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Terribly British Day – A review

johnboy 9 December 2008 19

[First filed: December 07, 2008 @ 15:43]

With the weather fine, what better way to spend a Sunday morning in the city than popping into the lawns in front of Old Parliament House for a look at the “Terribly British” car show?

Even if you only have a passing interest in cars this one is amazing. The multiplicity of vehicles knocked out of sheds up and down the length of the British Isles is staggering.

For every half-remembered old name on show there’s another completely novel.

It was a huge show of automotive exotica with the hood ornaments alone worth the effort to go down and see.

A large crowd was having a great time while we were there. Well done to the organisers and everyone involved.

There’s a slideshow below for those who like their pictures of cars without scantily clad women draped over them.

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19 Responses to Terribly British Day – A review
H1NG0 10:12 am 09 Dec 08

[quote comment="160672"]Auto Italia doesn't need 'perks' so why should a British car exhibition? No TVRs?[/quote]

There was one black TVR there. Its in JohnBoys photos.

Holden Caulfield 9:45 am 09 Dec 08


ant 9:11 am 09 Dec 08

[quote comment="160373"] I also saw an Bullet MX5 which is even more random.[/quote]

When if first came out, they reckoned the MX-5 was designed to look very much like an Lotus (can't remember the model, sprite? don't think that's right) so maybe that was the thinking behind that. It looked kind-of like a British car.

farnarkler 8:35 am 09 Dec 08

Auto Italia doesn't need 'perks' so why should a British car exhibition? No TVRs?

staria 7:27 pm 08 Dec 08

I can't believe the organisers gambled on only having cars there without other "perks" to draw a crowd...

Seriously though, what beautiful cars they are! A few interesting ones that I'd never seen before too which is great. It's awesome to see such lovingly maintained cars.

Instant Mash 6:10 pm 08 Dec 08

Too bad I missed that.

Holden Caulfield 1:56 pm 08 Dec 08

Nice to see the rad DB5 in attendance again. That's such a beautiful car.

tortfeaser 1:53 pm 08 Dec 08

I went out for a look. Was a pretty good showing really, lots of variety, and not the usual 100 MGBs.

Here's a few pics. I only had a nifty fifty as I'd lent lenses to friends. Made taking car pics tough with a cropped sensor body.

Holden Caulfield 11:17 am 08 Dec 08

H1NG0, trouble is the Germans reckon the MINIs are British. MINIs have shown at the German Autofest after twisting enough arms.

Seems everybody loves MINIs except the organisers of car shows, haha.

H1NG0 10:12 am 08 Dec 08

There was one there Holden. I noticed it turned up later in the day. Although strictly it is BMW, therefore German, I'll let it slide :) I also saw an Bullet MX5 which is even more random.

Holden Caulfield 8:44 am 08 Dec 08

Shame there was no new MINIs there. :p

Thumper 8:33 am 08 Dec 08


It was a hard weekend ;)

Thumper 8:32 am 08 Dec 08

I love old Vritish cars, they just ooze class.

Wish I could have gone, or even taken the Morris along...

H1NG0 8:18 am 08 Dec 08

It was a very nice day. Good crowd, great weather, and a nice selection of cars. My old man had his car there, a red Triumph TR4A. Nice photos JohnBoy.

Swaggie 8:14 am 08 Dec 08

But if it was a "terribly British day" why wasn't it raining?

OpenYourMind2 6:40 am 08 Dec 08

That's a great collection of photos you took JohnBoy.

ACT Light Rail 5:52 pm 07 Dec 08

Ahh yes, i should wear my shorts more often.

cranky 4:10 pm 07 Dec 08

May I concur. Wonderful day, some magic machinery, including some the Poms would consider rare. My choice was the Healey Works team 'Big Healey' which I believe contested the Mille Miglia in the 60's. Absolutely beautifully restored, and worth a Kings ransom.

Thank you for the piccy of my car. Our group are not strictly Pommy, but are replicas of Lotus cars of the 60's.

Pommy bastard 4:07 pm 07 Dec 08

[quote]There’s a slideshow below for those who like their pictures of cars without scantily clad women draped over them.[/quote]

Any chance of one for the rest o us? ; )

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