Taxi Driver gets a little too frisky

Jazz 9 January 2008 36

Every now and then I hear a piece of office gossip that sounds too outrageous to be true. In this case, it really was, and a short search later I came accross this on ABC Online. It seems that in the early hours of the New Year one particular cabbie thought he’d try and get a ride, rather than just giving one, to the surprise of his female passenger.

naughty boy.

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36 Responses to Taxi Driver gets a little too frisky
Mælinar Mælinar 1:31 pm 09 Jan 08

As I read it from the top, it was caf, not jazz who first insinuated that the story was not funny.

Jazz merely stated that the story sounded outrageous so he checked it out.

Danman Danman 1:34 pm 09 Jan 08

Don’t. Believe. The. Hype.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:40 pm 09 Jan 08

Actually if you look at the original ABC story, down the bottom right is an also of interest bit that lists a number of similar stories, some dating back a number of months though. So while we are not having an epidemic of horny-cab drivers, these things seem to happen often enough to be cause for some eyebrow raising.

Sands Sands 1:41 pm 09 Jan 08

But Jazz, the point is it isn’t just two cases. This guy said it was EVERY friday and saturday nights. He was guaranteed to ‘get some’ and would even target drunk ones walking along the side of the road.

As for the second. I wont go in to detail but it was quite serious and the police were involved. I think based on those two examples (one involving several incidents) that I can suggest it’s a social concern. Particularly if you have daughters.

Danman – you sound a little nervous…

caf caf 1:49 pm 09 Jan 08

Maelinar: the original story has been changed since my comment.

Jazz Jazz 2:24 pm 09 Jan 08

yeah it has, it used to say hilarious but i was feeling sooo much love for my choice of word that i invoked editorial privilege and changed it.

Sands, this guy might have claimed it was every week, but its STILL ONLY ONE GUY. bit unfair to paint all cabbies with the same brush.

Sands Sands 2:28 pm 09 Jan 08

agh, I’m not. Are you saying that by bringing it to public attention that I’m painting all cabbies with the same brush?

And that ONE GUY isn’t even the taxi driver this thread is about. Nor the link to December’s thread. It’s not an isolated situation.

That’s all I’m saying. That people should be aware of the risks and not take taking a taxi for granted.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:58 pm 09 Jan 08

To further Sands point, I do know females that have had unwanted advances as well. Nothing more than suggestions and requests for phone numbers, but it is still highly unprofessional.

There’s some bad apples amongst our taxi-drivers, but it certainly doesn’t account for all of them. Most taxi drivers I meet are friendly, conversational and easy-going which is why I often end up leaving tips.

Perhaps this needs to be addressed by the company and stern warning issued over professional conduct. The bad apples need to know that they are in a position of trust and cannot compromise that position with sexual advances.

sepi sepi 5:22 pm 09 Jan 08

I had a very strange taxi driver once who kept asking me if I lived alone and which was my bedroom window, as he dropped me off.

vandam vandam 5:33 pm 09 Jan 08

Why is it that we can generalise about other organisations, ie cops, doctors, teachers etc, however all of a sudden it’s only 1 or 2 taxi drivers doing the bad thing?

There have been various reports and no doubt unreported incidents involving indecent behaviour with cabbies. Surely there needs to be some measures put in place to ensure public safety. Whilst it may only be 1 or 2 cabbies doing the wrong thing, generalisation is a bitch. Something needs to be done to ensure all cab users that they are going to be safe. To date I haven’t heard anyone from ACT cabs ensuring public safety.

Sands Sands 6:09 pm 09 Jan 08

And you have to wonder if they’re going to ask the sober ones for their number or ask what bedroom window theirs was (omg sepi – that is unbelievable!!), then I can easily accept that they’ll forget the asking bit if the girl in particular has been ‘put in’ the cab or is upright, but absolutely wasted. They probably wouldn’t remember where they got picked up from let alone the taxi number (in order to report it).

Danman Danman 7:32 pm 09 Jan 08

I once had a cabbie drop me from Woden traides to Lyons – when we got to my house he said 7 bucks or something like that – I gave him a tenner and said keep the change – I am drunk, take advantage of me, so he said ok, and he jokingly leant in for a smackeroonie – I fled pretty quick muttering “not gay not gay not gay”

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:49 pm 09 Jan 08

Sounds like you needed to give yourself lots of re-assurance there, Danman.

Danman Danman 8:49 pm 09 Jan 08

hey man – straight and married – no need now… back then though 🙂

Mr Evil Mr Evil 9:43 am 10 Jan 08

Yeah, but Rock Hudson was straight and married too….. 🙂

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 1:21 pm 10 Jan 08

So were Michael Jackson and Elton John, briefly…..

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