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The food truck hitting the spot for nearly 20 years

Michelle Taylor 23 September 2019 55
The G Spot

Chefs Jase and Laura with team member, Trey. Photos: Supplied.

“We’re now the longest-standing food tuck in Canberra and we’ve never moved. We’ve upgraded, but we’ve stayed in this spot for almost 20 years,” The G Spot’s new owner, Laura, proudly tells me as she takes me through their menu.

Several times a year, I take my daughter to The G Spot so she can grab a deep-fried Mars bar, so for ages I thought deep-fried desserts were their sole business.

Then one winter evening, I picked up her order by myself. As I waited outside the food van, warming my hands at one of its outdoor heaters, a friend pulled up to collect his dinner. He said that he comes here regularly and has sampled nearly the entire G Spot menu. More folk joined us around the heater, some having ordered big boxes of dinner to take home.

Laura and her partner Sophie took ownership of the food van in 2018, but she remembers when The G Spot began in 2001.

She was 11 and her parents, Andrew and Lee-Ann ran it back then, working out of an old caravan.  Each night, Andrew would tow the van down to its current spot to serve up ‘mongrel burgers’ and other cheeky dishes.

As a teenager, Laura worked alongside her parents at The G Spot. The joy she found in creating delicious food became a career.

Laura says she resigned from her role as head chef at Akiba last year to prioritise her life balance. At around the same time, her grandparents both took ill, and Andrew needed help with The G-spot as he cared for his parents.

“I pitched in,” Laura says.  “I gave dad 8 weeks to get a permanent chef/manager.”

Finding the right fit proved tricky and frustrating. Andrew had all but decided to close The G Spot, when his lightbulb moment struck.

His throw-away comment to Laura – “Why don’t you run the whole thing?” – changed everything.

The transition of ownership has been smooth. Andrew and Lee-Ann remain a central part of The G Spot community. Sophie brings her skill-set from working Akiba’s front-of-house and Jase, previously a sous chef at Akiba, cooks and manages the food van full time.

With the same cheeky menu, but now highly skilled chefs cooking up The G Spot’s food, it’s no wonder that they have increased sales 20 per cent from last winter.

The ‘cheesy box’ with chips, cheese and gravy.

More and more, G-spot is the regular go-to for families and community groups.

“It’s a meeting spot,” Laura quips. “Friday nights or Saturday nights we have 50 or 60 cars from a Japanese car club. One hundred and fifty people in front of the van.”

Laura is quick to point out that the G-Spot is not your typical food van.

“It’s not a drunk food van. We are not a place to come and fill your gut with grease after a big night out. People come here because Tuesday night is G-Spot night.”

People bring their friends along to taste their favourite meal off the menu, itself a bit of a landmark.

“I’ve got my dad’s same crude, dry sense of humour,” Laura laughs, referring to the cheeky titles of some menu items.

She also shares her dad’s community focus.

The G Spot’s thriving FB page often highlights various charities and the loyal ‘G-Spotters’ give generously.

A PNS box, Pork ‘n’ Slaw (‘n’ chips).

Andrew regularly hosts donation evenings for Communities at Work, specifying what items are needed. He brings along his panel van and people fill it with donated items as they pick up some dinner.

The G Spot use only Mulloon Creek free-range eggs in their dishes. Mulloon Creek, a biodynamic farm, focuses on regenerative, sustainable farming. You can buy a tray of these fabulous eggs to cook at The G Spot.

Mulloon Creek eggs!

The G Spot posts daily specials or one-off dishes on their Facebook page.  On Anzac Day, they created a divine deep-fried Anzac dough dessert.

Laura says their most popular dish has to be the Chicken Deluxe (Snitty, bacon, Swiss, lettuce, tomato) or the Fat Bas***d (burger patty, two eggs, cheese, onion, bacon, BBQ sauce).

Of course, any meal must finish with a deep-fried delight. Choose from Mars Bars, Kit Kat, or brownie & marshmallow.

I order a PNS box (Pork ‘n’ Slaw).

The pork belly is tender and there are some scrumptiously crunchy bits of fat.  It comes with a side of fresh zingy ‘slaw and a generous serve of chicken-salted chips that I should have left alone, but are too delicious to resist. The whole thing is slathered with ‘dad’s rib sauce’.

It really hits the spot.

The G Spot donates their cans and bottles to the Country Women’s Association.

The G Spot is located in the far right corner of the Gungahlin Lakes Club parking lot at 110 Gundaroo Dr in Nicholls.

They are open Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm until late.

Become a G-Spotter by liking The G Spot Facebook page.

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55 Responses to The food truck hitting the spot for nearly 20 years
Peter Mackay Peter Mackay 8:06 pm 24 Sep 19

As a late night cabbie, I used to take a break there. Their chips and gravy really charged up my batteries.

And something else to my arteries.

    Rod Sloan Rod Sloan 8:21 pm 24 Sep 19

    As a late night cabbie I fortunately managed to avoid Gunghalin on the whole. Nice fare getting there. Damn hard to get a fare out.

    Andrew Dale Andrew Dale 8:37 pm 24 Sep 19

    Rod Sloan I heard that from plenty of cabbies back in the early days of owning the G spot.

    Peter Mackay Peter Mackay 8:40 pm 24 Sep 19

    Yeah. Pretty much impossible. The G-Spot was on the way back to town, so unless things were really rocking on Alinga, might as well stop and get some award-winning tucker.

Boyo Birch Boyo Birch 8:06 pm 24 Sep 19

Jenna Vdv I remember you talking about this place 🤦‍♀️ well when I heard about the G spot I was thinking “oh dear”

Yioti Apostolopoulos Yioti Apostolopoulos 8:07 pm 24 Sep 19

Mud bucket all day every day 😍😍🤤🤤❤️

Graham Wilson Graham Wilson 8:08 pm 24 Sep 19

I wish you guys would “franchise”.......We REALLY need a #TSpot #Tuggeranong

    Tash Daniel Tash Daniel 8:12 pm 24 Sep 19

    Graham Wilson I like what you did there.....and I agree! 😊

    Andrew Dale Andrew Dale 8:14 pm 24 Sep 19

    Graham Wilson we've talked about it for years but never got off our arse and done it

    Sean Bishop Sean Bishop 8:32 pm 24 Sep 19

    I 2nd this

    Megan Mills Megan Mills 9:26 pm 24 Sep 19

    Valentine Ugwumba imagine if this became a reality! 😍 😂

    Pete Martin Pete Martin 1:39 am 25 Sep 19

    Not to mention a B spot out in belco or K spot given the expansions of Ginederry and the 2615 area. Let's get all of canberra begind these ledgend

    Maddi Turner Maddi Turner 8:03 pm 26 Sep 19

    Need an M-spot as well for the Molonglo Valley!

Kimmy J Jones Kimmy J Jones 8:14 pm 24 Sep 19

Rebecca Goodwin 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Jessica Mann

    Jessica Mann Jessica Mann 8:26 pm 24 Sep 19

    Kimmy J Jones 😂😂😂 finally found it

Troy Ray Troy Ray 8:17 pm 24 Sep 19

Can’t beat the ⚰️

Kylie Highley Kylie Highley 8:34 pm 24 Sep 19

Julie Baxter have you tried this place? We should go there soon...

Catherine Constable Catherine Constable 8:37 pm 24 Sep 19

Timothy Mark Arnold I cant believe it’s still a thing!!!

    Timothy Mark Arnold Timothy Mark Arnold 9:46 pm 24 Sep 19

    Catherine Constable oh Jesus!!!! Looping in Anita Nah-Nah Crick

    Sebastian Bustamante Sebastian Bustamante 9:53 pm 24 Sep 19

    Catherine Constable yep! Went past there about a month ago haha

    Catherine Constable Catherine Constable 11:14 pm 24 Sep 19

    Sebastian Bustamante I only have very hazy memories, and I’m ok with that 🤣

Phil Coyle Phil Coyle 8:39 pm 24 Sep 19

I remember this joint chief, Tony Tallarida had greezy food with you, Howard, Julie and Alison. White vl commodore...Early 2000s.

    Tony Tallarida Tony Tallarida 9:33 pm 24 Sep 19

    Yeah Cheif, I actually got a late night feed there last week.

Lina Haines Lina Haines 8:44 pm 24 Sep 19

Sharon Denley Cameron Burdett couple of ex chefs from Akiba run this joint!

Beff Lai Beff Lai 9:36 pm 24 Sep 19

I miss checkers :( Jill Chung

Noelle Pocknall Noelle Pocknall 9:39 pm 24 Sep 19

Been part of our lives forever and deep fried mars bars are just the best!

Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 10:01 pm 24 Sep 19

Everything they do is legendary. I love that it is only a 20 minute walk away. Just enough to pretend I'm working off those yummy, yummy calories!

Juju Elle Juju Elle 8:15 am 25 Sep 19

Kate try this next time

Steve Mcleish Steve Mcleish 8:24 am 25 Sep 19

Amy Czoban Jeremy Czoban remember those days?

Jeremy Czoban Jeremy Czoban 8:56 am 25 Sep 19

Steve Mcleish, mmmm those Zeggs!

CWA Gungahlin CWA Gungahlin 9:56 am 25 Sep 19

Congratulations Laura, Andrew and co - we really appreciate your support. Great to see you getting so many accolades - you do so much for our community!

Taylah Gruber Taylah Gruber 12:45 pm 25 Sep 19

Dillon Gruber we gotta try thus

Danni Farlow Danni Farlow 1:03 pm 25 Sep 19

Lauren your 40th after party venue 👍🤣

Ben Greentree Ben Greentree 7:19 pm 25 Sep 19

Jack Greentree someone said

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