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Thats Right Folks Dont Touch That Dial RETURN EPISODE 7&8

By danggers16 28 June 2007 15

We are back for another exciting episode. We skate Queanbeyan N.S.W and Barton A.C.T …And also get in a little trouble with cops

Feedback is welcome

What’s Your opinion?

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15 Responses to
Thats Right Folks Dont Touch That Dial RETURN EPISODE 7&8
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danggers16 3:51 pm 29 Jun 07

Yeah im not letting that get me down . but im really greatful for construtive feedback thats going to benefit towards the show

shady 2:21 pm 29 Jun 07

Nice vid fellas.. don’t let the haters get you down. Theres always gonna be some little bitch out there. Hey Towie… Lets see your face on the internet doing something creative. Whats that? you got nothing? Yeah thought so.

danggers16 10:39 am 29 Jun 07

hahaha less niggaz with Attitude . so im guessing you didnt like my rapping lol ..and the reason i think people pick on other peoples spelling beucase they dont have a come back and in that case i had NOTHING 🙁 lol

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:05 am 29 Jun 07

Sorry, couldn’t help myself 🙂

Danman 9:42 am 29 Jun 07

Snahons_scv6_berlina – from beginning of post – wholly admitting I am not perfect
Just a few points – I am never perfect at spelling and grammar

Snahons_scv6_berlina 8:51 am 29 Jun 07

you forgot an ‘o’ in ‘to’ from “… and to smart to be a wigga”.

Danman 7:15 am 29 Jun 07

mess = less as in less niggaz with attitude.

Just proving how human I am.

Danman 7:13 am 29 Jun 07

Just a few points – I am never perfect at spelling and grammar but you said and you should spell check next time “Compleat” – then in your last post you say like myself i have to travel to queanbeyan were a parent of mine lives

Also an example of your bad grammar is dont hate on people who make the effort to have fun

Probably a good idea to “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”

Apart from that your other vids were better.

I want more 411VM and mess Niggaz With Attitude – after all – your kinda too pasty to be black and to smart to be a wigga…

Anyway you asked for opinions and you have them here and above…..

Maybe use it as critique for you rnezt vid.

BTW – theres a nice underground carpark at the Nat Gallery where I used to roll.

danggers16 11:28 pm 28 Jun 07

Yeah maybe i was harsh about it .. and yes its a poor episode and to skate the war memorial is a good idea but i would never and dont know anybody you has skated it beucase its disrespectful to Australia. We may be dumb skaters but we have morals. and as for the table to bonnet grind we didnt want to hit the car and we didnt because there was another lady sitting in the car the whole time that lady was inside .. the reason we were upset is becuase there was 1 million other carparks available and she parked there …AND Canberra towie im sorry for that post .its just that we put alot of effort to try make the whole thing .. like myself i have to travel to queanbeyan were a parent of mine lives to just have access to the computer and yeah thanks for the feedback even if it is bad and sorry again to canberra towie .. PEACE

Kramer 11:13 pm 28 Jun 07

BTW – where was the table to bonnet grind? She so deserved it!

el 11:13 pm 28 Jun 07

Good to see Skitt’s Law remaining relevant these days.

Kramer 11:11 pm 28 Jun 07

Good stuff guys, but I agree with NTP – less chat more action (and more local scenery). Maybe hit up the Parliament House forecourt, or the War Memorial – kinda like a Canberra site-seeing skate fest.

danggers16 10:36 pm 28 Jun 07

canberra Towie we know were making dickheads of ourselfs thats the fun ..we are not trying to be bam
at all and what we do in public is our business its a free country .This being a forum for intelligent people your wrong becuase to me your a complete fucking tard .just beucase you cant get off your ass and create something yourself beucase your to scared ,dont hate on people who make the effort to have fun and make friends … and you should spell check next time “Compleat”

and chill out its just abit of harmless fun there s why more worst shit happening in the world then this .. so stop crying

canberra towie 10:01 pm 28 Jun 07

ARE YOU KIDDING ??? You think your good you pin headed halfwits ?? not only do you make Compleat fools of yourselves in public but then you post it on the internet

You are not viva la bam no one cares about your crap attempt of skating or the fowl language

Here I was thinking the was a forum for intelligent people not a place for foolish teenagers to try and boost there ego’s

Ntp 5:52 pm 28 Jun 07

Not as good as previous episodes.

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