The Blue Olive Donatello. $10 lunch review

johnboy 21 February 2011 14
donatello sandwich

I will concede the possibility that somewhere in time and space there has existed a better sandwich than the one I just ate.

But I have never encountered that sandwich. And I’ve just had the great pleasure of eating this one, the Donatello from the Blue Olive.

The sandwiches at the Blue Olive are described as New York style and cost $9.50.

There’s a varied menu of possible sandwiches named after famous artists. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to bring myself to order a “Hirst”.

The staff are friendly and on taking receipt of your order (and confirming your choice of bread) a team of sandwich ninjas go to work before reverentially presenting a sandwich wrapped like an expensive gift.

The wagyu beef in the Donatello was melt in your mouth tender, the cheese was real cheese, the salad was appropriate.

A slight quibble is that the sourdough bread was a little airy, but as part of a complete sandwich it was great.

My biggest regret is that this series means I’ll need to go somewhere else for my lunch tomorrow.

(For more sub $10 lunches in Civic check the tag, if you’ve got recommendations let me know.)

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14 Responses to The Blue Olive Donatello. $10 lunch review
alicewd alicewd 5:19 pm 01 Mar 11

I went after reading this review and loved the sandwich, but the service was terrible. I have been there before and twice they have gotten my coffee order wrong, and it took us 20 minutes to get table service. Fantastic food, but such a long process to get it!

Aeek Aeek 10:34 pm 25 Feb 11

blub said :

Been on the lookout for a good Rueben sandwich for a while now (Americans make good ruebens!) would have me beleive they make ruebens. Can anyone confirm? Is it good?

Madding Crowd in Woden on Corrina St makes a “Rueben” and it is good; I have no idea what a real one is.

EvanJames EvanJames 4:19 pm 24 Feb 11

If they do good Reubens please let us know, Blub. I am always on the lookout and eat many when in the US. It is very odd really, we have all the makings right here, but they just are not the same. They are a simple sandwich, after all.

motleychick motleychick 3:41 pm 24 Feb 11

That is one good-looking sandwich!

blub blub 2:46 pm 24 Feb 11

Been on the lookout for a good Rueben sandwich for a while now (Americans make good ruebens!) would have me beleive they make ruebens. Can anyone confirm? Is it good?

madamcholet madamcholet 2:22 pm 24 Feb 11

Tried the Donatello today. Good work. Could have chosen tastier tomatoes though and agree about the bread – it needs to be a bit firmer to keep the contents in.

Mickle Mickle 10:26 pm 22 Feb 11

See? Told ya it would be good!

For another good sandwich, check out Street Theatre. Choice of breads and fillings, and all delicious. And all either $8.90 or $9.90. Can highly recommend the Claudio on Pumpkin bread and the Macbeth on Spinach bread.

Gantz Gantz 12:56 pm 22 Feb 11

Can I just say: WOW!

Had a Donatello at lunch, I want more. Best thing Ive eaten in the last 6 months!

Spectra Spectra 9:15 pm 21 Feb 11

It may in fact be the best sandwich that has been or ever will be…but “New York Style” it ain’t. I can tell, because it looks like something that can be eaten in one sitting, rather than across multiple days.

Really enjoying the series, by the way. Almost makes me wish I worked in Civic.

far_northact far_northact 7:56 pm 21 Feb 11

I love this series. It’s like a trip down memory(lunch)lane..

Grotto Grotto 5:18 pm 21 Feb 11

Bring back the pumpkin bread! Blue Olive has never been the same since they got rid of it.

sblake sblake 2:34 pm 21 Feb 11

must agree, great and filling sandwiches

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:23 pm 21 Feb 11

I was always a fan of Blue Olive when I worked in Civic, which is approaching 10 years ago now. Scary! When the opportunity strikes I usually go back for old time’s sake.

There’s been a few changes of ownership in that time, but essentially it’s still the same concept. Although, I do miss the pumpkin bread the first two owners used to have. That was yummo.

Fiona Fiona 1:24 pm 21 Feb 11

And they didn’t squish the bread when cutting it!

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