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The jet she is kaput

By johnboy - 14 March 2009 39

[First filed: March 07, 2009 @ 09:30]

Yesterday the National Capital Authority proudly announced they were extending the opening hours of the Captain Cook Memorial Jet for Canberra Day.

That announcement has now been consigned to digital oblivion and instead the world leaders in foot-in-mouth are advising that the jet is buggered.

    “The Captain Cook Memorial Jet is currently out of operation due to a fault with an electronic value.

    The jet will undergo repairs and is anticipated to be back in operation on Friday 13 March 2009.”

UPDATED: The NCA now reports that having repaired the “electronic valve” they’ve since found other issues and it’s broken “until further notice”.


But at least it lives on with Google Maps:

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39 Responses to
The jet she is kaput
Granny 4:29 pm 07 Mar 09

Wasn’t there something about the Queen opening it incorrectly back in 1970 – she pulled something when she should have pushed or whatever? What if the jigger got stuffed? Or the value?

This is another fine mess she’s gotten us into, Stanley!

Well may we say, “God save the Queen,” ’cause nothing will save the Captain Cook fountain!

PalmerstonPop 3:50 pm 07 Mar 09

“THE JET SHE IS KAPUT” – I tend to believe a story I heard a couple of years ago about the Captain Cook water spout – that is does not in fact have water pumped from Lake Burley-Griffin – but in fact is hooked directly up to a domestic water main and the pressure is increased by electric pump – even with water restrictions the water from the mains goes back into our water catchment over the Scriviner Dam spillway and into the Cotter? – ever notice when Lake Burley-Griffin is dirty brown from flood rains (long time ago///) and the spout is spirting away and a strong easterly wind is blowing and your are driving over Commonwealth Bridge. The water on your windscreen and duco is very clear and it should in fact be mirky brown and streaky?????

The cat did it 3:40 pm 07 Mar 09

It’s a settling pond, and it’s designed to trap all manner of trash and contaminants, before they can enter the lake. If it looks like sh*t, then it’s probably doing its job.

deye 3:06 pm 07 Mar 09

nanzan said :

Then there’s the disgusting state of the pond at the intersection of Parkes Way and Coranderrk Strett – that really is a city’s disgrace.

I thought that pond performed a cleaning function for the lake hence why it always has crap in it which they clean out with special boats once a year. I noticed the other day a couple of swans building nests in it.

utah 12:59 pm 07 Mar 09

Tricky things those faults with an electronic value…

Perhaps the Stanhope government is meddling with Planck’s constant?

Gungahlin Al 12:53 pm 07 Mar 09

due to a fault with an electronic value

Oh right – so the NCA’s hopping on the blame the Feed-in Tariff bandwagon is it?

proofpositive 12:34 pm 07 Mar 09


MrPC 12:18 pm 07 Mar 09

Perhaps the jet has spent too much time exposed to algae and it has developed some sort of infection.

On the subject of algae in the lake, why hasn’t a biodiesel operation been set up yet? Algae biodiesel would help keep aussie dollars in Australia, especially important when our exports are down in trying economic times 😛

I-filed 11:42 am 07 Mar 09

Perhaps the jet is psychically attuned to one of our leaders …

Pommy bastard 11:13 am 07 Mar 09

When we saw Bob Downe at Canberra theatre some years ago his opening line was “You’ve still not got that broken pipe fixed then.”

Primal 11:00 am 07 Mar 09

Or maybe it really is an electronic value – someone set it to “off” rather than “on”…

ant 10:59 am 07 Mar 09

Someone’s hacked the water jet!

TAD 10:35 am 07 Mar 09

Perhaps an electronic valve.

Ryan 10:22 am 07 Mar 09

Captain Cook Jet was running on Thursday arvo.. wonder what the issue is

nanzan 9:59 am 07 Mar 09

Thank God the National Capital Authority and the Australian Government are not running Rome, or any other great city with a lot more fountains than Canberra – they’d be stuffed!

The NCA seems to have that much trouble keeping its fountains and ponds going – it’s almost a joke.

The Centenary of Federation Fountains in Parkes are constantly out of action and the ponds are always being drained and re-filled.

Then there’s the disgusting state of the pond at the intersection of Parkes Way and Coranderrk Strett – that really is a city’s disgrace.

And the water jet has only just been turned back on in the past fortnight after being put out of action by the algal blooms. I wonder how often the world’s really big water jets in places like Geneva and Jedda get turned off?

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