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The face of evil at Octoberfest 06 – UPDATED

By johnboy 23 October 2006 16

[First filed: October 21, 2006 @ 17:37]

Attention TV news editors, I’d like this to be the picture used when crazychester, John B1_B5, or possibly Simon Corbell catches up with me and you need a graphic for the subsequent news story, you know the one that ends with “and then he turned the gun on himself”.

A fine if somewhat hazy time was had at Octoberfest 2006, out at the race course all this weekend.

Copious quantities of beer (including the Zierholz) flowed on tap, silly hats were worn aplenty, people danced to silly music and waived their plastic beer steins in the air, and a great deal of sausage and sauerkraut was consumed.

UPDATED: And behold, the mask of another evil at Octoberfest 2006!

(read on for the story behind the pants)

Kandy A of Insatiable Banalities fame was there trying to math me for evil-ness

Periodically young women would interrupt the pseudo-oompah band and dance around with some pretty exact choreography.

And then S4anta had the idea that drinking schnapps would enhance our evening.

Which might explain how he ended up like this:

Hooray for Octoberfest!

UPDATE: And here is the missive received from Kandy A this morning describing his adventures after he stumbled off into the darkness in pursuit of his lday love.

Subsequent to leaving your company at Thoroughbred Park on Friday evening…

I made the mistake of cutting through the facilities towards the Kamberra winery, where it was my intent to suprise my beloved at the exclusive Fire on the Hill gig, confident that I would be able to gain access using a combination of my podcast credentials, drunken bravado and shouting. Not to mention the persuasive effect of the alluring scent of Plumb schnapps issuing forth upon my very breath.

My navigational error left me however, on the wrong side of a rather large fence, which I was consequently forced to scale at speed, to escape the approach of two unknown figures (who may have been enraged jockeys, heavy handed security, or, I concede, fellow Germanic revellers).

I attach documentary evidence of my pants, and note that I continued my mission in a partially dishevelled state, making myself decent by tieing the strips of cloth that remained as one of my pant legs around my mostly naked leg and buttock. (I had determined that my appearance was mostly normal as long as I kept my viewer in front of me) Fortune had it that I was, alas, unable to find the entrance to the establishment, and proceeded home without the rewarding and dramatic entrance to the place where my darling Gertrude had forbade me.

Aided in my journey by a friendly lost drunken ADFA trainee, possibly of Thai nationality, or possibly also inebriated by Germany’s finest hopped product, I procured a taxi for the remainder of the distance, thus sparing most of Dickson, and Downer too, the glaring lilly white sight of the right side of my bottom.

Needless to say, Gertrude was horrified at the account, as they really were my best trousers.

My one regret is that I left the halls without first aquiring a novelty hat to adorn myself with, and to serve as momento of the night.

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
The face of evil at Octoberfest 06 – UPDATED
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sheer 3:21 pm 23 Oct 06

‘cheap’ is right, I know that much for sure. the word ‘nasty’ also comes to mind.

S4anta 1:41 pm 23 Oct 06

Kandy A and sheer:
I warned you all that they were only going to cheaper and more bountiful as the night wore on you big softies.

sheer 1:08 pm 23 Oct 06

S4anta I have to side with KandyA on the decision which led to my consumption of not only Peach, but also Apple schnapps in between those beers. It’s been a while since I woke up feeling as wretched as I did on Saturday morning…

KandyA 12:36 pm 23 Oct 06

also, I love the “a good time was NICHT had by all” expression on the lady staring dissapointedly at S4anta’s beer-head

KandyA 12:34 pm 23 Oct 06

i may have been a bit tipsy. And disoriented. And I found the breeze more than a bit nippy – doesnt get like that in Darwin

Special G 12:18 pm 23 Oct 06

Is that ladies sign pointing at JB?

Absent Diane 12:05 pm 23 Oct 06

hahaha I love drunken adventure stories. nifty.

el 11:56 am 23 Oct 06

Tears of laughter reading that! And I’m at work too, you bastards!

fro-lishus 11:47 am 23 Oct 06

Kandy A, your best trousers are some grey denim jeans? Que?

johnboy 11:35 am 23 Oct 06

Sooo, you were stumbling lost through a paddock with your arse out of your pants and it wasn’t because you were pissed?

KandyA 11:18 am 23 Oct 06

thats a piss-weak pile of very little bottles – I think you should photoshop it up for our credibility. I should say that I wasnt pssed when I did for my trousers, but I was ill all the next day (sausage and saukraut, with lashings of a variety of mustards, what was I thinking) but would concede that several more noxious flavours of Schnapps may have compounded matters.
S4anta, deciding to go rounds of those revolting liquers was right up there with the decision to buy that hat.
and thers nothing wrong with our rug, its my favorite.

Ari 9:32 am 23 Oct 06

Kandy A, are you responsible for the decision to buy that rather spectacular carpet?

kurt1 1:02 pm 22 Oct 06

I am better looking than you all. Just thought you might like to know that.

Special G 8:18 am 22 Oct 06

Lookin good fellas.

simbo 12:09 am 22 Oct 06

You know, it IS just possible that he’s lost weight recently…

Or alternatively, yeah, it’s the photo. Wearing bunny ears might just be your look…

vg 9:00 pm 21 Oct 06

That 1st image is rather thinning JB. I’d keep it

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