The Grubs of Gunghetto

johnboy 7 January 2011 57

Charity bin dumping in Gungahlin

On New Year’s Eve we took a look at the charity bin dumping of West Belconnen.

Damien Haas has sent in these above pictures showing the Gunghettes refuse to be outdone.

more dumping

So what’s the solution? A concerted campaign to catch a few dumpers, put them in stocks in Civic Square and invite the public to build contraptions suitable to hurl the detritus back at them?

Or should we accept that trying to use tip fees to encourage recycling is counter-productive?

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57 Responses to The Grubs of Gunghetto
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motleychick motleychick 11:24 am 07 Jan 11

“4th option: More charity bins & more volunteers to sort donations.”

And where do you expect the charities to get the money from for more bins or find more volunteers?

This disgusts me. The bins in Erindale and Wanniassa are always piled up with rubbish and the only reason is because people are lazy. Charities spend so much money annually on cleaning up the rubbish people dump at their bins it’s ridiculous.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:21 am 07 Jan 11

“I sympathise with the dumpers here.”

You sympathise with people who dump their rubbish for charities to deal with and pay to have removed?

Yeah, that’s a real ‘rebellious’ way to think, ignoring the very notion of individual responsibility in favour of ‘can’t somebody do it for me’.

p1 p1 11:17 am 07 Jan 11

What I never understand is why these people don’t just dump that crap in some random carpark? At least then the charity doesn’t have to get involved.

Or make friends with someone who has access to a dumpster at home or work, and piff the stuff in there…

Snarky Snarky 11:06 am 07 Jan 11

Make a deal with shopping centres to get smaller, attractive-looking clothing deposit bins *inside* the centres and get the charities that want them to clear them daily / twice a week / whatever’s appropriate. If necessary, give the centres a cut of the bin’s profits to do so. It’d even look good for them – community engagement etc.

People dump crap at these roadside bins because they’re too friggin’ lazy to go further than a few metres from their car, and they know they won’t be seen doing it. They aren’t going to lug a busted TV inside a shopping centre in the day under the watchful gaze of mall security, cameras and shoppers to dump it.

Rawhide Kid Part3 Rawhide Kid Part3 11:05 am 07 Jan 11

It happens all around Australia where there are Charity bins not being monitored .

Thumper Thumper 11:04 am 07 Jan 11

Some people are just lazy, inconsiderate arseholes

This, of course, is also undoubtably true.

Erg0 Erg0 10:57 am 07 Jan 11

This could be revealing my naivete, but isn’t it normal to have to pay to use the tip? I’m pretty sure we had to pay in Perth when I was a kid, but I haven’t needed to go to the tip for ages.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 10:52 am 07 Jan 11

Agree with schmeah, amarooresident3 and others – fees have nothing to do with it.

nanzan nanzan 10:47 am 07 Jan 11

The irony here of course is that these charity bins are located diagonally opposite the around-the-clock staffed Gungahlin Police Station – visible in the background in the photos!

Also, not a good look for the recently opened Abode Apartment Hotel – directly opposite this car park – and also visible in the photos.

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 10:43 am 07 Jan 11

Fees might be part of the issue, but this was a problem long before fees were introduced. Some people are just lazy, inconsiderate arseholes.

Diggety Diggety 10:39 am 07 Jan 11

4th option: More charity bins & more volunteers to sort donations.

Thumper Thumper 10:39 am 07 Jan 11

I sympathise with the dumpers here. Call me a rebel but I hold an old-fashioned view that we pay our rates which include the operation of a suitable tip for the inevitable excess possessions we end up with in this consumerist society. To have tip fees foisted on us on top of rates is seen by many as an unfair impost, and sadly the above examples are the result

I agree with the troll finder general.

mp2615 mp2615 10:36 am 07 Jan 11

I’m inclined to agree with #4. It’s not like this doesn’t happen every year. It would be great if people could sort their stuff and dispose all of it appropriately. So maybe the charities could remove the bins for two weeks, or maybe the tips could be f.o.c. for two weeks. And yes, we could have a better pickup service, apologies for going offpost, and bring back the Ainslie transer station

schmeah schmeah 10:28 am 07 Jan 11

No Troll – Sniffer, remove the tip fees, and the dumpers will still leave rubbish at every bin in town. I think the fees are a small part of dumping, the real reason behind it is selfishness, laziness and a common disregard for others.

Sure, the bins should be cleaned up at no expense to the charity, but anti – dumping laws should actually be enforced.

Erg0 Erg0 10:26 am 07 Jan 11

Yeah, fight the power. Maybe if these noble protesters want to make their voices heard they should think about dumping their crap on government land instead of making charities pay to have it taken away.

Orrrrr… they could just be selfish twats looking for grounds to delude themselves into believing they’re doing the right thing.

cmdwedge cmdwedge 10:23 am 07 Jan 11

ACT Govt should put high-res cameras on nearby shops / light poles / etc as most dumpers drive their vehicles directly to the bins. Get the rego plates, issue fines, problem goes away.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 10:17 am 07 Jan 11

I sympathise with the dumpers here. Call me a rebel but I hold an old-fashioned view that we pay our rates which include the operation of a suitable tip for the inevitable excess possessions we end up with in this consumerist society. To have tip fees foisted on us on top of rates is seen by many as an unfair impost, and sadly the above examples are the result.

Remove the tip fees and a lot of this sort of dumping will go away. No amount of tsk tsking or preaching or standing on a soapbox or riding a white horse of righteousness will change the dumpers’ mindset, they feel aggrieved and are simply playing the payback game.

Personally I believe the guvmnt should roster a couple of teams to go around to the shopping centres and clean up anything not in a bin on Monday mornings, the hit on the territory budget wouldn’t be great and the charities would be left alone to do what they do best… look after the contents of their bins.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 10:14 am 07 Jan 11

The bins outside Kaleen Plaza are the same. Just piles of garbage, old TVs etc. I grind my teeth every time I walk past them. I can’t fathom what is going through the minds (if they have any) of the people who do this. Surely they can’t honestly believe that they are making a contribution to charity, so how do they rationalise what they are doing?

schmeah schmeah 10:05 am 07 Jan 11

argh! Dumpers, save some money by not pissing it against a wall and go to the dump, and no more shall I have to witness the human crap, including VB cans in the thousands and dirty nappies (plus real human turd) that one such dumper left in Calwell one morning.

MsCheeky MsCheeky 10:03 am 07 Jan 11

This really infuriates me. The charity bins at the Jerrabomberra shops get in the same state regularly, and I think others just about anywhere you care to mention. Why can’t people get it through their thick skulls that what they’re doing is creating a huge burden for the charities? Yes, there’s tip fees, but in Jerra, the council will come around twice a year and clear stuff from your nature strip at no charge. You even get to book the week you want them to come. So what excuse is there? Probably needless to say, I vote for the stocks and filth flinging. And if I see morons contributing to this mess, I’ll confront them and shame them.

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