The Grubs of Gunghetto

johnboy 7 January 2011 57

Charity bin dumping in Gungahlin

On New Year’s Eve we took a look at the charity bin dumping of West Belconnen.

Damien Haas has sent in these above pictures showing the Gunghettes refuse to be outdone.

more dumping

So what’s the solution? A concerted campaign to catch a few dumpers, put them in stocks in Civic Square and invite the public to build contraptions suitable to hurl the detritus back at them?

Or should we accept that trying to use tip fees to encourage recycling is counter-productive?

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57 Responses to The Grubs of Gunghetto
pptvb pptvb 3:26 pm 07 Jan 11

A lot of of this stuff will disappear overnight, re-appearing in the morning as new fixtures in some Charnlop dwellings

JessP JessP 3:02 pm 07 Jan 11

Two issues here:

1. People who leave usefull worthwhile stuff and actually put in in the Collection bins for the charity.

From this we have the scum who retreive it from the bins and go through it looking for….whatever. Basically stealing from the charities. Creates rubbish and mess at the sites and causes the Charity pain because they have to clean the mess and they lose the opportunity to sell the donated stuff and make some $$.

2. Worthless indivduals who dump crap at the bins because they are too lazy to go to the dump or whatever. Also creates rubbish and mess at the sites and causes the Charity pain because they have to clean the mess.

I suggest a 2 point plan – surveilance cameras to catch the low lifes going through bins (and stealing) or dumping rusbbish at the bins and have the ACT govt clean up the mess instead of imposing the cost and work on the charities.

rosscoact rosscoact 2:59 pm 07 Jan 11

As someone ho has actually lived outside canberra, tip fees here are cheap as chips. went to a transfer station in Melbourne a few weeks ago and paid $40 for a ute load that I would pay $10 here.

There is no excuse for the pigs that dump their crap on the street. Get rid of the bins and the prople who want to dump their clothes will go to the charity shops. The grubs will just scatter it elsewhere.

bobbatty bobbatty 2:29 pm 07 Jan 11

Bogues will be bogues.

Hmm, I agree and bogans will be bogans. I just wish they’ed stay on the south side. Isn’t that why Kambah was built??

facet facet 2:13 pm 07 Jan 11

No more waste by 2010, the government is to blame.

far_northact far_northact 2:00 pm 07 Jan 11

_some_ of the people are probably doing it for the right reasons. Gungahlin used to have about 10-15 of these bins in the open woolies car park. A while ago I noted that the bins had been reduced to 4 and moved to that car park.
Doesn’t matter how many bins there are, or where they’re located, people always fill them up.

They could do better advertising of what other services are available. Anytime I’ve moved and wanted to unload items (including furniture) I ring Anglicare or similar and book a time for their van to come and collect the items.
If its metal, ezyscrap takes it away for free.

Take away the bins permanently. People will have to
a) walk their bags into charity stores
b) pay dump fees
c) make alternate arrangments (physical collection/ezyscrap)

random random 1:49 pm 07 Jan 11

Personally, I’d rather not have rates go up to support free trips to the tip.

It really ticks me off seeing those couches there. You can just call up the Salvos about large items, and if they’re interested they’ll send a truck to your house. If they don’t want it, they’ll tell you as much, so you know not to dump it at the fucking bins. No excuse.

Androyd Androyd 1:36 pm 07 Jan 11

I do get grumpy when i see these piles of junk, though on the upside I picked up a nice outdoor table from the steaming pile of junk which was attracting ants outside Palmerston shops!

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 1:20 pm 07 Jan 11

+1 to Jim @ 19. I have no sympathy for the dumpers and am amazed that anyone could. The stuff that could be of ust to a charity can be dropeed off at a number of sites directly and the stuff that can’t be used should not be there in the first place

Jethro Jethro 12:57 pm 07 Jan 11

+1 to the council clean up days.

Maybe also something like a voucher system… rate payers in Brisbane get a set number of vouchers for a free visit to the dump.

On a side note – I noticed on my afternoon stroll yesterday an unusually large number of un-emptied yellow recycling bins. It appeared that the bins that were not emptied were all slightly overfilled… when I say slightly, I actually mean it. Any bin that had so much as a one cm gap between lid and bin was not emptied. If this is a policy it is a pretty stupid one, considering that yellow bins are only emptied every two weeks but fill up quicker than general waste bins and considering we just had Xmas/New Years, meaning lots of people would have more boxes, etc to recycle. Does this mean people will be forced to put non-recyclables in general waste?

Thumper Thumper 12:26 pm 07 Jan 11

Council cleanup days really should happen here (particularly as they end up operating as a defacto ‘trash and treasure’), but I’d hazard a guess that the problem would still exist.

It would be interesting to know why we don’t have council clean up days in the ACT.

Apart from the money side of things.

trix trix 12:14 pm 07 Jan 11

Council clean-up days definitely stop this kind of thing, with FURNITURE being dumped. I was amazed to find that a comparatively rich city like Canberra doesn’t do it. A bit of junk lying around for a week is not enough to pollute people’s beautifully-maintained nature strips….

trix trix 12:10 pm 07 Jan 11

Whatever the punishment is, can we apply this to the same dickheads who were moving out of a flat in Lyneham, and who decided that the communal bins were suitable to dump their shitty old desks and computer parts BY. Not even IN the frigging bins, but dotted on the lawn by them, making the place look like some rubbish tip in India waiting for the poor buggers to scavenge the computer parts.

SHAG SHAG 11:57 am 07 Jan 11

Tiny’s green shed would take most of this stuff for free wouldn’t it?

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 11:45 am 07 Jan 11

“Council cleanup days really should happen here (particularly as they end up operating as a defacto ‘trash and treasure’), but I’d hazard a guess that the problem would still exist.”

We have these over the border (you get 2 per year) and they are brilliant.

As for cleaning up unwanted trash, sounds like a job for those on Work For The Dole.

Francois Dillinger Francois Dillinger 11:36 am 07 Jan 11

Strange indictment on some resident’s outlook and psychology if they believe that the solution to most social problems is through the imposition of fines, more cameras and more stringent policing.

When it comes to people dumping trash – fair enough – on the spot fine. On the other hand, charities turn away plenty of ‘good-ish’ stuff that clearly isnt beyond re-use.

I think the citizenry can legitimately expect that given the exorbitant rates we pay, some form of council-type garbage removal should be offered. Irony is that if this were so, the service would probably be out-sourced at an expensive rate to a poor service provider, and land rates would continue going up but at a higher rates.

I reckon 2 or 3 pieces of public ‘art’ less per year should cover the cost of such a service – but Canberra surely couldnt fare without its bronze-cast, dadaist turd sculptures in the city or its multi-coloured steel contraptions..

Jim Jones Jim Jones 11:34 am 07 Jan 11

Council cleanup days really should happen here (particularly as they end up operating as a defacto ‘trash and treasure’), but I’d hazard a guess that the problem would still exist.

A lot of people are self-entitled jerks.

Beserk Keyboard Warrior Beserk Keyboard Warrior 11:33 am 07 Jan 11

Bogues will be bogues.

H1NG0 H1NG0 11:31 am 07 Jan 11

If the ACT Government had scheduled “council cleanup” days like most other councils in Australia, this wouldn’t be the problem it is.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 11:30 am 07 Jan 11

Using tip fees as an excuse for this sort of disgusting behaviour simply highlights the fact that these grubs and the arse-hat apologists have a self-inflated sense of entitlement. Tip fee are a fact of life for pretty much anyone living in a capital city. These jumped up little butt-plugs could dump trailer loads of their crap for less than the cost o a packet of Longbeach 40s.

Why the charities persist in providing a venue for these mully-breeders to dump their skid-mark stained Frisco furniture and out-grown Supre clothing is beyond me.

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