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Telstra vs Transact

By clp 21 June 2010 24

We are about to move house and have been with Telstra for home phone, internet and mobile.  Much as Telstra sucks we have stayed with them because I get free calls to my husband’s work mobile.  We have been frustrated with the ADSL because even though its meant to be as fast as cable we’ve had lots of times when it hasn’t worked and our home phone has been dodgy as well.  I’m not sure if its just a problem at our current place or not.

Coming from Sydney where we had cable broadband with Telstra we were frustrated that only Transact offered it as we’re not at all interested in pay TV and all their packages seem geared towards including pay TV.

I’ve been trying to compare provider packages online (with Optus thrown in for good measure) but its very hard to make accurate comparisons so want to get opinions from here.

Basically I have a very low use mobile (as phone is paid off I pay $15 a month) we make very few local phone calls but a few interstate calls a month.  To be honest I can’t remember what our download for internet is but we want a fast speed connection but don’t download movies etc.

I’m aware we can bundle with ACTEWAGL and would be interested if people think bundling is worthwhile (we will have gas as well as electricity).

Thanks for your help

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Telstra vs Transact
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clp 8:43 am 24 Aug 10

I know its been a few months but we moved again and hadn’t changed our ISP and it was a disaster – we were without a phone for 2 weeks and even longer without internet. Lets hope we can get out of our contract. Have heard good things about Westnet. MrCLP doesn’t want to do VOIP even though its cheaper as he’s suspicious about mobile broadband.

troll-sniffer 2:26 pm 22 Jun 10

Deano said :

clp said :

There are so many better options out there but trying to work out what it all means is a bloody nightmare – no wonder people end up staying with the big providers.

That’s the problem with competition. Broadband Choice is your friend.

troll-sniffer said :

iinet VOIP phone on ADSL 2+ line 10G + 10G plan $59.95 per month, average phone bill $60.50 to $65.00 per month for internet and home phone.

I’ll see your iinet and raise you an Exetel – ADSL2+, 30Gb+60Gb, 2 x VoIP (100 calls per month avg), 2 x mobiles ($0 min spend), email to fax and web SMS for average $60 per month. Exetel also offer non-Telstra infrastructure where it is available.

Well I did put in an application to Exetel and they made me disconnect my Transact line so they could action my application and then proceeded to inform me I couldn’t get their service because they didn’t have the equipment installed despite telling me three times beforehand that they did. Took three weeks of wrangling just to get my line back so that a competent firm, iinet, could provide me with a service.

So, you’re welcome to your Exetel if you can get it, but they will never see my business ever.

troll-sniffer 2:23 pm 22 Jun 10

Jungle Jim said :

I know this is completely off topic, but troll – why on earth would you choose to use “wuz” instead of “was”? W A & S are in a neat little triangle formation on the left of your keyboard.

Because my keyboard has a Cornish accent and it would have said “I were in the same boat, see” so I thought I would put it in an accent that the Riot-ACT readers would understand, but to no avail, someone just had to whinge.

Jazz 10:21 am 22 Jun 10

Cant say i’ve ever had a problem with transact services (either speed or service) and i’ve been on them for 4 or 5 4 years now.

That I also get a bundled discount on my gas & electricity with actewagl makes the cost very reasonable in comparison to their competitors even if the speed is not as quick as what i might get with another provider.

For the overwhelming majority of home internet users in Canberra the difference between 1.5mbps and 2.8mbps is inconsequential as they’re using it to read and send email, read the news, do internet banking or check the weather (according to a study done by google economist Hal Varian). All activities that are not bandwidth or speed intensive.

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