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Teepee man hates internet commenters and speaks exclusively to the tree killing media

By johnboy - 30 March 2012 55

william woodbridge

Forgetting where he got his media profile from William Woodbridge now get his kicks talking exclusively to the Canberra Times and hoping that a native title certificate and $3.50 will buy him a coffee:

Canberra’s teepee man William Woodbridge has taken his fight to stay on Lake Ginninderra to the Supreme Court.

The 21-year-old lodged an interlocutory injunction with the court yesterday to stop what local Ngambri elder Shane Mortimer labelled an ”unlawful forced removal” from the floating home.

Speaking exclusively to The Canberra Times, Mr Woodbridge said he intended to defy orders by the ACT government to relocate.

[Photo by Conor Hickey]

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55 Responses to
Teepee man hates internet commenters and speaks exclusively to the tree killing media
Erg0 9:26 am 30 Mar 12

Having read that article, I’m less clear than ever on his motivations for staying on the lake. First he says:
“I would like the ability to move off the lake when I find accommodation that I find suitable,” he said.

Then it changes to:
“I’m trying to raise some fairly serious issues about student accommodation and unfortunately, it takes longer than six weeks to do that.”

So is he staying because he (supposedly) can’t find suitable accommodation, or is he staying to make a statement?

6matt9 9:18 am 30 Mar 12

He spent $4000 on that teepee. I’m all for taking a stand and having your voice heard but spending that sort of money defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Mysteryman 9:15 am 30 Mar 12

Mr Mortimer has previously issued an ”authorisation certificate”, stating that Mr Woodbridge was ”authorised to occupy Lake Ginninderra or any other lake estuary or wetland” in Ngambri Country. The certificate was issued by Mr Mortimer on behalf of ”elders past and present”.

Does that make any difference whatsoever?

Bennop 9:03 am 30 Mar 12

Diggety said :

some of the feedback he’d received through online forums had been offensive

Read more:

Exaggerated headline much? Can do better Riot-act.

dpm 8:50 am 30 Mar 12

Sounds more like he hates RA posters’ comments, if anything.
Then again, it’s not unusual for such comments to be overly critical of almost anything…

I stumbled across this yesterday and it seems appropriate for many posts here! I guess we’re all bored and needing to feel better about ourselves! Hahahaha!

threepaws 8:47 am 30 Mar 12

Ok, so go ahead and protest the cost of student accommodation. But ask the government to provide you with housing? Now that’s a bit rich.

Aren’t there thousands of individuals and families already on the waiting list for housing? Does he want to jump the queue?

Perhaps he should just suck it up and do what many a struggling uni student has done before him – defer, or go part time, and get a job and support himself instead of expecting the community to give him a free ride.

I’m sure there are many people on the housing waiting list who don’t have the luxury of being able to move back in with their parents, or who can’t work.

p1 8:19 am 30 Mar 12

I fail to see how he intends to claim native title on a man made (post European settlement of the continent) lake.

Maybe it’s the vibe?

grump 7:59 am 30 Mar 12

there’s going to be tears before bedtime when the weight of the real world descends on young William and he realises that the world doesn’t revolve around him and his 15 minutes!

Special G 7:38 am 30 Mar 12

Tent embassy is an ongoing protest. Can’t go removing one without removing the other.

tommy 7:10 am 30 Mar 12

I bet he’ll be off the lake once it starts getting cold…

yellowredme 4:37 am 30 Mar 12

Im behind W Woodbridge all the way. The issue is the price of student accommodation in Canberra.

Felix the Cat 4:23 am 30 Mar 12

Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to take a greivance to the Supreme Court? I thought the whole reasoning behind the teepee on the lake was because he couldn’t afford student accommodation.

MJay 3:17 am 30 Mar 12

Complaining of rental costs and then going to court is somewhat amusing.

He was also on the project on Wednesday night-

c_c 2:21 am 30 Mar 12

Spray the thing with silver paint, give it some LED lights and call it public art, can’t be worse than that thing in Woden and certainly cheaper.

Diggety 1:35 am 30 Mar 12

Along with my recent choice to identify as Aboriginal, I will now change my name to William Woodbridge.

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