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The 2009 Brumbies Members’ hats – Verdict?

By johnboy 22 January 2009 32

[First filed: January 21, 2009 @ 13:56]

Behold the 2009 Brumbies members’ hat. One of the most sought after status symbols going in this town. (There are many like it, this one is mine).

This years is exceptionally comfortable on my abnormally large head and doesn’t make me look more retarded than usual so I’m a bit of a fan.

Your thoughts Brumbies fans?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
The 2009 Brumbies Members’ hats – Verdict?
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Nambucco Deliria 4:59 pm 21 Jan 09

It should have some comedy Fisher hair stitched in so members can remember ‘the Laurie years’ when they wear it. Now that would look good on TV.

Genie 4:38 pm 21 Jan 09

Spitfire – I agree… The Raiders hat for once looks better… However its white and boring ! Why isn’t it Lime Green ??

TheScientist 4:36 pm 21 Jan 09

still wont help them beat the crusaders!

aside from that i kinda like it. but then i like yellow things…

Spitfire3 4:23 pm 21 Jan 09

My RAIDERS member’s cap looks much better.

BTW, it’s “There are many like it but this one is mine.”
But, not comma. Only a yawnion fan could stuff up such a classic line from such a classic movie.

Granny 4:04 pm 21 Jan 09

They probably have a suggestion box somewhere for stuff like that!

; )

Mr Evil 4:01 pm 21 Jan 09

Granny said :

It’s the red badge of courage, Mr Evil!

Oh, I am out of the loop! 🙂

And you can arrange all the Waratah fans broken teeth along the edge of the peak?

Granny 3:34 pm 21 Jan 09

It’s the red badge of courage, Mr Evil!

Mr Evil 3:33 pm 21 Jan 09

No, no, no!

Haven’t the Brumbies’ management team worked out yet that Waratah fans’ blood stains yellow badly????

BOZO 3:22 pm 21 Jan 09

They seem to get more yellow every year! I suppose it looks better on TV. I still persist with my all blue one from 2000.

ebony57 2:39 pm 21 Jan 09

Kinda like the 2008 model, methinks. Bright, almost shiny.

Sigh. Slightly disappointed that you have to go to the club if you want to get one before the first game, though I suppose it was more hindrance than benefit for Rebel.

Say – anyone know if you’ll be able to collect them at the trial match? (yep, too lazy to read my cap voucher) And Woohoo! for a trial match in Canberra, even if it’s going to be the under 6 team running on…

Granny 2:36 pm 21 Jan 09

I love yellow! It’s a really fun, happy colour. But I would need to see how they look on.

Thumper 2:34 pm 21 Jan 09

It’s very, um, yellow…

Extremely yellow one may have cause to comment.

Give them to your kiddies and they’ll never get lost in the bush.

Overheard 2:31 pm 21 Jan 09

In sufficient numbers, they’ll look quite striking on TV coverage.

ramblingted 2:27 pm 21 Jan 09

The hat belongs to the members plural, so as you were officers…

The problem with the yellow style caps is if you wear them in any sort of heat you’ll get some unpleasant sweat staining at the base of the brim….whereas my older blue ones still look fine…the best cap of all was the flash blue/purple cordie model produced for the Canberra Kookas..

mutley 2:20 pm 21 Jan 09

I personally preferred the ones with more blue as being a bit less garish, but otherwise it looks good.

Overheard 2:13 pm 21 Jan 09

johnboy said :

The hat people, focus on the hat.

It’s yellow and it’s a cap. And it says ‘Brumbies’ and denotes the year of membership.

Not much more than that to focus on here.

Whatsup 2:09 pm 21 Jan 09

It’s too yellow !

johnboy 2:09 pm 21 Jan 09

The hat people, focus on the hat.

Overheard 2:05 pm 21 Jan 09

la mente torbida said :

Apostrophe Police…please arrest

Er, why?

la mente torbida 2:01 pm 21 Jan 09

Apostrophe Police…please arrest

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