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The first openly gay leader of Government?

By johnboy - 12 October 2011 40

The ABC is carrying claims by keen RiotACT reader Andrew Barr to be the first openly gay leader of an Australian government.

Mr Barr is acting as Chief Minister for the first time this month while Ms Gallagher is on holiday.

He says his position reflects an evolution of society.

“There perhaps was a time in Australian society when it would’ve been virtually impossible to be openly gay and be in politics,” he said.

“I think we need only reflect back on a number of politicians who held high-profile positions who came out after their time in politics to prove that point.

Congratulations to him.

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40 Responses to
The first openly gay leader of Government?
Kayellar 10:40 pm 12 Oct 11

Oh yes, because the appropriate response here is to dismiss this – because there are SO many openly same sex attracted role models out there who are not retired from their professional field that this is such a non event… Oh wait…

I-filed 10:15 pm 12 Oct 11

So the ACT Government’s Labor politicians have told us loud and clear that it is perfectly in order to know, and discuss, their sexual preferences.

That means, one would think, that it is in order to ask questions about those politicians’ lives that are actually relevant to their work.

So: Andrew Barr, on how many working days do you catch the bus or cycle to work, and on how many days do you drive or are driven? On weekends, do you bus/cycle to the shops, or do you drive?

And, Andrew Barr, do you live in the kind of medium to high density housing that your government plans to require most Canberrans to live in?

Failure to answer those questions would I think be a strong indication that truthful answers would show you to be a hypocrite.

And given the invitation to discuss your sexuality, you cannot justify not answering.

creative_canberran 9:10 pm 12 Oct 11

No doubt Westboro Baptist Church will be issuing a statement on this shortly.

Days later and they’re still sending out Tweets explaining why Shirley Phelps tweeted on her iPhone that Steve Jobs was evil and supporting the idolatry and gay loving America.
For those wondering, Apple products are fine so long as you don’t use them to sin is what they meant.

Spykler 8:08 pm 12 Oct 11

Classified said :

Spykler said :

Blow his own trumpet much?

It’s not his trumpet that he’s blowing.

Maybe he has had a go at a few French horns as well?

Classified 7:47 pm 12 Oct 11

Spykler said :

Blow his own trumpet much?

It’s not his trumpet that he’s blowing.

Martlark 7:31 pm 12 Oct 11

He should follow the example of those who came more modestly before, and wear pink hot pants.

breda 7:18 pm 12 Oct 11

‘Openly’ being the operative word.

As for the two previous government leaders that I can think of who were gay, it was hardly a secret to the political cognoscenti, and to many others as well. But it was never mentioned in public or in the media.

That is a step forward, I guess.

Spykler 7:01 pm 12 Oct 11

Blow his own trumpet much?

Classified 6:11 pm 12 Oct 11


Mysteryman 5:42 pm 12 Oct 11

Who cares?

Oh… the ABC, right. Next!

Henry82 5:39 pm 12 Oct 11

I don’t think anyone cares. Plus, getting a position while someone is on holiday is exactly a claim to fame.

Waiting For Godot 5:27 pm 12 Oct 11

“The ABC is carrying claims blah blah . . . “

Gee, how surprising!

I-filed 5:14 pm 12 Oct 11

Andrew “Hates Gardens, Hates History” Barr is certainly an outlier then. Why doesn’t he want us to grow flowers?

Chop71 4:52 pm 12 Oct 11

whoopty do

grump 4:46 pm 12 Oct 11


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