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The Huge International Speak Like a Pirate Day Treasure Hunt

By johnboy - 9 September 2008 47

From the event’s Facebook page:

    “Friday 19th September is International Speak Like a Pirate Day. For all those budding pirates out there, this event is for you.

    A treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts! On this greatest of days a collection of pirates will be competing for the treasure.

    At 6pm all pirates will meet to collect their treasure maps and treasure hunting gear. Then it will be all on as they compete to be the first one to the treasure chest full of booty (i mean that in the pirate sense of the word – you know, prizes and stuff) Pirates will have to overcome challenges, work out clues, follow the map and use your pirate skills to find the treasure.

    Registration for this event costs $15. We encourage you to dress like a pirate. And of course you MUST speak like a pirate. You can work as a team or as a pair, but there will be only one winner in the end!

    To attend the Hunt you will need to register and pay – we need definite numbers before the day because certain purchases need to be made, and I need to know how many treasure maps to provide!

    So. There are three ways of doing this. To register I actually just need your name, mobile number.

    To pay you can either:

    1. Direct deposit into my bank account. Ask me for my bank details.

    2. Post a cheque to PO Box 1049 Dickson ACT 2602 with your name and details

    3. Buy a ticket at either the Hive or Circus Space Showcase (Friday 12th and Sunday 14th Sep, Embroiderers Guild, Gorman House Arts Centre, tix available from 6.00-7.30pm – you don’t have to stay for the shows, but you should!)

    See you there on the day! Yar.

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47 Responses to
The Huge International Speak Like a Pirate Day Treasure Hunt
Loquaciousness 5:26 pm 09 Sep 08

Danman said :

*Pisspoor joke alert*

Q) Why is a pirate a pirate

A)Don’t know, they just ARRRRRRRR!

I had someone use that joke on me as a pickup line once.

Errr … it wasn’t you was it Danman?



Gungahlin Al 4:23 pm 09 Sep 08

Is that a dribbling smiley??

Danman 4:12 pm 09 Sep 08

No problem Al :)~~

Gungahlin Al 3:17 pm 09 Sep 08

Thanks for the warning Dan, but alas, like car crash, I couldn’t stop myself from looking…

Danman 1:26 pm 09 Sep 08

*Pisspoor joke alert*

Q) Why is a pirate a pirate

A)Don’t know, they just ARRRRRRRR!

Granny 1:10 pm 09 Sep 08

I typed in “This translator isn’t very good. I got back:

The pirate speaks,”This translator isn’t very good.”

I somehow think I could improve on this myself.

; )

Gungahlin Al 12:46 pm 09 Sep 08

To talk like a pirate, use this simple translator:

Pesty 12:43 pm 09 Sep 08

Well, as a Cornishman, I don’t know whether to be honoured or consider it ‘extracting the urine” when everyone attempts to talk like me!

NH 12:17 pm 09 Sep 08

I need to know if I can get there easily or not.

Spitfire3 said :

BUy?!?!! Shiver me timbers! PIRATES DON’T “BUY”!!!!!!


Overheard 12:10 pm 09 Sep 08

Can’t say as I’ve ever participated in one of these piractical events. And while I laud the creators and marvel at how it’s gathered world-wide recognition, etc. I just fear that it might grow exceedingly tiresome after, say, the first five minutes once all the timbers have been shivered, the planks have been walked and you’ve tried a bit of free-form variation: ‘I were going to learn meself French, but I kept falling down on me RRRRRRRRs!’

‘Avast, just realised I’m doin’ the drive show on radio that day. You’re listening to RRRRRRRRRRtsound. Hmm. I’m thinkin’ I’ll be abstainin’ from the pirate talk.’

Spitfire3 12:02 pm 09 Sep 08

BUy?!?!! Shiver me timbers! PIRATES DON’T “BUY”!!!!!!

johnboy 11:06 am 09 Sep 08

Buy the ticket, get the location!

NH 10:46 am 09 Sep 08

Where would we meet in the first place, important detail ahoy!

bubzie 10:33 am 09 Sep 08


ye being agreeing with spitfire3!

Spitfire3 9:35 am 09 Sep 08

It’s TALK Like A Pirate Day! (Since when do pirates say “speak” anyway?)

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