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The cockroach pizza of Dominos Dickson

By johnboy - 12 October 2008 54

This pic sent in by a friend. The leggy beasty is right dab in the middle.

Dominos acted swiftly to provide a refund and remove all the pizzas in the order, they did however leave a bottle of Coke as a freebie.

The poor bloke who ate the adjacent slice to the cockroach is yet to regain the courage to eat pizza however. If only he’d eaten the cockroachy slice no-one would ever have known the difference.

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54 Responses to
The cockroach pizza of Dominos Dickson
Overheard 7:30 pm 12 Oct 08

shanston said :

Damn you ARTistic-U, I’m going to have that tonight now – with anchovies. Oooooh yeah, that’s right.

Screw the pizza. Try the caesar (sp?) salad with anchovies at the Trad ies Club in Dickson. Say, on a Monday night at about 7pm when the trivia quiz kicks off.

* Bats eyelids *

OzChick 7:25 pm 12 Oct 08

I found a cockroach in my friend’s pizza at Tosolini’s in Civic a couple of months ago. Ew…

shanston 7:20 pm 12 Oct 08

Damn you ARTistic-U, I’m going to have that tonight now – with anchovies. Oooooh yeah, that’s right.

Overheard 7:20 pm 12 Oct 08

For anyone with the time, inclination and interest, if you go to and to the Travel section and ‘The Backpacker’ blog there’s at least one, maybe two great threads on gross things people have eaten overseas.

‘Gross’, of course, being in the mouth of the bee-holder. Or cockroach-cruncher. Or squid-sucker. (I think you get the gist. Or grist. Or … nup, I’m dry.)

Granny 7:14 pm 12 Oct 08

It doesn’t look crisp enough for my tastes.

; )

Overheard 7:02 pm 12 Oct 08

Hmmmmmm. For anyone who still thinks I’m out to cane people who stuff up spelling and grammar, count the mythtakes in that lot!

Overheard 7:01 pm 12 Oct 08

Which all goes to prove, he says as he moves to being a convert, in the value and utility (= use, not the Holden Rodeo Crew Cab) of ‘slow food’ as opposed to ‘fast food’.

Oh, and slightly on, slightly off topic, for those who were advocating ‘Waters Edge’ as a breakfast venue, they don’t do breakfast anymore as a rule. I was talking to a kitchen-hand from there whose name might be Mark or Andrew, but I’ve spoke to that many strangers (= friends I’ve not yet met properly) today, my goldfish brain won’t recall the detail. Anyhoo, Mark/Andrew says that that they only do breakfasts on big requests, which as a shame since I almost put out a call a couple of days ago to see who might be available today — it was sublime walking around the lake from Campbell to the Parliamentary Triangle.

But laughternoon tea (that’s a mixture of lunch and afternoon tea) at Cafe Biscotti (?) just across the way from Waters Edge (their spelling, not mine) was sublime.

Back on topic. I love ‘The Cockroaches’ — I’m actually in their video of ‘She’s The One’ circa 1986/7, filmed at the Reevsby Workers’ Club!

Duke 6:24 pm 12 Oct 08

The photo clearly shows a Meat Lovers pizza. The customer should have been more specific about which animals he wanted on his topping.

Wahooti 5:57 pm 12 Oct 08

I just last night swore off any more Dominos Fyshwick after yet another undercooked, lukewarm offering that took almost 2 hours to get to Deakin. Now I’ll be avoiding Dickson as well. Actually screw it. Artistic’s lebanese bread pizza above sounds much more tempting.

jessieduck 5:45 pm 12 Oct 08

All round bad weekend for pizza establishments around Canberra.

Major Fail.

Wide Boy Jake 5:39 pm 12 Oct 08

Waiter, what is this cockroach doing in my pizza? Why, the backstroke, sir . . . (yeah, I know the original joke is about flies in soup but I couldn’t resist).

Holden Caulfield 5:25 pm 12 Oct 08

Find me a kitchen, especially in Dickson, that doesn’t have a horror story like this. 😛

toriness 4:46 pm 12 Oct 08


god i don’t think i’ll be able to go to dominos dickson again now 🙁

Loquaciousness 4:40 pm 12 Oct 08

Sneaky little bugger. I found one just like that in my steamed rice from Sizzle Bento once. Needless to say, I haven’t been back.

But did the guy run a red to get it to you? Was the pizza (and it’s freeloader) hot??

Although I guess it could have been worse. As they say, the only thing worse than finding a worm in your apple cockroach in your pizza is finding half a one.


ARTistic-U 4:33 pm 12 Oct 08

omg, I can see its legs. Blaagh. Health inspectors anyone?

Having just finished tearing out the $3.95 Sunday Hawaiian special on the Dominos voucher, we’ve changed our minds. We’re now having homemade pizza with Lebanese bread, topped with nice fresh mushrooms, onion, ham, salami, capsicum and olives. No cockroaches in my concoction.

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