The Feldons are looking for a manager

Thumper 22 December 2008 17

The Feldons are looking for a manager

Local originals three piece retro pop/rock/blues band The Feldons have decided that they are too lazy to hunt around for gigs themselves and instead would rather spend that time writing and recording new material. As such, they have put out an expression of interest for a manager to look after the gig side of things.

As a manager you would have a good understanding of the local original music scene but this is not essential. You will also preferably be a good looking blonde female, however, this is also not necessarily essential. The pay is pathetic because we generally play for free but we can probably provide drinks, that is, if the bass player is held back from the bar.

The Feldons have played venues such as the Phoenix, Filthys, the Pot Belly, Tourist Hotel Wagga, Plan B Bar Melbourne, and Rose Cottage Inn, as well as some other joints and are looking to expand upon those venues and break into others.

The Feldons have recorded one CD, ‘A Cabinet of Human Oddities’, in 2007/08 and are currently demoing songs for a new CD for mid 2009. Guitarist mark hunstone and bassist james Montgomery have also recently recorded a number of original songs with MITACT and are in the process of writing a rock opera.

Apart from that, they’re just fun loving guys who like drinking and have a huge steaming pile of original material that grows ever larger. Once this pile turns into a huge stinking mountain, the lads plan to open a revolving restaurant at the summit. Oh, and they’re
modest as well 😉

If you think you would like to be a part of the local music industry then give them a call on 0407 213 701, or email them on

Their music can be heard here ;

and here

Live at the Phoenix Video clip here:

Cheers from the Fedolons, ah, the Fedlons, um, the Fedonians, err the Von Feldenhams…

The Feldons 😉

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17 Responses to The Feldons are looking for a manager
peterh peterh 2:49 pm 24 Dec 08

Thumper said :

Well, great night last night at Filthys. We played predominantly new material which worked really well.

And caught up with granny for a drink.

Now I am really, really tired…

granny will do that to you. she seems to act far younger than (I think) she is…

Thumper Thumper 8:54 am 24 Dec 08

Well, great night last night at Filthys. We played predominantly new material which worked really well.

And caught up with granny for a drink.

Now I am really, really tired…

peterh peterh 1:51 pm 23 Dec 08

Thumper said :

I went to see Keating the Musical. It was brilliant.

I saw it on ABC2. it was very good, but not a patch on Phantom.

Thumper Thumper 1:32 pm 23 Dec 08

I went to see Keating the Musical. It was brilliant.

peterh peterh 1:25 pm 23 Dec 08

Thumper said :

That was a huge hit!

and then the “musical we had to have”…

Thumper Thumper 12:23 pm 23 Dec 08

That was a huge hit!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:21 pm 23 Dec 08

But I thought that Keating was the Manager of “The Recession We Had To Have”?

Thumper Thumper 11:13 am 23 Dec 08

Keating haha, manager of the Ramrods from Adelaide.

Just a piece of useless trivia for you 😉

Granny Granny 10:46 am 23 Dec 08

It’s a really cool word – Gungahlin Al uses it all the time. You say it like ‘seg-way’ and I think it’s kind of like transitioning from one thing into another.

However, it is a bit of a big word, and it’s triggering my hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia ….

Thanks a lot, Thumper!

; )

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:39 am 23 Dec 08

Thumper said :

Just a few more segues…….

Sieg heil????

As for a manager, isn’t Paul “The Undertaker” Keating looking for something to keep him relevant in the 21st Century? And he has experience in this particular field – just don’t expect him to be nice to your fans…..

Thumper Thumper 10:07 am 23 Dec 08


the rock opera is currently being finished, well, the demo is anyway. Just a few more segues and a couple of lines here and there to tie it all in 😉

ant ant 10:49 pm 22 Dec 08

What a pathetic-sounding ad. I suggest you recycle the cardboard from your latest slab into a sign, and stand around in the Centrelink waiting room with it. You might get a nibble. (Particularly if you still have some intact contents of the box visible).

HA HA 9:32 pm 22 Dec 08

Never heard of them…but they’re smokin! Went to the links and there’s some serious picking and strumming going on there. The guitarist is one talented dude, and the band cooks. You need a good manager who knows the scene, knows the media, knows the deals to be cut.

utah utah 8:00 pm 22 Dec 08

I read that as “The Feldons are looking for a manger”, which is much more festive.

New Yeah New Yeah 7:01 pm 22 Dec 08

Granny has bodacious hair? Wow! That is nothing to be ashamed of. And certainly much better than bogus hair.

Granny Granny 6:24 pm 22 Dec 08

I am only a good looking brunette female, so do not qualify. Oh, the pain! The pain! Why was I ever cursed with this bodacious hair?

che che 5:51 pm 22 Dec 08

So when is World War II the rock opera going to be released?

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