does it say he is not an Australian citizen.

w3st0nFTW 4:35 pm 06 Dec 07

The lowlife prick should be sent to silverwater gaol and have to get a big tatt on his face saying “I h8 wogs & Bikies”

“The latest attack follows a series of grubby sexual assaults involving taxi drivers in NSW and a recent poll found more than 70 per cent of Daily Telegraph Online readers say they do not feel safe with Sydney cabbies.”

What a shame..
I have only had 2 good taxi drivers in my time thats because they did not say one word to me.

V twin venom 4:31 pm 06 Dec 07

Send him to my place and I’ll show you an alleged assault. Then we’ll send the pieces home. Filthy old piece of crap.

Mr Evil 4:04 pm 06 Dec 07

Put him on a plane and send him home!

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