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The Curry Kebab – Not as good as you might think

By johnboy - 16 November 2008 39

Walking to Civic tonight we were debating whether to dine at the old favourite of Ali Baba, or try the new, and nearly next door “Grill Fusion” which offers on its signage to provide kebabs AND curry.

This got us thinking that a good naan or roti bread could play host to a dryish curry forming a pretty handy takeaway meal.

We were so enthused by this idea that we walked past the trusted, reliable, Ali Baba and into the Grill Fusion.

There was a dude mucking around on a laptop in the corner who ignored us and no-one behind the counter.

After two minutes of this my more sensible girlfriend announced she was going to Ali Baba. But we blokes, being stupid, persevered. Eventually a man in a filthy chef’s jacket came out from the back and took our orders. During this time we’d noticed that, apparently, our dreams had come true and a roti-curry kebab was indeed on the menu.

Despite being still legal to drive we chose to try this grand experiment.

After a short period of arseing around we were advised to wait outside.

Where we waited, and waited.

To their credit they did make the roti fresh for us.

On the other hand our meals were piled up in paper bags on the counter and, despite having been asked to wait outside, no effort was made to ask us to collect our meals.

After all the other customers had left we guessed that the remaining packages were for us and inquired as to whether they’d like us to pay for them.

As you can see in the first photograph, it was not an appetising package. The curry was so wet that it constantly threatened to spill onto our clothes. We joked that a straw was needed to eat it safely.

I have a stomach that has weathered the worst kebabs in London, amoebic dissentry, and months in rural China. Without wishing to provide too much information, let’s say I am now in a delicate condition.

Ali Baba has little to fear.

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
The Curry Kebab – Not as good as you might think
TroyWilliams 12:34 pm 16 Nov 08

A beef roti is a thing of wonder

I would have thought a thing of chunder.

Joe Canberran 11:52 am 16 Nov 08

I must state as one of the group who endeavored to try this magical curry/kabab chimera last night I really enjoyed it.

True the service was absolutely appalling. The packaging was appalling and the curry was too wet for the concept to work well.

BUT … It tasted great! I scoffed my in seconds, and for those that don’t know me that is not indication that it was a small serve. I enjoyed it so much that when I got to the end I most undignifiedly slurped the curry sauce out of the alfoil pocket it had been wrapped in. If I wasn’t so eager I would have used a straw.

Would I have one again? Only if i was really in the mood and had lots of time. Despite all it could be, in this incarnation need work and is in no way a takeaway food.

As for after affects: I feel great today, no complaints at all.

toriness 11:49 am 16 Nov 08

i went with a friend to this grill fusion place for lunch one day – i didn’t have anything but my friend ordered and we waited an extraordinary amount of time for an extremely ordinary meal. doubts about either of us going back.

F430 11:10 am 16 Nov 08

Na, the best kebaba or should i say souvlaki I’ve ever had was from Stalactites in Melbourne, now there’s a Souv worth flying over there for….
Drunk in Canberra nothin beats chicken tenderloins with chips n gravy from chicken gourmet

Duke 10:45 am 16 Nov 08

I came very close to eating at this place last night but decided on the noodle place round the corner, as recommended by Rioters.

Unlike Grill Fusion the food was delicious, the service prompt and courteous. And I know it’s not very manly of me to say, but the little noodle boxes with the metal handles is a cute touch!

Spam Box 10:06 am 16 Nov 08

astrojax said :

i’m sorry, but the deal should be either a curry, or a kebab, no?

astrojax – you speak of evil that which you don’t understand.

A beef roti is a thing of wonder

captainwhorebags 10:05 am 16 Nov 08

Go to Yarralumla shops and get a kebab from the Turkish Pide place there. You’ll never again be satisfied with Ali Baba kebabs.

astrojax 9:09 am 16 Nov 08

ahh but see, the error is for them not to serve it with the pints of lager…

i’m sorry, but the deal should be either a curry, or a kebab, no? like, who’d wanna have stir-fried sushi tortilla? or a cerviche wellington? stick with what you know, especially when drunk!

Ozi 5:11 am 16 Nov 08

That picture makes one think of the “moistitude” of the curry… Good to hear that the top blokes at Ali Baba have nothing to fear. The idea of a curry and roti wrap is incredibly appealing to drunk people everywhere, but you need to at least flirt with customer service if you want to build a business.

dingo84 2:58 am 16 Nov 08

haha that sounded ruder then it was meant to be (by that I mean it was not meant to be rude and I apologise if it sounded so).. But the pic of that take away food just looks so wrong for you in every way..

dingo84 2:48 am 16 Nov 08

Maybe u should just stop eating crap, you never seem to enjoy anything you eat.

sheer 2:22 am 16 Nov 08

JB, maybe THAT was the issue tonight?

johnboy 12:17 am 16 Nov 08


That’s EXACTLY what we were thinking of.

You should start a restaurant.

Spam Box 12:15 am 16 Nov 08

A good beef rendang, wrapped in a fresh made roti with slices of cucumber to help with the heat – beautiful. I make 2kg batches of the rendang all the time, freeze in little 4 serve containers… A 25 pack of roti is on standby at all time

3 mins to make on a hungover morn – brilliant

Davo111 12:05 am 16 Nov 08

I’m surprised you didn’t walk out at the start. At least we know one place to avoid when drunk. ty

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