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The Commodores of Wanniassa

By johnboy - 3 April 2011 32

crash pic

An 18-year-old man is in critical condition in The Canberra Hospital following a pursuit with police in the early hours of this morning (Sunday, April 3).

About 12.26am members from Tuggeranong Police Station were on mobile patrol when they have attempted to pull over a black Holden Commodore on Garratt Street in Wanniassa.

The driver of the Commodore failed to stop and a pursuit commenced along Wheeler Crescent, onto Fincham Crescent and Sternberg Crescent, with the driver reaching speeds of up to 120km/h. As the car turned back on to Wheeler Crescent the driver lost control and collided with a tree, impacting on the rear driver’s side passenger door.

Two men fled the car while two other males remained in the car, one with critical injuries. The driver was located a short time later and was arrested. He will be charged with a number of serious driving offences, including drink-driving.

One of the passengers is still missing and police are appealing for him to come forward.

A blue Holden Commodore sedan, possibly a VL, with P-plates was in the vicinity shortly before the pursuit commenced. Police would like to speak with the driver and passengers of this vehicle.

Anyone who may be able to assist police with the investigation are asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on Information can be provided anonymously.

tree down

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

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32 Responses to
The Commodores of Wanniassa
dvaey 2:58 am 04 Apr 11

GottaLoveCanberra said :

The increased patrols started around 2006/7 or so I reckon. I used to go out ‘cruising’ all the time and we rarely ever saw patrol cars. Now I see one every day.

Out of interest, where do you see these cars ‘everyday’? I drove for my job for about 6 years, mostly early afternoon and late evenings, and from my experience, around that time the number of police on the roads dropped dramatically. I remember in the old days, you used to be able to guarantee seeing a police car parked on Adelaide Ave opposite the mint, or even see an RBT or speed trap setup on the parkway or Barry Dr almost every week. Maybe driving home between 10-11pm on friday and saturday night wasnt the best time to see them, but I honestly didnt know when was.

One interesting thing Ive found though, is some people seem to attract police attention, whether from where they are or who theyre with. A drug-using friend many years ago, seemed like everytime she went to Civic, there would be some police interaction.. Im sure that members of Rush Hour believe that there is quite an extensive police presence on our roads too.

I think the reason for this, is since the introduction of cameras and, well, no basically just since cameras, the number of police patrols on our roads has dropped dramatically. The fact that some certain groups and individuals (ie. rushhour, mullys, masseys, etc) seem to have interactions with police just shows that the boys in blue are still able to target some offenders even with the reduction in their numbers and diversion of funding allocated for road patrols, being diverted to camera ‘road safety’ campaigns instead.

AcidRose 2:30 am 04 Apr 11

oh man…When? I saw When are these stupid testosterone fueled car chases gonna stop??? When we kill another innocent family with a young baby? Did we learn NOTHING from last years tragic loss of the Oppealear Family? FFS???!!!!!

damien haas 9:26 pm 03 Apr 11

I dont think you could say a Commodore was a high powered vehicle. If he is a P plater, it will be a six cylinder. He has a few people on board, so that adds weight. As the speed limit in the ACT is 100kmh, pretty much any vehicle on our roads today can exceed that fairly easily.

GottaLoveCanberra 6:56 pm 03 Apr 11

miz said :

I suspect there are just more cops about these days (I know it seems unbelievable, but in Canberra in the 70s and 80s you rarely saw one, and kids would do a fair bit of impromptu drag racing).

The increased patrols started around 2006/7 or so I reckon. I used to go out ‘cruising’ all the time and we rarely ever saw patrol cars. Now I see one every day.

Davo111 6:09 pm 03 Apr 11

wow demolished that tree. innocent bystander.

screaming banshee 3:26 pm 03 Apr 11

impacting on the rear driver’s side passenger door.

Oddly specific much?

Hosinator 2:22 pm 03 Apr 11

Pommy bastard said :

That poor tree!


miz 1:41 pm 03 Apr 11

Nevertheless, it sounds as if it is the passenger who is in a critical condition in hospital. I know that I was a passenger in a few stupid car chases as a teenager – and it was not my choice that high speeds happened.

I suspect there are just more cops about these days (I know it seems unbelievable, but in Canberra in the 70s and 80s you rarely saw one, and kids would do a fair bit of impromptu drag racing).

My concern in this case is that there was a police pursuit (shades of the Mully situation).

georgesgenitals 12:49 pm 03 Apr 11


Deref 11:50 am 03 Apr 11

🙁 Tragic. Absolutely tragic.

That was a beautiful tree.

The Frots 11:26 am 03 Apr 11

Thumper said :

FFS, what is wrong with these people?

Agree mate. For some reason we seem to be growing these people at the lower end of the gene pool – and there is getting to be more of them. What does it take for the message, or any message really, to get through?

Great mates they were riding with. The Police shouldn’t have any problems identifying them what with that large yellow streak running down the centre of their backs!!

bec452 11:16 am 03 Apr 11

Unfortunately, this sort of senseless, dangerous ‘hooliganism’ has become common on our streets. It usually involves some sort of idiot in a relatively high powered vehicle with a sense of arrogance mixed with stupidity. In the last 3 months I have personally bore witness to countless acts of dangerous driving on our ACT roads. On Friday, I was literally forced off the road by a light blue mid 1990’s Ford Falcon! This happened on Majura Road at approximately 3:20pm just after the Brand Depot roundabout and just before the traffic lights. He had all the intent of hitting my car on the driver’s side and I was forced to swerve off the road onto the dirt shoulder. I severely doubt these mongrel idiots will ever learn regardless of whether people are injured or killed.

Pommy bastard 10:44 am 03 Apr 11

That poor tree!

drewbytes 10:21 am 03 Apr 11

Idiot. So just to try to (assumably) escape a drink driving charge he’s now going to be up for culpable driving causing grievous bodily harm or death, plus a bunch of other charges. Should serve time for that one.

Thumper 9:50 am 03 Apr 11

FFS, what is wrong with these people?

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