The ALP is Rioting

Jazz 15 November 2007 6

Although speculation was rife that the ALP would not sully themselves (with some people suggesting that they couldn’t be bothered or that they take the ACT for granted) by responding to our Email Interview series we here at Riot central have had word that all three sitting members (Bob, Annette and Kate) will all be responding and we hope one or two of their running mates as well.

It should be very interesting to see the views of those actually doing the job for the last few election cycles. Expect to see their responses later this week/early next.

Why the late submissions? Lost emails? Busy campaign schedule? Cannily timed media savvy politicking? Feel free to speculate…

Previous responses to our Federal Election Email Interview series can be located here.

[ED – for the conspiracy theorists out there, yes the Greens have been contacted a couple of times as well and we are also still waiting on their replies along with a few other independents, etc.]

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6 Responses to The ALP is Rioting
CanberraGreen CanberraGreen 7:30 pm 15 Nov 07

You mean somebody woke McMuppet up from his 36month sleep???

MrMagoo MrMagoo 2:50 pm 15 Nov 07

I think Ms Lundy has eyes for the Sport Portfolio but who knows? I don’t think Annette is going to land a seat too close to the front.

thetruth thetruth 2:50 pm 15 Nov 07

Sorry my mistake – why are we chasing the other gits.

Now there is a conspiracy – has RiotACT become commercially compromised??????

Joe Canberran Joe Canberran 2:44 pm 15 Nov 07

Kerry hasn’t. None of the Greens have even though their ad is flashing along side most of the time.

thetruth thetruth 2:41 pm 15 Nov 07

Agree LG – Dr Death is not always as smiley. To piss off the man that gave it to Howard would not bode well for the plum jobs. Although I suspect time has passed these three by on that front.

While this is the riotACT what about hearing from our Queanbeyan candiates – at least their election or otherwise will actually count. The three has beens will get in regardless – the real battle here is between Gary and Kerrie and both of them have spoken already.

I have a dream that Canberrans will learn the value of changing their vote instead of being rusted on labor voters. Sometimes you do need change for change sake – just to shake thinkgs up a bit

LG LG 2:09 pm 15 Nov 07

Speculation #1 – they have to get their answers cleared by Kevin07 or face the wrath of his ‘counselling’.

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