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The ACT Australians of the Year

By johnboy - 14 November 2008 40

Last night the ACT Australians of the Year were announced at the National Museum. The winningest Canberrans in 2009 were:

  • The ACT Australian of the Year 2008 is Indigenous leader Professor Michael Dodson AM.
    Professor Michael Dodson is widely recognised as a proud, courageous and humble Aboriginal leader who has spent his adult life trying to explain to people why and how they can help his people.
  • The ACT Senior Australian of the Year 2008 is Anglican Priest Reverend Associate Professor Elizabeth MacKinlay AM.
    Reverend Elizabeth MacKinlay works tirelessly and selflessly in her many community roles, promoting greater understanding of the issues facing older people, in particular their spiritual and emotional needs.
  • The ACT Young Australian of the Year 2008 is science fiction author Jack Heath.
    Jack Heath wrote his first novel when he was just 13 years old and by 18 he had a publishing contract.
  • The ACT Local Hero of the Year 2008 is Sports Commentator Tim Gavel.
    Tim Gavel is highly regarded in his role as a sports journalist for Canberra’s ABC Radio Grandstand program.

The citation for Tim Gavel neglected to mention the most moronic use of google search result numbers as a useful factoid (What is this Tim? High School in 1996?), the most shrill support of the party line being pushed by major sporting clubs, and the lamest anecdotes from yesteryear drifting off into the distance in search of a punchline.

All of which he really deserves to be recognised for by everyone who suffers him in the morning on ABC Radio.

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40 Responses to
The ACT Australians of the Year
AngryHenry 11:40 am 14 Nov 08

johnboy said :

I’m sure he’s a tireless in his MC’ing of community functions, and wonderful at sports broadcasting.

It’s the daily chit chat in the mornings that drive me completely up the wall.

‘UUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm’ speaking of ‘up the wall’.

imhotep 11:40 am 14 Nov 08

johnboy said :

“It’s the daily chit chat in the mornings that drive me completely up the wall.”

Well you obviously don’t have to listen to 106.3 in the mornings Johnboy. (Our house is a democracy)

The morning chit-chat is part of his job, thus he has to ‘chat’.

He has to fill in the time, and it’s not Grand Final day every day.


johnboy 11:32 am 14 Nov 08

I’m sure he’s a tireless in his MC’ing of community functions, and wonderful at sports broadcasting.

It’s the daily chit chat in the mornings that drive me completely up the wall.

tickboom 11:28 am 14 Nov 08

No need to be so bitter, Johnboy.

I’m sure you’re someone’s local hero.

AngryHenry 11:07 am 14 Nov 08

Haha! I normally don’t start drinking until after about 11…

I got out of the smart-arsed side of the bed today so you’ll have to excuse me… The chip on my shoulder feels heavier than normal.

Could be a long day for you mate!?!?! haha!

Seriously though, I retain my glass houses comment. If I were you I would have just let it go and had one of my fellow Rioters do the dirty work for me (I’m sure there are some like-minded people around here).

You just come across as petty sometimes and it makes the fact that you moderate the content on here a little hard to take.

Don’t get me wrong I still throughly enjoy the service you provide. TO the point where now I’m questioning the relevance of everything because if you didn’t make those comments I wouldn’t have experinced this last ten minutes of stimulation trying to craft a witty response…

Is that a vortex opening over there???

Skidbladnir 10:58 am 14 Nov 08

Oh right. That Tim.

Nevermind me…

Skidbladnir 10:58 am 14 Nov 08

Tim has morning radio spots?

johnboy 10:53 am 14 Nov 08

No worries, try it with Tim on his morning spots and you’ll get much the same result.

AngryHenry 10:51 am 14 Nov 08

Cool! Marianne is quite good! Nice spot…

I actually think I’m gonna make a drinking game when she chats to you though JB. Everytime you go ‘Uuuuuummmmm’ I’ll have a shot…

Oblivion beckons!!!

Holden Caulfield 10:50 am 14 Nov 08

Oh, I saw a piece about Jack Heath on Stateline a few weeks back, pretty clever boy. Good for him, too!

Holden Caulfield 10:49 am 14 Nov 08

Another vote for Tim Gavel. I don’t think he takes himself too seriously. He can get a bit carried away at times, Beijing kayaking gold for Gold Coast Ken, for example, but you can’t deny his enthusiasm. That he does the community-minded stuff as well is a nice touch too, good for him.

johnboy 10:45 am 14 Nov 08

Always happy to have another listener.

AngryHenry 10:34 am 14 Nov 08

Well given the criticism I think I’m actually gonna go out of my way to listen to the RiotACT radio stuff and compare…

Glass houses???

emd 10:31 am 14 Nov 08

Actually, I quite like listening to Tim Gavel. He actually talks about women’s cricket – I can’t think of another sports reporter who does much of that. Another thing that I appreciate is that he isn’t as fickle as the majority of Australian sports media. The mainstream media love our teams when they’re winning, but tend to want captains and coaches publicly flayed if the team loses. What I hear from Tim Gavel is more measured and consistent with respect to a player’s overall record, not just reaction to the last game.

Not that I’m much of a sports fan anyway.

Has anyone read Jack Heath’s novel? Would be interested in a review.

jjones 10:12 am 14 Nov 08

That ‘review’ is a little harsh on Mr Gavel, as is the selective quote of the citation…

For balance, one might add:

“But it’s not just because of his excellence in the sporting arena that Tim is admired. Tim also spends much of his time undertaking community work. He is a Board member of the Kids Fitness Foundation, a patron of the Walking School Bus program and an ambassador for the Heart Foundation. In 2005, Tim and his wife Jenny adopted two orphans from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When Tim found out the siblings had an older sister who was too old to be legally adopted, he immediately pledged financial support – enough money to keep her in school until she was old enough to study at a university in Australia. With his caring nature and endless energy Tim has been described as ‘the best you can get’ in sports commentating in the ACT and is an inspiration to many.

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