The Best Dog Boarding Kennels in Canberra


Whether you’re taking a weekend escape or travelling half-way across the globe, there is one member of your family you probably can’t bring – your dog.

We adore our dogs, and leaving them in the care of a complete stranger can be incredibly daunting. We’ve all heard horror stories about careless dog kennels that keep precious pooches locked up all day.

To help you avoid these nasty kennels, we’ve come up with a list of the top dog boarding services in the Canberra region.

Ready? Let’s get right to it.

What Makes a Reliable Dog Kennel?

What sets the best dog kennels in Canberra apart? Here are a few traits we believe the most reliable pet boarding services have.

  • A true passion for pets. At the end of the day, you’re either a pet person or you’re not. Look for a dog kennel run by true animal-lovers. With a passion for our furry friends, the staff at the best dog kennels will care for your puppy as if it were their own.
  • Excellent facilities. If we could send our pooch to an upmarket, 5-star doggy resort, we would. But that isn’t always possible. Instead, look for a dog kennel with excellent facilities. That means comfortable kennels with beds, toys, and a supply of fresh water.
  • Outdoor space. Most dogs require daily exercise. The best boarding kennels have ample outdoor space where pets can run, play, and wander freely.
  • Expert staff. Like humans, dogs have their own individual needs and preferences. These can depend on breed, medical conditions, and personality. The best kennels have experienced staff with expertise in caring for a range of pets.
  • A stellar reputation. Great service leads to a stellar name. And mistakes, carelessness, and oversight lead to negative reviews and a poor reputation.
  • A fair price. If you’re heading off on holiday, chances are you’re working with a strict budget. The best Canberra dog kennels offer great service at a fair price.

The Top 5 Canberra Dog Boarding Kennels According to You

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

We’ve read through your feedback and conducted some research. Here are our top picks for dog boarding kennels in the Canberra region.

Tara Estate Pet Boarding

Recently taken over by new owners, Tara Estate offers pet boarding, doggy daycare, airport pick up s and grooming. With 10 acres of parkland being transformed making this the largest pet boarding facility in Canberra. Google reviewer Alex says: ‘Great boarding kennels. Lots of dogs but lots of care.

Hanrob Pet Hotels Canberra

Mareille and Colin run the Canberra Hanrob Pet Hotel and treat every pet as an individual with very different needs. With various packages for pet boarders, training programs and even a pet shuttle, Hanrob provides top quality pet care to Canberran’s. Google reviewer Sabina says: ‘The only place will I ever leave my pup. Marielle, Colin and the team provide nothing but the best of care and attention to both the needs of you and your dog.

Monaro Park Dog Boarding

Owners Josh and Bridget live on the park and will sometime call on their own much loved family members to help them look after any visitors they have. With a flat rate of $25 per day and 3 different sized kennels, Monaro Park Dog Boarding is both affordable and friendly. Google reviewer Rick says: ‘Friendly and caring hosts, convenient location and 5-star treatment.

Dog’otel Kennels & Purrrfect Cattery Canberra

Mum Fran and son Kel have built this family owned business over the last 30 years. They have a strict pet vaccination policy and book out fast during holiday periods. Fran and Kel provide an online booking form on their website and most importantly give your much loved pet the best quality care! Google reviewer Simon says: ‘Always reliable good service animals always come back well feed and happy.

Best Friend Pet Centre

With a spacious pet boarding facilities, grooming and exercise John and the team not only look after dogs and cats but also provide pet boarding for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats and birds. They can tailor a package to suits your pets needs by including extra play time, and baths for dogs, jungle gym, plays and brushing for cats. True Local reviewer Tahlia711 says: ‘I would definitely recommend this for those who love their pets.

Who did you pick?

Thanks to our commentators who have provided insightful feedback on the best and worst Canberra dog boarding kennels.

If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Please comment below detailing your experience with Canberra based dog boarding kennels. Who would you recommend? Who would you use again? Who would you steer clear of?

What's Your Opinion?

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20 Responses to The Best Dog Boarding Kennels in Canberra
lenabieto lenabieto 8:18 pm 11 Jun 15

I know this is a thread is a little old, but I would like to also recommend Dog’otel in Hall. I have a Pitt Bull who is very energetic and a bit needy. Kel and Fran understand his needs, don’t have a preconceived idea about him and are very comfortable with him. This leads to a stress free stay for everyone. They are also reasonably priced and the dogs get to run around daily as part of the cost.

JazzyJess JazzyJess 1:38 pm 16 Dec 13

Thumper said :

Stay away from Tara’s at Pialligo.

They lost my cat for three weeks and, rather than help find him, offered to give me another one.

Luckily I was able to trap him in a rented possum trap.

Exact same thing happened to me at Tara’s in the mid-nineties (so they might have improved since then). Unlike you I was foolish enough to accept the imposter and only realised I’d been duped when my actual cat turned up at home a few weeks later.

goosepig goosepig 12:34 pm 16 Dec 13

When I went back to the UK for Christmas last year, I engaged the services of Karin Dirix who owns zoohaus:
She attended the house twice a day to feed, walk and play with the dogs. She kept me regularly updated with photos via email as to the status of my two white fluffy dogs.
She is very reasonably priced at $50 per day which included morning and afternoon visits for the boys, plant watering, rubbish removal, mail collection etc.
And the dogs adored her (which is pretty important). Highly recommended.

Hamster Hamster 11:48 am 16 Dec 13

Another option is also for a house/pet sitter. I’m a registered House/pet sitter with and

Leaving your pets can be stressful as it is, but at least a house/pet sitter can look after your pets in their environment reducing some of the separation anxiety a pet might get. Plus you have someone living in your house which acts as a deterant for thieves, someone to bring in your mail, take out the bins, and more time spent with your pet.

Generally it’s a win-win situation – you get the peace of mind that someone is looking after your pets and your house, and the house/pet sitter has somewhere to live (rent/bills free) and the company of your pet. For me, I’m saving for a home loan deposit and not having to pay rent is helping me reach that goal quicker, plus I get ideas for what I do and don’t want in my future house, get a feel for the different areas in Canberra (even though I was born and raised here) and have had the company of some amazing animals.

Deborah Deborah 9:14 pm 08 Dec 13

shena said :

Is there any reason that you dont wish to use a petsitter?
I have found a brilliant service in the past.
Critters and owners happy.

I think these kinds of services are fine if you have a pet that’s used to being alone most of the time and is happy with a short walk and feed.

shena shena 6:52 pm 08 Dec 13

Is there any reason that you dont wish to use a petsitter?
I have found a brilliant service in the past.
Critters and owners happy.

Deborah Deborah 6:38 pm 08 Dec 13

I wasn’t happy with any of the kennel options for my pooch and didn’t want him at home by himself all day with someone popping over once a day to feed and walk him so I contacted one of the foster/rescue groups who specialise in his breed and asked if there were any carers in Canberra who could take him. They put me in contact with a fabulous woman and George now stays with her whenever I travel. $40 a night – best money I could spend because I know he loves it there.

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 3:27 pm 08 Dec 13

Just to update our link since I can’t edit old posts. We have opened boutique dog boarding services, 100% supervision, play and pats, personalized attention (only four dogs at any time, no cages). Your dogs will be treated as family pets:

Don’t fret pet is half the price offered than here and I think that’s still expensive. They offer only one dog cared for at a time and looked after as the home owners own.

Masquara Masquara 3:17 pm 08 Dec 13

zllauh said :

Just driving out of Watson on the Federal highway, there is one on the left hand side.

Hope it helps.

That’s Bendora. They don’t protect cats from the elements in the back sheds. My cat nearly died of cold there a few years ago.

Masquara Masquara 3:16 pm 08 Dec 13

Thumper said :

Stay away from Tara’s at Pialligo.

They lost my cat for three weeks and, rather than help find him, offered to give me another one.

Luckily I was able to trap him in a rented possum trap.

I was about to recommend Tara’s! Oh dear.

Wodgie Wodgie 1:56 pm 04 Sep 13

I have tryed Furfaces for dog minding at our place. They were very pleasant and even collected our mail and watered plants. Prices were very competitive for in home service.

Evil_Kitten Evil_Kitten 3:25 am 04 Jun 13

What sort of dog do you have? I didn’t have a great experience with Tara, as my dog is a small indoor dog and I came to pick her up and found her damp, bedraggled and really miserable, and all her bedding wet from the cold overnight. I shouldn’t have left her there in winter. A bigger, tougher, outdoor dog might be fine though.

She seemed a lot happier after a visit to Best Friend Pet Centre at MacGregor, but it wasn’t winter.

If you’re going to Sydney and can take your dog in the car, I can recommend a great kennel for small or medium dogs off the M7. I use them every time now instead of Canberra kennels if I’m going to Sydney.

zllauh zllauh 8:41 pm 03 Jun 13

Just driving out of Watson on the Federal highway, there is one on the left hand side.

Hope it helps.

Muttsybignuts Muttsybignuts 12:02 pm 13 May 13

We had a less than stellar experience with Canberra Boarding Kennels last year. We were going overseas on holidays and boarded our 2 dogs ( Husky and Akita) with them. The owners, who we met when inspecting the kennels seemed great however they were also going on holidays and were using a friend to run the kennels.
When we dropped the dogs off, we mentioned our concern with the latches on the dog run since Huskys are renowned escape artists however the person was very confident that nothing could escape.
2 weeks later, upon our return we found out that the dogs had indeed escaped from their run ( which only let them into a common area, not into the wilds) on the very first day. The Manager was apparently unable to coax them back into the run and called a friend of ours who we had left details for as an emergency, to come and help get them back into the run.
When our friend arrived the Manager promptly said she was evicting the dogs and my friend was left with 2 big dogs with their owners overseas. Luckily for us, our friend returned our dogs to our home and went around twice a day to feed/walk them.
So, due to poor management, we wont be recommending Canberra Boarding Kennels any time soon!

BlueCollarGal BlueCollarGal 11:43 am 13 May 13

Canberra Country Kennels, Wickerslack Lane, Queanbeyan

Great free-roaming for dogs, dams to swim in, bathing for after swimming in dams. Costs extra for some things, but they are treated like they the kennel owner’s own pets.

Have been using them now for 14 years, if that is any kind of endorsement for you

poetix poetix 11:15 am 13 May 13

Thumper said :

Stay away from Tara’s at Pialligo.

They lost my cat for three weeks and, rather than help find him, offered to give me another one.

Luckily I was able to trap him in a rented possum trap.

If that’s the rather rotund cat in that video you linked to once, he was probably feasting on a few of the smaller dogs.

We’ve always found Tara very good, but we only have dogs. And they did look after our guinea pigs too without any problems.

thebrownstreak69 thebrownstreak69 11:08 am 13 May 13

Try the one on the road to Bungendore, I’ve heard they’re pretty good.

Thumper Thumper 10:45 am 13 May 13

Stay away from Tara’s at Pialligo.

They lost my cat for three weeks and, rather than help find him, offered to give me another one.

Luckily I was able to trap him in a rented possum trap.

buzz819 buzz819 10:09 am 13 May 13

Definitely not the one out past Eaglehawk, left my cat with them for a week a few years ago, they lost it and tried to replace it with a cat that looked nothing like mine.

Shullerina Shullerina 10:08 am 13 May 13

We (and our dogs) like the Dog’otel in Hall.

They book out for Christmas very early though (not sure when you’re looking for) but I’d contact sooner rather than later if I were you.

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