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The first HMAS Canberra in colour

By johnboy - 9 January 2009 28

The all-seeing eye of RiotACT spotted a new blog entry on the first HMAS Canberra, lost at the Battle of Savo Island and now a good chunk of the iron in the Iron Bottom Sound.

The entry isn’t remarkable for it’s information, the wikipedia entry has much more. But I’ve never seen such a good colour photograph of the old girl before.

So there you go.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
The first HMAS Canberra in colour
Woody Mann-Caruso 11:32 am 09 Jan 09


Could people keep their bloody kids (or worse, themselves) from climbing all over the Canberra’s memorial? Seems like every time I wander buy I have to wait for some group of gaggling yokels to wait for little Typhani and Jette to finish climbing the anchor chain and get their picture taken while they’re jumping around on top. Show some f.cking respect.

{end rant}

phototext 11:21 am 09 Jan 09


It has to be a new work, substantially new/ different/ original from the original.

Digitisation of the photograph and a quick run through Photoshop would not make it a new work. The copyright on the original has expired, don’t think you can then claim copyright ownership on the digital copy as the act of copying/ reproduction is not the same as the act of creating.

Colouring a black and white photograph in Photoshop would likely make it a new work, but, the old chestnut of how long is a piece of string springs to mind.

Granny 11:16 am 09 Jan 09

That picture makes me feel kind of sad, like when I go to the War Memorial.

neanderthalsis 11:08 am 09 Jan 09

For the Warporn nerds out there, here’s a pic of her just before being scuttled.

The Yanks named a Heavy Cruiser in her honour, USS Canberra, the only US Naval vessel ever to be named in honour of an foreign warship and with the name of a foreign capital city.

caf 10:50 am 09 Jan 09

Aurelius: If you create a new work based on another work, you have copyright in the new work (even if the older work is out of copyright). Eg if you were to take an old out-of-copyright photo and modify it in Photoshop, you’d have authored a new work, with new copyright.

phototext 10:49 am 09 Jan 09

If the ship was sunk in 1942, then the photograph of it not sunk, the copyright has expired I would say.

Page 4 Table 1 Row B

Page 5 Table 2 Row L

Also, sorry to spoil the excitment but this doesn’t look like a colour photograph to me, it looks like it is hand coloured/ tinted black and white print or been done later in Photoshop.

Skidbladnir 10:43 am 09 Jan 09

We could probably find out if its an ‘original’ as in a new coloured layer on an old photo, or itself a copy of something else.

But frankly I don’t care that much, and I have vastly better and more pressing things to do.

Aurelius 10:34 am 09 Jan 09

I’d wonder how someone would have copyright on a photo that was taken at least 60 years ago. Sitting in their attic all that time, perhaps? Otherwise, they’d only have the image by reproducing someone else’s work?

johnboy 10:19 am 09 Jan 09

meh, fair use for purpose of comment.

Skidbladnir 10:18 am 09 Jan 09

For anyone interested, all photos hosted on flickr use a predictable name format.
The final filename is in the format photoID_hash_size.jpg
Just get your photoID value, and put it at the end of the url and you’ll get taken to the user’s page, to see their other photos and copyright sttaus of the photo you’re interested in.

The photo used in the blog was
So I went to

Skidbladnir 10:13 am 09 Jan 09

Time for me to rain on the copyright parade…

That picture, hotlinked originally on the blog, was to the picture only.

Working back from the photoid, you can get taken to the user page hosting the original at

duddyd2003 explicity used copyright, all rights reserved on that photo.

shanefos 10:04 am 09 Jan 09

All you’d need to do is bung a black and white photo into Photoshop, make the water and sky blue and the rest would take care of itself, wouldn’t it?
Oh, a little red and blue on the flags…

johnboy 9:52 am 09 Jan 09

It’s been bunged on flickr without a watermark so I’m willing to use it with attribution until someone complains.

But that’s all I knows.

peterh 9:51 am 09 Jan 09

well done, JB. I have mentioned this to an old digger who will be very interested. Thanks for managing to track down such a great photo.

Aurelius 9:46 am 09 Jan 09

What’s the copyright status of this pic?
Coz if it’s not copyrighted, I think it’d be a good addition to the Wikipedia entry

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