The chauvinist drives in Canberra?

astrojax 8 January 2012 41

is it just me, or am i in the wrong spot at the right time..? but collecting astress from her place of work (west civic precinct is all i’ll say) of late i have noticed a phenomenon that i thought society divested itself of two or three decades ago.

car pulls up; she waits. he comes out of office – she gets out of driver’s seat, they kiss [or not] and he gets in the driver’s seat and she the passenger seat and off he drives.

what, she’s good enough to drive when he isn’t in the car, but when he’s in the vehicle only he can drive? is this just a canberra phenomenon? am i missing something?

for the record, astress has licence and drives as often, if not more, than i do; but i often pick up astromonkey, then astress and so simply keep one driver for continuity. and also for the record, i have witnessed this above-described behaviour some dozen or so times in the past three or four collections but have not witnessed the inverse [ie, she drives home once collected by him]. also, for clarity, it has only once or twice been a ‘bloke’s car’, like a v8 beast thing – usually is nondescript, common marque…

any thoughts? are you one of these collectees/ors?? please explain.

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41 Responses to The chauvinist drives in Canberra?
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BenjaminL BenjaminL 9:50 am 08 Jan 12

This happens all the time with me. Missus picks me up and makes me drive home. The reason? Neither of us enjoy driving, so it’s a constant battle of wills as to who does the driving. Since I am being picked up, it’s my turn to drive home.

We have other rules as well:
If the destination is her family, she drives, if it’s mine I drive.
If the destination is her choice (ie shopping for earings, etc): she drives, otherwise I drive (ie getting an xbox game).
Sometimes we split the difference and we drive half.

I could go on about how sometimes I get drunk before being picked up or at the destination to force her to drive, but that’s another story.

poetix poetix 10:04 am 08 Jan 12

I do whatever I can to drive the V8 in our family as opposed to the hideous Camry but I prefer driving it alone. If I had to pick up Mr Poetix in whatever car (and I can’t imagine how that would happen, unless he lost his licence, in which case his life would be hell) I’d drive us home. If we were going out of the ACT, I would probably prefer him to drive, and the undignified swap thing might occur.

When my daughter was a tiny baby we’d sometimes swap so I could ride in the back seat near her. That’s called Taliban style.

To change the topic slightly, it’s always a giggle how some people want to race you in a V8.

honeybee honeybee 10:13 am 08 Jan 12

We’ve done this too. My partner is a terrible passenger and always interjects helpful little comments when I’m driving. Eventually I just told him that if he’s in the car he can drive.

what_the what_the 10:21 am 08 Jan 12

Believe it or not but some women still like the door to be opened for them too! What is the 50s?? 😉

TheDancingDjinn TheDancingDjinn 10:38 am 08 Jan 12

OP why do you give enough of a crap about people who you don’t know or have no bareing on your life so much that you decided to write an essay on it, and share it with the rest of us?Seriously? you have an issue if a man drives and a woman doesn’t? – what you probably caught was me, i hate driving in Civic or Barton or any other stupid place filled with people wearing ties – (you’d think that them having such jobs would require the intelligence to cross the road without me having to swerve to miss them.) I plain refuse to drive in Civic, won’t do it – never will! What you caught was probably the furthest from chauvinist as you could get. Try knowing the people your talking about rather than just labeling them women haters.

keepitup keepitup 10:52 am 08 Jan 12

Simple. If she doesn’t vacate the drivers seat – she’ll get sat on.

what_the what_the 11:54 am 08 Jan 12

keepitup said :

Simple. If she doesn’t vacate the drivers seat – she’ll get sat on.

She’s lucky to even be in the front right eh!! I mean really, what’s she even doing out of the kitchen ehh. Cause all us male canberr drivers are like that eh! Now fetch my pipe and slippers and be doll and grab me the paper.

EvanJames EvanJames 11:57 am 08 Jan 12

The reactions of the people who do it are illuminating. Yes, it’s a stupid hangover of a stupid practice. I’ve not seen it in the US, but here in Australia it seems that men have a real problem with being in a car driven by a female. I recently saw this seat-swap in a Getz, and mused that someone needed to tell the guy that being in the driver’s seat wouldn’t help, it was still a Getz.

gooterz gooterz 12:08 pm 08 Jan 12

Funny how when something like this is always firstly blamed on the man by some.
When infact its more likely that she chooses not to drive.

The ladies in canberra like it both ways, some really like guys that treat them like 1950’s housewives and others don’t.

One thing i have noticed is that some females tend not to even get a licence and put it onto someone else to drive them everywhere.

Diggety Diggety 12:12 pm 08 Jan 12

Road Rage. A common stres.s relief technique in Canberra

The Antichrist The Antichrist 12:20 pm 08 Jan 12

gooterz said :

The ladies in canberra like it both ways

really ? where do I find a chick like that ?

Deref Deref 12:33 pm 08 Jan 12

Why would you automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s misogynistic behaviour? There are plenty of possible explanations besides that.

matt31221 matt31221 12:43 pm 08 Jan 12

I make my missus drive everywhere when I am in the car. She doesn’t want a traditional relationship – fine. She can drive and mow the lawn. She always says “All the other guys drive their wives around!”, “It’s the mans turn to be looked after now” I reply. Fair yes?

I drive about 200kms a day in my day job anyway.

poetix poetix 12:44 pm 08 Jan 12

keepitup said :

Simple. If she doesn’t vacate the drivers seat – she’ll get sat on.

Your name is interesting.

what_the what_the 12:44 pm 08 Jan 12

Deref said :

Why would you automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s misogynistic behaviour? There are plenty of possible explanations besides that.

Definitely says more about the OP than the ‘issue’ itself.

SupaSal SupaSal 12:45 pm 08 Jan 12

Other way round in our family. I taught my husband to drive in the first place so initially I did all our driving. I only taught him to drive as I got over trying to stay awake to take him to work at midnight and then up again to collect him at 730am. I try my best to make him drive on the highway so i can sleep!

Instant Mash Instant Mash 12:48 pm 08 Jan 12

I guess it’s just how some people roll. Never really considered it out of the ordinary.

astrojax astrojax 1:15 pm 08 Jan 12

seems a few posters have missed the bits where i genuinely ask for clarification – which a few illuminating folk have offered; thanks – but the title was deliberately baiting to get you to notice.

and i think it was once a getz, or a ditzy little toy car like that [deliberate provocative comment, in case it goes over heads] – i know it can be for many plausible and non-chauvinistic reasons [like derr] and some responses provide explanations, but it was prevalent enough and evocative of a past chauvinistic era i recall to mention it here for the hive mind to consider. i give a crap enough about it to try to get to know the minds of people i am otherwise not going to get out of my car abandoning astromonkey to stop them and have them explain their behaviour; i find it interesting – don’t you? thanks for answers… oh, & this is why this is called a ‘social’ network site. derr…

LSWCHP LSWCHP 1:30 pm 08 Jan 12

We usually do this simply because my wife prefers me to drive. It makes her feel like she’s being looked after and cared for. She can relax, listen to the music and enjoy the ride while I deal with the traffic.

thatsnotme thatsnotme 1:31 pm 08 Jan 12

The reason my wife hops out and gets in the passenger seat when she picks me up, is that half the time she’s napping on the way home (seriously, she can grab a nap during a 10 minute drive sometimes!) At various other times over the past couple of years, she’s also been pregnant and either exhausted after a day at work, or feeling sick. She was feeling like that a long time before she looked obviously pregnant too.

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