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Tent Embassy negotiations on for another month.

By S4anta 27 September 2005 20

ABC on-line is report[ing] that the tent embassy negotiations are continuing for at least another month.

Apparently the delay revolves around getting those on the advisory committee to speak to everyone who emailed, phoned, sent carrier pidgoeneon (or wombat) so they all get to have their twenty cents in the process.

I was just wondering when the local ACT community will get to add their voice to this process?

Can anyone say more needless red tape than double wrapping Tutankhamun so he doesn’t get a head cold.

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Tent Embassy negotiations on for another month.
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Mr Evil 5:02 pm 29 Sep 05

I wasn’t serious about the A-10 Warthog either; a Huey Cobra would be much more effective. 😉

bonfire 12:36 pm 29 Sep 05

violence and a 5 am raid by the police arent the same thing.

the whole point of that type of raid is to minimse violence.

having seen previous tent embassy squatter reactions to any form of intervention, i think its safe to assume that violence comes from them to others – usually officers of the law going about their duty.

as to the attacks on them by members of teh public. i dont condone that, but if you set yourself up as a a target, you have to expect a reaction. thats why they have chosen the place, the style and the longevity of their protest.

they engineer the situation and then react.

quite frankly, i dont give a shit about their ’cause’ because i dont know what their cause is. its a message diluted long ago.

Thumper 10:56 am 29 Sep 05

I’m for the Embassy but not in the form it is now.

See my previous comments….

(Not the one about 203s and 79s)

bulldog 10:22 am 29 Sep 05

Let me clarify that first statement about violence; I don’t advocate violence against any group that has peaceful intent. As for people who won’t move out of the right lane… well, I think most of you know how I feel about that.

bulldog 10:19 am 29 Sep 05

Fair call JB, I think we missed each other in the middle; I wasn’t really paying attention to gung-ho postings. I don’t advocate violence against any group, however I reckon the time has come for a decision to be made as to how best resolve this issue.

My comment about the riot squad was aimed at the potential troublemakers (Mael has ponted out various other factions are now residing in the area) who would resist any attempts to move them on to another more appropriate venue.

Maelinar 9:19 am 29 Sep 05

Even the Ngunnawal tribe have stated that the tent embassy is inappropriate.

As the cultural custodians of the land in question, I believe that their words speak volumes.

As Indigenous people, saying that the tent embassy no longer represents them, I think that their words should have been heeded by the squatters at the embassy several months ago.

The tent embassy has lost track of what it’s meant to be supporting, I won’t even go into the schematic of them being outside the wrong bloody building in the first place.

I think it’s necessary to apply a scalpel to the situation however, contained within the embassy are several factions, I think that the Indigenous representatives are the minority group however.

There seems to be a few other groups in there, such as the Republicanists (anybody remember the Sovereignity sign without a G), a few independent nation people, the usual deadset psycho’s, and a few people who’ve actually put in a garden.

It should be made distinctly clear that I believe that they have a right to protest, however they also should have been moved along to an appropriate place and not allowed to bandwagon another cause.

I’m reminded of Tasmanian politics where there’s a white circle outside their parliament house, apparently you’re allowed to smoke marijuana there because it’s a designated protest site.

It was mighty cunning of them to designate a small spot where (presumably) only one person can stand at a time wasn’t it ? (aka no squatting)

Now I’m going to rebut a previous statement, after consideration.

If the indigenous people want to protest at the Government, they should do it at Parliament House. At OPH, the only people who take any notice of them are the people who attend Plastic Friday, and the odd foreign tourist.

Since the Government has moved on, the protest should follow them.

On a side note, it’d make an interesting headwave into the revised post 911 terrorist reaction process by NPH staff.

johnboy 12:08 am 29 Sep 05

My point Bulldog was just that I was unhappy about incitements of violence against people who suffer serious deadly violence in a real, honest to god fashion.

Having been down there and talked to them I don’t agree with their cause.

But their personal safety remains more important to me than their removal.

The guys were joking about A-10’s and grenade launchers.

But to people who get firebombed several times a year those jokes aren’t funny.

bulldog 2:49 pm 28 Sep 05

Roland, surely you know that in this day and age it matters not whether you appear to be aboriginal; you merely have to identify as being aboriginal (or torres straight islander).

Furthermore, as coming from european descent, when I open my mouth, I don’t speak for anyone but myself. Why are these folks different from me?

Finally, neat or not, I believe they are there unlawfully. That’s the bottom line.

I could pitch the neatest damn tent in the world anywhere else in the parliamentary triangle and I would get my ass kicked. Now, let’s have some equality.

JB – I have no doubt that they might be really nice people. However if they are legitimate in their claim for an embassy I’m sure I’d heard the offer for a real structure had been tabled many years ago – could be wrong about this so feel free to correct me. In any case, they would only have to petition the Federal Gov’t to have one built.

Roland GRNS 2:20 pm 28 Sep 05

neat as in orderly . Not that neat is good in itself, buit people do get their knickers in a twist of things that are messy, and the embassy site at present is neat.

Of course there are people living there in tents and a caravan or two. They mostly appear to be aborginal to me.

Mr Evil 1:19 pm 28 Sep 05

Looks neat, compared to what? I think it looks bloody horrible, and I think they have lost their way and don’t necessarily represent the people they say they do.

Roland GRNS 12:03 pm 28 Sep 05

Site looks neat to me right now, and residents are friendly.

The shed (originally anti-apartheid embassy) was firebombed recently don’t forget.. so it is interesting to wonder where all the agression comes from, and why.

johnboy 7:48 pm 27 Sep 05

Misguided as I might feel the folks at the embassy may be, they’re not bad people if you get to talking to them.

Interesting that having started out talking big Lloyd appears to be trying to stuff the whole issues in the too hard basket.

Mr Evil 7:15 pm 27 Sep 05

An A-10 Warthog with a load of cluster bombs and Mavericks could do a nice bit of landscaping of the site.

Thumper 6:18 pm 27 Sep 05


a little bit of overkill but if thats the way you need to source the following;

One M79


an M203.

Preferably a 203.

mael will fill you in with the details….


Read my previous.


Thumper 5:58 pm 27 Sep 05

Especially as you can no longer park your car on a medium strip as that is considered an eyesore.

Okay, I realise that it is a federal responsibility but when will the feds listen to the people of Canberra?

Just to set the record straight I was a great supporter of the Tent Embassy about ten years ago, but back then it was smaller, was inhabited by Aboriginals, was reasonably clean and unthreatening and, believe it or not, was a kind of novelty tourist attraction.

My tertiary background, before teaching, is in cultural heritage so it made sense for me to take an interest in the site. However, even then I thought it was time to pack it up and put a decent, meaningful memorial on the site. And having studied the issues involved in Aboriginal Australia over the past two hundred years I am sympathetic to their cause as the original inhabitants of this country.

I am, however, not sympathetic to the mob that claim to be representative of the people and camp on the lawns outside OPH.

The original tent embassy building, well, demountable shipping container, actually came from outside the South African Embassy from the anti apatheid protests in the 70s. It has nothing to do with the original embassy.

Given that, it has been a permanent fixture for many years and as such I would like to see that shipping container become the memorial and be mounted on a permanent site to the side of the grassed area and be filled with some poignant, thought provoking and important photos, images, and words pertaining to the life of the Embassy and the Aboriginal struggle.

I think that would be perfect, but then again, no-one will ask me.

bonfire 4:39 pm 27 Sep 05


Concussion grenades.

Front end loaders.

What an eyesore. I think the window of publc sympathy has well and truly closed for these people. Their demands at the time have been incorporated into legislation and funding.

Today, its just a circus.

Chris 1:58 pm 27 Sep 05

Ah Mr Evil, that would block the wonderful view
(which I often took in, from the loo window in OPH) straight across to the War Memorial. Otherwise, I’m OK with the rest of the plan.

Mr Evil 1:36 pm 27 Sep 05

Drive ’em all out with a bulldozer, a pump-action shotgun and a flamethrower, and then let Seven-Story Simon build an apartment block on top of the ruins.

bulldog 1:26 pm 27 Sep 05

If I pitched a tent on crown land and stuck a sign up telling people to acknowledge my ethnicity I would get locked up and kicked in the ass. That is before I asked people to apologise for the emotional strain suffered by my ancestors over the last two hundred years.

I’m not racist, I’m not saying that the indiginous people did not suffer and I’m not saying they don’t have a right to an Embassy.

What I am saying is that all people suffer at the hands of others. There is no such thing as cultural memory or cultural concience, so I’m not saying sorry and I don’t expect anyone else to unless they have been directly involved in the villification of the Aboriginal people.

I am all about equality and that means that enough is enough and the tent “Ambassadors” should play by the rules like everyone else. If they want to be rid of racism and inequality then they should have no special treatment.

If it were up to me I would have called the riot squad a long ago.

Thumper 1:20 pm 27 Sep 05

“when the local ACT community will get to add their voice”

Ah Ssanta, you forget. The Comrade is our voice. he likes it therefore we all like it. he has stated so.

besides, we only live here….

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