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The Civic Pole Farm

By johnboy 13 October 2011 48


As a regular cyclist through Civic (although for those keeping score at home let it be noted that I do once again own a car) I do wonder from time to time why we need quite so many poles getting in the way.

The corner of Northbourne and Alinga is probably the worst for a busy intersection trying to deal with large numbers of pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Yet amidst all this are six poles, a park bench, and a fire hydrant. One of the poles appears to serve no purpose at all!

Is it too much to ask for just a bit of consolidation in our urban infrastructure?

pole farm

pole farm


What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
The Civic Pole Farm
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zacarsenal 3:22 pm 26 Oct 11

mmm funny how the department of infrastructure and transport national office is on alinga st behind this mess of poles

p1 4:51 pm 24 Oct 11
Darkmist 3:29 pm 24 Oct 11

sorry for the double post but i thought i would sum it up. The bus interchange is the one area in ACT that you are not allowed by law to ride through, also you are not allowed to ride within 10 meters of shops (on footpath, road is fine). You are allowed to walk your bike though any of these areas.

Darkmist 3:22 pm 24 Oct 11

johnboy said :

aussieboy said :

Why don’t you just ride on the road, like you’re meant to?

Because riding on the footpath in the ACT is legal?

The towering levels of idiotic ignorance in some of these comments is making me despair for humanity.

umm a quick google search came up with the following


Legal authority to enable cyclists to use all footpaths was provided in a 1974 amendment of the ACT Traffic Act 1937 (2), which stated that:

“A person shall not – …drive, ride or wheel a vehicle, other than a bicycle… on a footpath”

This amendment was constrained by only two other sections of the Act. Firstly, that a person should not ride a bicycle on a footpath where “No Bicycles” signs had been erected, and secondly, that “a person should not ride a bicycle within 10 metres of a shop doorway at a time when that shop is open…”

Since the enactment of the above legislation, there has been only one instance where it has been deemed appropriate to install “No Bicycles” signs on footpaths. This was where the city administration wished to discourage bicycles within the congested City bus interchange, where the bus operators considered cyclists to be a safety hazard to buses moving through the interchange.

In addition to this blanket approval to cycle on footpaths, the 1974 legislation went further in providing for the gazettal of “Bicycle Paths”. These are paths restricted to use by bicycle riders only. All other persons, whether a pedestrian, vehicle driver or a person leading an animal were to be excluded. In practice however, the “Bicycle Path” legislation proved unworkable in terms of definition and enforcement, and the Section was repealed in 1990.

The present position in the ACT is therefore that all footpaths are available for joint use by pedestrians and cyclists.

taninaus 4:40 pm 15 Oct 11

The spare looks a bit like the one in the background of the bottom pic that has a camera on it – maybe it got knocked off one Saturday night? I am pretty sure the hydrant pre-dates the tree though.

wildturkeycanoe 6:10 am 15 Oct 11

As a regular driver through Civic, I do wonder from time to time why we need quite so many cyclists getting in the way…..

Feng 7:44 pm 14 Oct 11

Get a car you crazy cyclist!!!

PrinceOfAles 5:09 pm 14 Oct 11

Holden Caulfield said :

I’m trying really hard to not mention the war.

Ha yes my first thought was the war too

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