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The Indian Myna Birds Are Taking Over

By tylersmayhem - 27 October 2008 36

I’m a relatively new resident of Flynn, and one of the many draws of our property was the abundance of wildlife, including many beautiful native birds.  From the day we first saw our property, there were rainbow lorrikeets, king parrots, rosella’s, galah’s and cockatoo’s to name a few.  Spotted in there was the occasional Indian Myna, but their visits were few and we always shooed them away.

Last week, I realised that I had not seen any of the usual amazing bunch of birds – but only had seen some native Pigeons, Magpies, Currawongs…and mostly Indian Myna birds.  The rest are gone!  Then there was a Galah perched up in a tree in our yard.  It was acting very distraugt and I went looking for the cause (another dead Galah for instance).  I couldn’t find anything of alarm.  I jumped on the trusty old Web to do some investigating.  I quickly came across the following site:

I’m quickly coming to the realisation that these Myna Birds have cleared out all the native birds from our surroundings, and pretty much have all the tree’s surrounded.  They perch in the tree’s and continually chirp to keep the other birds away.  I noticed over the weekend that the local family of Galah’s have been kicked out of their nest inside a tree, and Myna’s have taken over 🙁

I never realised these birds cause so much havoc, and it’s really disappointing to have all the beautiful birds gone!  I figure the more education out there the better.  Has anyone else had these problems, and any success removing them from your neighborhood?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
The Indian Myna Birds Are Taking Over
jake555 5:54 pm 27 Oct 08

If you have a look at the trap design on the Indian Myna Action Group site, you will see that they are specifically designed to trap mynas rather than other birds attracted to dog food (because of the size difference in the birds).

The trap doesn’t kill them either, so any other birds that happen to be trapped can be released immediately.

p1 5:27 pm 27 Oct 08

Are you suggesting killing magpies?

I believe that ant was warning that Magpies might be caught in the same traps, and that it would be a bad thing.

seekay 4:45 pm 27 Oct 08

While we’re talking birds does anyone know of a way to attract the crimson lorikeets and king parrots without getting galahs, cockatoos and corellas?

Do the lorikeets and parrots clear out of Canberra backyards in spring and summer or should I be taking this personally?

RuffnReady 4:13 pm 27 Oct 08

ant said :

Magpies like dog biscuits too remember. My dog has ongoing fights with the magpies who steal his biscuits (and his bones).

Are you suggesting killing magpies?

Killing Indian Mynahs I have no problem with, but killing magpies is another thing altogether.

tylersmayhem 4:10 pm 27 Oct 08

Does anyone know if they are just in peak season, and will go away in the Autumn? Or are they here to stay?

Gungahlin Al 4:05 pm 27 Oct 08

Rat’s: fnaah has beat me to it.

On mynas, you can hang a flap a little out from nesting hollows. My understanding is that mynas will only nest where they have a straight flight in and clear view out, while parrots can come in from the side.

Too late in the season now, but note for summer after nests empty.

Took a (crappy phone camera) picture of a rosella nesting in a drain outlet high on the wall above the Gungahlin Post Office the other day. Be a bugger if it rains.

peterh 3:57 pm 27 Oct 08

what with crows & mynas, the local magpies, wattle birds and currawongs are having a lot of thumping practice. no time for humans…

fnaah 3:49 pm 27 Oct 08

They’re everywhere! Even right under your nose!

PsydFX 3:42 pm 27 Oct 08

fnaah said :

The only things outnumbering Indian Mynas in Canberra, it seems, are misplaced apostrophes.

All distributed between 2 signs?

fnaah 3:38 pm 27 Oct 08

The only things outnumbering Indian Mynas in Canberra, it seems, are misplaced apostrophes.

PsydFX 3:34 pm 27 Oct 08

We hand feed a couple of Magpies that have a nest somehwere near our house, and it seems in return for a good feed they don’t swoop us, and they keep our area free from Myna birds.

tylersmayhem 3:26 pm 27 Oct 08

Yeah, I gotta say that I wouldn’t consider using a rat trap. Too much risk of trapping one of the good guys.

@Boodnut: do you know if since the guy you know has been trapping them, if any of the native birds have returned?

ant 3:22 pm 27 Oct 08

Magpies like dog biscuits too remember. My dog has ongoing fights with the magpies who steal his biscuits (and his bones).

justbands 3:08 pm 27 Oct 08

They are certainly a problem. I believe that group has been running a trial eradication program, not sure though. I do know that dog food (think meaty bites) on rat traps make for a good Indian Myna bird trap. The other (native birds) never seem to go near them, but it kills a lot of Mynas.

bloodnut 3:07 pm 27 Oct 08

i have amate downthe road in Melbawho regularly traps and humanely destroys them. obviously even with his good work they still pack a punch…

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