Temporary Traffic Cameras?

CrankyCanberran 12 February 2010 15

I noticed on the way to work yesterday, a series of approximately 8 CCTV cameras temporarily installed along Cotter Road & Adelaide Avenue. They seemed to be concentrating mostly on intersections.

Then on the way to work today, overnight, all of them have been removed.

Certainly haven’t heard anything in the news about what they may be about, however interested to hear if anyone knows of their purpose.
Temporary CCTV Cameras
CCTV Closeup

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15 Responses to Temporary Traffic Cameras?
KB1971 KB1971 1:22 pm 16 Feb 10

Thoroughly Smashed said :

They’re not cameras, they’re mind control transmitters.

I better dust off my tin foil hat then…..:)

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 12:18 pm 15 Feb 10

I am stunned that they are able to be collected the next day….

Surely our youth have missed them…..

PigsFly PigsFly 11:11 pm 14 Feb 10

Maybe in preparation for the major road works expected at the Cotter Road and Streeton Drive intersection – the building of the new arterial road through the future housing development in Molonglo Valley is due to start soon I believe?

That’s the next disaster zone to avoid once the GDE/Glenloch Interchange mess is finally cleaned up.

lemon delicious lemon delicious 5:03 pm 13 Feb 10

This reminds me – last week I saw what looked like a camera (different to those above) on top of a street light on Isabella Drive, just before the Drakeford Drive round-about.

captainwhorebags captainwhorebags 2:53 pm 13 Feb 10

There’s one just near Curtin shops. On it is a sticker saying that they’re traffic counting cameras.

semaj semaj 10:56 am 13 Feb 10

They put cameras like this up around the Pialligo intersections prior to doing all the work there.

I suspect that they are just recording traffic patterns. Perhaps there’s a redesign of that intersection coming.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:52 am 13 Feb 10

It’s all part of the filming of a ‘thrilling’ new ‘reality’ television show called, “Canberra’s worst intersection near misses”, or “Canberra’s kookiest drivers”?

Or maybe the ACT Govt are looking for the best place to next cause untold traffic irritation once the GDE project is finally completed in 2055?

noplacelike noplacelike 10:45 pm 12 Feb 10

luther_bendross said :

Alternatively, they are or are not linked and I should probably stop being a nosey jerk and let the po-po’s do their job. Actually, I’m gonna stick with the latter.

There’s nothing wrong watching whats going on. As soon as people bury their heads, things go downhill fast!

bd84 bd84 8:55 pm 12 Feb 10

Mr President is due to visit next month, given their location between the Governor-General’s residence and the Prime Minister’s and Parliament House, you could take a good guess of why they’re there.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:47 pm 12 Feb 10

Looks like Barry O will be going from Parliament House to the Governer Generals…

lobster lobster 7:56 pm 12 Feb 10

Perhaps they are to catch P-Plater hoons doing 240kmh?

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 6:32 pm 12 Feb 10

They’re not cameras, they’re mind control transmitters.

mtrax mtrax 6:16 pm 12 Feb 10

probably for when Obama visits

luther_bendross luther_bendross 6:00 pm 12 Feb 10

Hmmm… interesting… I was driving north on Tuggers Parkway last Sunday and we turned west onto Cotter Rd. At the Tuggers/Cotter intersection there were three police cars spaced about 200m from each other, with nothing really overt going on. Then we saw another couple just up Cotter Rd before the Weston turnoff. It was a really weird setup and they were definately watching (for) something; it may be a long bow but I wonder whether these things are linked.

Alternatively, they are or are not linked and I should probably stop being a nosey jerk and let the po-po’s do their job. Actually, I’m gonna stick with the latter.

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 5:29 pm 12 Feb 10

Testing point to point?

Testing Web cams??

Testing Security Cameras for the big visit?

Testing Traffic numbers through and intersection?

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