The ACT RSPCA’s busy year

johnboy 1 July 2011 1

The ACT RSPCA have let us all know what a busy year they’ve had looking after our furry friends:

“We again worked with more companion animals this year than we did last year, working with just over 5,000 animals for the second time in our 56 year history. We handled 5,138 (5,045 last year) companion animals in total last financial year, which represents an increase of 2%…

Of the 5,138 companion animals, 1,733 were dogs (1,583 last year, +9%), and 2,754 cats (2,707, last year, +2%). We worked with 648 (755 last year, -14%) other companion animals. Other animals include rabbits, ferrets, rodents, guinea pigs, birds and fowl.

Our already strong commitment to homing animals remains constant and we continue to be a leader in this field.

We boast the highest homing rate for dogs across Australia, 94%. Keeping this rate high is very important to us, but we also realise that not every dog that comes to RSPCA will be able to find a home. Some dogs come to us in very poor condition or with very poor social skills. Our staff and volunteers do everything they can to ensure a dog becomes homable and the fact that we find homes for 94% of all dogs proves our commitment to this cause.

Every dog is given every change, there are no arbitrary time limits, no unrealistic expectations, just caring people doing what they do best, correcting other people mistakes and taking pride in the work they do, every day of the year. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the local pound, where dogs are regularly exchanged to give them the best chance of finding a home.

Well done.

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One Response to The ACT RSPCA’s busy year
Watson Watson 6:21 pm 01 Jul 11

Well done indeed. I am the proud owner of an RSPCA dog. 10 years ago in August. She’d been there for 6 weeks back then. If she’d ended up at the pound, she wouldn’t have survived that long.

Re the media release, I do wonder what the author’s spellcheck thought of “homable”.

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