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The impact of the Wanniassa death

By MiCkY91 - 23 March 2009 186

[First filed: March 22, 2009 @ 10:33
Second filing: March 23, 2009 @ 09:25]

This morning on my way to baseball my family and i were blocked off from the end of the street.

Up to 100 metres distance was blocked off with police there and a black car.

For my age i had no idea what was going on, all i knew is where this insident happend, fights and parties would always happen.

Later on that day i was talking to my mum about this incident then she went on facebook to talk to a friend who lives on the conner of our street and as a coment to him someone has left “R.I.P”.

Straight away she called up the guy called Jamie who died’s girlfriend or really close friend and told her what happened.

After a while my mum talked to me about what happened.

She said the guy was bashed to death by someone Jamie riped off with drugs.

It was quite scary knowing someone has died at the end of my street and by someone bashing him up.

All i have learnt is to stay FAR AWAY from drugs!!!

[ED – this is, I believe, related to the second item here]

UPDATED: The ABC reports that a 31 year old man has been charged with “assault occasioning actual bodily harm”.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to realityskin for the link, NineMSN are now reporting names:

    Steven Robert John Milicevic, 31, is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

    Jamie Joseph Peisley, 26, died on Friday shortly after he collapsed.

Bail was not applied for. Milicevic will appear in court again in April.

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The impact of the Wanniassa death
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blue oval 6:43 am 02 Apr 17

he was a good bloke pfff even as a teenager he thought he was staunch. belting another teen who was sitting in the back of a car with a pole in richo in 1998. it was lucky the young fella survived to me karma’s a bitch

DrKoresh 10:37 pm 20 Jan 13

PBO said :

I have just been informed that Steven Milicevic has been killed in a motorcycle accident, i guess that wraps this thread up.

Was it the same guy though, does anyone know? I can’t seem to find anything about the crash that also mentions the killing using google. Sorry, I know this thread is ages old and long dead but RA is one of the best repositories of local knowledge I have at my disposal.

PBO 8:58 am 16 Feb 10

I have just been informed that Steven Milicevic has been killed in a motorcycle accident, i guess that wraps this thread up.

Belco Butt 11:10 pm 15 Feb 10

“live the gangsta life style”?

ROFL!!!! How old are you? 12?!?!

F*ck it, just read everything you say in that post back to yourself…it’s the most contradictory laugh-fest I’ve enjoyed in a long time!

lil.miss.cro.leb MUST be a joker just messing around!!!! Exclamation marks galore to show how absurd/funny those posts are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SheepGroper 7:14 pm 30 Mar 09

lil.miss.cro.leb said :

Yes it is sad that as a result his kids don’t have that father figure to look up to but the time he had with his kids will never b forgotten and he always tried to b the best dad he could b for them.

He chose to live in a way that orphaned his kids. Not because he died sacrificing his life for another’s, or in service to the community like a police officer or a fire fighter, but because he wanted to live the “gangsta lifestyle”. *That’s* being the best father he could be? Really?

BerraBoy68 7:00 pm 30 Mar 09

mango said :


If you didnt know the deceased people on this site your comments are best kept to yourself if they are negative. Await the court proceedings down the track as all you will hear until then is rumour after rumour. Loved ones should not feel the need to come on here to defend people who are not here to defend themselves.

Its not known as to why these murders took place, its all headlines for the media etc.

I appreciate your honestly in your post where you said you had stopped being friends with a person who you found to be a drug dealer. Depends what type of dealer, those that do not use drugs and make money by having users sell for the are the type that really needed to be punished and serve alot of time, however if you do some background homework if someone is a user they will sell drugs to support their own habbit out of desperation in most cases. Its the big top notches that should be investigated as to where the sources are coming from, not the little numbers that get sent to prison for using and selling, they are a number and easily replaced by someone else who is desperate.

A new crime stoppers anonyomus day should be created in the ACT with all this stuff that appears to be going on = well has been for years but only becoming more known to the public.

Again Mango, clarified my comments in my 2nd post on this thread -but to clarify I make no judgement on your friend or anyone else involved in this specicif story. That said,i disagree with your assesment on users who deal and I have peronal reasons for doing so. But that s my right. I will say that drug makers etc. should receive greater punishment however than those further down the chain.


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