The joy of lawn bowls

johnboy 19 October 2010 12

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lawn bowling

So Saturday afternoon I was playing lawn bowls.

I know what you’re thinking, pensioners in funny outfits, peculiar equipment, and lots of rules.

And I’m sure if you want to join regimented legions of wrinklies you can.

But there’s an easier threshold to cross.

We got a few mates together, wandered down to the Turner Bowlo, rented balls for $12 a set, bought beer, and hit the greens.

You need to check if they want you to take your shoes off (big treads are a no-no on the greens), and try not to carry your drink onto playing surface.

The staff are very helpful with explaining the rules if you need guidance. It’s a simple game with potential for great variation. A bit like snooker on a grander scale.

But most importantly it’s a game with drink holders built into the playing equipment.

A modicum of physical activity, cheap drinks, fresh air, and some friendly competition.

It’s worth a go.

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12 Responses to The joy of lawn bowls
Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 1:15 pm 19 Oct 10

Excellent pastime. I used to play for a local park back in Blighty. I was fairly nimble with the woods even if I say so myself.

Lawnbowls is to tenpin, what chess is to draughts.

Amanda Hugankis Amanda Hugankis 12:39 pm 19 Oct 10

Maybe we’re just not hip to the jive here in the ACT.

My sister lives in Sydney’s eastern suburbia – and for a few years now her and her partner’s friends are always going for a bowlo afternoon, with beers, chipies, and some chilled wine as a catch up with friends. Casual, semi-active and not focussed on being ‘out to be seen’.

She even had her 30th at the lovely Coogee bowlo – replete with barbeque (we catered & cooked for ourselves), shade umbrellas, bare feet and cake! We stayed there a whole afternoon, and the drinks were ridiculously cheap!

Pitchka Pitchka 12:11 pm 19 Oct 10

Last year our Branch Xmas party was at the local lawn bowls club in Forrest. At first, i thought WTF!!!
After a huge buffet lunch and a few bottles of JD & Coke later (with a couple on standby), i will admit i had a great time…

Mind you, after a few too many drinks, one seems to forget which side of the lawn ball has all the weight.. I got closest to the white ball on many occasions, just not the one i was supposed to be aiming for!!!

jadie360 jadie360 8:50 am 19 Oct 10

rosebud said :

Do they still not allow women to wear pants or shorts?

Look at the women playing on TV (ABC1 Sat about 5pm), they are ALL wearing shorts.

rosebud rosebud 8:36 am 19 Oct 10

Do they still not allow women to wear pants or shorts?

    johnboy johnboy 8:45 am 19 Oct 10

    It didn’t come up for us, but I’m pretty sure there was a girl in jeans playing.

mr_wowtrousers mr_wowtrousers 10:27 pm 18 Oct 10

Welcome to 8 years ago! But seriously, lawn bowls with a few beers on a nice afternoon is a great way to while away the hours.

Thumper Thumper 9:11 pm 18 Oct 10

great way to spend an afternoon…

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:51 pm 18 Oct 10

I highly recommend bowls as either social or competitive context. It is is one of the most relaxing but highly competitive sport you can play. You can even have a drink (or a smoke if so inclined) while playing.

I played competitive bowls in my late 20s and though my 30’s at both Canberra North (in Turner) and Belconnen Bowls Clubs for over 10 years (I’m in my early 40’s now buy have kids so have lost much of my spare time to them!). I even won a few competitions and have two 8’s pins (for the uninitiated, these are for a perfect score of 8 bowls on an end in competition play) which for a bowler is absolute Bliss! Most bowlers never get even one.

Talking to some wonderful people (old and young alike) is an added bonus of the sport!

Morgan Morgan 6:58 pm 18 Oct 10

Love an afternoon of bowls at the Turner Bowls Club, the old blokes are more than happy to show you what to do. Good afternoon with mates and beer.

niftydog niftydog 5:45 pm 18 Oct 10

Playing lawn bowls with some mates on a sultry summers eve was one of the best things I did last summer – thumbs up from me too.

squirell squirell 4:48 pm 18 Oct 10

I’ve always been curious about lawn bowls, that write up was convincing enough for me. Well done JB.

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