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The Best Party of Allah to become a political force in the ACT?

By Thumper - 6 September 2005 41

A Mr Kurt Kennedy, a Vietnamese born Muslim convert Australian has today applied for the best party of Allah to become a political party. It seems that this is only in the ACT at present but Mr Kennedy has stated that he hopes that it will give a national political voice to Muslims in this country.

Mr Kennedy was a failed candidate in the last ACT elections and I wonder if he used his Muslim ideology back then, or is simply using it now to gain political mileage.

[ED – RiotACT and Kurt Kennedy go back a ways]

[UPDATED: See “More” for Sophie Pananpoulos hilarious hysteria on this subject]

Interestingly he did state this, that “he aimed to recruit 500 members to register the party nationally and had a long-term goal to control parliament.”

Either way, I am quite ambivalent about the whole issue but I thought it was interesting all the same.

Article from the Sydney Morning herald here.

ED UPDATE: Parliamentary village idiot Sophie Panopoulos MP took up this issue in the Federal Parliament last night:

Islamic Fundamentalism

Ms PANOPOULOS (Indi) (6.38 pm)—Following
today’s launch of a new political party describing itself
as the ‘Best Political Party of Allah’, and following the
recent prime ministerial summit with Muslim leaders, I
rise to discuss the issue of Islamic fundamentalism and
the nature of its threat to Australia. The leader of this
new party, Kurt Kennedy, a convert to Islam, this
morning went on ABC radio to excuse Osama bin
Laden for the September 11 attacks ‘until he has been
brought before a tribunal or a justice system to be
asked whether he did it or not’. Kennedy went on to
defend the mantra of ‘one person’s terrorist is another
person’s freedom fighter’. It is disconcerting to specu-late
that this political party could, in an extraordinary
circumstance, have a say in the result of marginal seats
through the distribution of its preferences. When we
remain silent and refuse to condemn the vitriol of the
worst aspects of hate based Islamic preaching, it is lit-tle
wonder that splinter groups such as Kennedy’s
come into existence.

You can read the rest of the bile here (Page 64).

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
The Best Party of Allah to become a political force in the ACT?
RandomGit 8:39 am 06 Sep 05

Irf will set him straight I’m sure.

Thumper 7:54 am 06 Sep 05

I’m not sure that I should comment on my own posting by I heard Mr Kennedy on the radio this morning and he is an absolute fruitcake who will do nothing for Muslims in this country.

I would suggest he’s attempting to tack onto and use a section of society to further his own means.

What these are I’m not sure but he was banging on about Iraq and George Bush.

Whatever the case I reckon Mark Latham has more chance of making a come back than he does as getting elected.

Ralph 7:43 am 06 Sep 05

He’s still banging on about the zero interest rates.

He reckons Japan is an example of a country with zero interest rates that is doing OK. Sunshine, Japan’s economy is rooted.

johnboy 7:30 am 06 Sep 05

But my hasn’t it changed with this new-found faith?

johnboy 7:29 am 06 Sep 05

That’s where his site has always been.

jr 11:30 pm 05 Sep 05

The website can be found here:

Valleyboy 7:52 pm 05 Sep 05

I remember this dropkick. He had some rates-discounting plan that would encourage extended families to cluster together in neighbourhoods (great for integration, I’m sure). He had another fruitcake idea about giving people with kids an extra full vote for each head of their offspring.

I commend to Mr Kennedy the recent advice of some federal government ministers that if he wants to live under Sharia law, then clear out to one of those countries that already has it. The last thing this secular country needs is another religion-based political party.

johnboy 7:20 pm 05 Sep 05

If I know kurt, and I think I do to some degree, he’s crazy like a fox.

And I’d suspect this party name is to try and dupe enough of a credulous niche to make some money.

sk8erboi 7:03 pm 05 Sep 05

C’mon, Kurt was a bit of humour in the campaign last year.

sk8erboi 6:59 pm 05 Sep 05

C’mon, Kurt was a bit of humour in the campaign last year.

Absent Diane 3:54 pm 05 Sep 05

all things said and done the guy is a moron

Absent Diane 3:49 pm 05 Sep 05

GREAT – Now all need is the fucking jews, christians and catholics to start up preaching their garbage and badge it as politics and we can really fuck this city up….hold on we already have the liberal party and some other pro-christian party don’t we…oh well bring it – could be entertaining

el 3:45 pm 05 Sep 05

Complete moron. Zero interest rates and free chainsaws anyone?

He has delusions of grandeur to match those of Stanhope himself.

Spitfire3 3:31 pm 05 Sep 05

This is the first I’ve ever heard of him, so I read his survey responses from the old RA site. He sounds like a fool. Our Aussie muslim community deserves far more intelligent representation than he would be able to provide.

If he was to succeed in getting himself into a representative position, the media would be on him like a shot and would report every little ill-thought-out phrase he’d say. From what I’ve read of him, these would be numerous. He’d be roasted and would give muslim-haters more ammunition and therefore cause more problems. When there’s tension, there needs to be intelligence. This guy doesn’t have the equipment for the job and would simply cause more problems.

Ralph 3:11 pm 05 Sep 05


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