Ted Bailleu wants to steal the Brumbies

johnboy 9 November 2006 10

The Age reports that stealing our Brumbies has become an election promise for the Liberals in the Victorian election.

Mr Atkinson said rugby officials were aware of the exposure benefits that Victoria’s 5 million population would offer to the code over the ACT’s 328,000. “The Canberra franchise has struggled a bit in recent times, it doesn’t have a strong financial base and obviously the support base is good, but I think Melbourne could be better”

Let’s see if Comrade Stanhope’s hatred of the Brumbies is matched by his hatred of Liberals.

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10 Responses to Ted Bailleu wants to steal the Brumbies
greeneyed greeneyed 9:44 am 29 Dec 06

Shame about the Victorian election result! Still, it is likely the Brumbies will want to take off to Melbourne on their own accord after their deal at Canberra Stadium runs out. Can hardly wait! Their players can then fly in and out of Melbourne instead of here.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:53 pm 09 Nov 06

stanhope won’t care. He’s a selfish so-and-so, who hates pretty much every Canberran and their family. Look at the school closures and rate hikes due to his fiscal incompetence for proof.

Also there’s no boat people/lesos/abos/pinkos/genocidal manics about to hang/green ideologues playing for the Brumbies, so he don’t care.

LG LG 7:52 pm 09 Nov 06

I believe the Brumbies get quite a nice subsidy from the ACT Goverment as well. If they went we could afford more trees in the museum!

lateralis lateralis 6:45 pm 09 Nov 06

vg, it’s not about gate sales, it’s about corportae revenue. Super 14 is payed for by pay TV. They don’t really need crowds at all, other than as window dressing.
ACT does not have the corporate dollar.

We do have a fantastic and knowledgable rugby culture here, but I know plenty of people who didn’t renew Brumbies season passes. Not because of the Brumbies form, but because of ticket price increases.

aich jay aich jay 5:04 pm 09 Nov 06

Everyone loves a winner – the crowds were pretty big when the Brumbies were winning titles so if they can keep being successful Canberra’s small population should be no handicap.

vg vg 2:05 pm 09 Nov 06

Little thing about getting it past the ACTRU board that could cause them a problem.

They draw around about 20,000/game to Bruce (give and take). Be lucky to draw 10,000/game in Melbourne.

It won’t happen. Struggling financial base? Bollocks

smokey2 smokey2 1:51 pm 09 Nov 06

As a Victorian may I say who cares.
Ok so who do I vote for next week?
The bunch of Pollies I detest the least.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:32 pm 09 Nov 06

If this is the best that the VIC Libs can offer the electorate, well I wouldn’t be too worried about them winning the next election.

johnboy johnboy 1:27 pm 09 Nov 06

it’s quite new for it to be an election policy.

Avacry Avacry 1:22 pm 09 Nov 06

This is nothing new, Victoria has been interested in stealing the Brumbies for years. There are certain factors like the population of Canberra size of Canberra stadium for holding Super 12/14 finals isn’t all that appealing to some.

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