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The Belgian Beer Cafe – it’s had a makeover

By Ozybob - 23 September 2009 21

So…I have been a local at the BBC in Kingston for some two years. It has been a great place to socialise, make some good friends and to just chill out listening to jazz (a good local act) or have a good meal.

 Recently, the place was accused of having the most expensive beer in town – and rightly so. I enjoy a beer, but was concerned when the price of a particular beer doubled overnight. Hell, when I worked there it was hard enough to convince a bloke that $12 was a good price for an imported beer…but I digress.

I won’t defend the pricing of boutique beers, but to be frank there is no other bar in the neighbourhood that has a chef that has had some world class experience. Early in the week you can get a meal deal for schnitzels, mussels and then steak, but come Thursday through to the weekend, the menu shifts to restaurant standards.

 The place may appear to be for the well-heeled, but look a little closer and the place welcomes the full spectrum, from families, to people looking for a place to hold a work function and then right down to the lads (and ladies) looking for a non-threatening place to meet others in an environment where you don’t have to get entirely off chops in order to pick up!

Anyway, give it a look and I recommend Jimi chef’s signature steak washed down with a stella…fella.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
The Belgian Beer Cafe – it’s had a makeover
PigDog 9:07 am 25 Sep 09

The Brad said :


Probably less to do with perceived connection with aggression and binge-drinking, and more to do with the famous line “STELLAAAAA” from A Streetcar called Desire, which was yelled by a wife beater.

You’re probably partly right, but it is also because of the type of people that drink Stella in the UK – chavs. In Australia Stella is the drink of choice the sort of person that drives a second hand BMW and wears large sunglasses.
(yes, it is a massive generalisation…)

But back to the topic at hand, I really like the Belgium Beer Cafe – but as all the posts say, the price stops me going back.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:22 pm 24 Sep 09

I’d rather buy a six of Hoegaarden, a jar of good mayonnaise, grab some takeaway fish and chips and sit in the park. If I’m feeling fancy, it’s not hard to throw a kilo of mussels on the barbie, pour over some Hoegaarden and a splash of cream, stick a wok lid over it and wait a couple of minutes. Add crusty bread, done.

Thoroughly Smashed 4:26 pm 24 Sep 09

The imported beers sold at the BBC are best bought by the 750mL bottle from your favourite “warehouse” bottle shop and shared with a mate over a game of rugby or cricket.

The Brad 3:54 pm 24 Sep 09


Probably less to do with perceived connection with aggression and binge-drinking, and more to do with the famous line “STELLAAAAA” from A Streetcar called Desire, which was yelled by a wife beater.

YapYapYap 10:30 am 24 Sep 09

Jimi isn’t a German bloke with an strange interest in (non-cook’s) knives by any chance?

PigDog 10:11 am 24 Sep 09

You can’t defend high beer prices and mention Stella! That is Europe’s answer to VB!

From wiki – “The word “Stella” has been avoided in the advertisements [for Stella Artois]. This has been seen as a reaction to the lager’s perceived connection with aggression and binge-drinking in the United Kingdom, where it is nicknamed “wife beater””

PM 9:53 am 24 Sep 09

Too true, Kramer. But I’m usually too drunk to get the mixture right 🙂

Rad Dave 9:17 am 24 Sep 09

I cannot go passed my two favourite beers standing side by side at the Durham Arms- Little Creatures Pale AND Bright- $6 Pint. Think I might go get me one now..

Jim Jones 8:56 am 24 Sep 09

The beer and food might be top notch, but it’s so stupidly expensive that most people will never bother to find out.

Not sure how you could argue that the place could cater to ‘families’. If anyone tried to feed a family and get each person a drink, they’d blow the budget very very quickly.

Nambucco Deliria 8:50 am 24 Sep 09

I can get a pint of Stella for a fiver in the Transit Bar. I’ll stick to that, thanks.

CoffeeGeek 8:42 am 24 Sep 09

There is no way to justify those prices. Even the BBC at the Rocks in Sydney, a tourist hot-spot, have cheaper beer and a meal, every night of the week IIRC. No repeat business from the coffeegeek!

Kramer 11:45 pm 23 Sep 09

Brew your own beer = no tax!

PM 10:55 pm 23 Sep 09

All beer’s expensive nowadays. Bloody government taxes!!!

pmm 10:06 pm 23 Sep 09

I think it’s a great place for a beer, but wouldn’t go back for a meal. When we tried to book a table for dinner last month, we were told that if we did book, every person must order a main meal. Their menu was also completely different to that on their website, and significantly more pricey as well. Hopefully this ‘makeover’ has changed these practices.

Spoono 9:37 pm 23 Sep 09

Hmmm I’d still like to see you defend those beer prices

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