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The Indigenously themed buses.

By johnboy - 17 July 2008 25

A little late on this one, but TAMS have kindly sent in the photos.

Two ACTION Buses are now sporting lovely indigenous themes.

Here’s a statement for those wanting to know more detail:

    Minister John Hargreaves officially launched two ACTION buses featuring
    locally designed Indigenous artwork.

    Territory and Municipal Services worked closely with the ACT Aboriginal
    and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre to develop artwork.

    The project was been coordinated by Matilda House, along with 5 other
    adults, who engaged 8 children and young people to participate in the
    project and development of local Indigenous artwork.

    The project provided the local community with an opportunity to come
    together, to share the history and development of local Indigenous art
    with the young people and children involved.

    The buses have already been on show during the NAIDOC week celebrations
    and provide a good opportunity to showcase local Indigenous artwork to
    the Canberra community and visitors.

    The artwork was artwork was painted onto a number of canvases, then
    pulled together by Rob Little Digital Images in consultation with
    Matilda House and screened onto vinyl wraps that were placed onto two
    ACTION buses.

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25 Responses to
The Indigenously themed buses.
ant 9:27 pm 17 Jul 08

Just how many aboriginals are there in Canberra? Should we get special bus designs for every community/racial group? And thirdly, why does the same surname keep appearing in all these aboriginal events?

Pandy 9:04 pm 17 Jul 08

Shite on the bus and it will be sacred

Headbonius 8:37 pm 17 Jul 08

Secret Busdrivin’ Business

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 7:54 pm 17 Jul 08

A waste of money, and looks like shit anyway.

Pesty 7:27 pm 17 Jul 08

sepi said :

I think they look great!

Pesty you can just get big printed magnets to stick on your car doors if you want removable advertising for your van.

Thanks sepi, but the van is now sign written but not to body wrap level, it was very expensive! I looked at magnets but wanted the permanency.

sepi 7:23 pm 17 Jul 08

I think they look great!

Pesty you can just get big printed magnets to stick on your car doors if you want removable advertising for your van.

Pesty 6:12 pm 17 Jul 08

Very pretty I’m sure, but I shudder to think how much vinal wrapping of a bus costs! My van was going to cost a fortune for a simple design, this must have cost thousands! per bus. BTW Why?

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:11 pm 17 Jul 08

ooh, that would be reverse apartheid, wouldn’t it??

No, just apartheid, you twit. Do you ‘do a 360’ when you change your mind about something as well?

peterh 5:18 pm 17 Jul 08

PBO said :

Careful ppl, “Sacred buses”!

ooh, that would be reverse apartheid, wouldn’t it??

an aboriginal only bus. wouldn’t that cause an uproar?

PBO 4:43 pm 17 Jul 08

Careful ppl, “Sacred buses”!

miz 4:41 pm 17 Jul 08

So this is where the transport fudget goes.

Headbonius 4:28 pm 17 Jul 08

Sorry, forgot to include this link:

This just about sums up these busses.

peterh 4:26 pm 17 Jul 08

Headbonius said :

How much did this shit cost?

probably enough to fix the timetables and routes…

Headbonius 4:23 pm 17 Jul 08

How much did this shit cost?

peterh 3:10 pm 17 Jul 08

maybe they can be used on the NMA bus route? ties in nicely with AIATSIS.

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