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The joys of townhouse/unit life

Velveteen Rabbit 21 April 2008 81

I live in Beechwood in Florey, a hive of 130 or so little units all jumbled in together and feel the need to have a fuddy duddy rant and ask other Canberra unit dwellers:

  • What is it with visitors parking anywhere, nay everywhere so you can’t get into or out of your garage?  I am not good at 17-point turns in order to get anywhere. 
  • Why oh why do people continue to stuff the recycle bin/normal bin when it’s overflowing?  And please, can you bag your rubbish so I don’t step on your rancid old sausages when I go past.
  • Why do people feel the need to dump their old tables/fridges/computers/kids in front of the bins?  Are we having some sort of a white elephant stall thing?
  • What’s with the doof doof music till 2am?  Just cos we share a wall doesn’t mean I want to share your interest in Metallica/Britney.  Also if your mates get into a fight, kindly tell them to bleed on YOUR side of the porch.

 Now, I feel better.  🙂

What’s Your opinion?

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The joys of townhouse/unit life
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CanberraResident 4:17 pm 22 Apr 08

No need to get so worked up my little petal Maelinar.

astrojax 4:16 pm 22 Apr 08

that’d be “the side you’re taking…”, mael? i think bean’s invocation to chill was to us all… s’nice to be nice.

anyway, s’all good to have a free voice in an open debate – wouldn’t take anything to heart, or as danman suggests, just hit the ‘off’ switch. not that i’d canvass a move to florey any time soon, either!

…and like, who drinks lattes anyway?

if the coffee is good, straight up – black and strong, like my men… did i miss the pies thread? used to rekkun dobinsons did some good ones, always liked their frozen pack – did me a nice treat heated up on the radiator in my office when i had that job with said office. damn change, damn damn damn…

LlamaFrog 4:07 pm 22 Apr 08

The one good thing about the beachworth ghetto is that someone has left of the security on their wifi so free internet downloads!

Mælinar 4:00 pm 22 Apr 08

Err – closing statement on the first sentence is (canberra is a big enough place afterall). – Other than to not move to a shithole complex in Florey.

Mælinar 3:58 pm 22 Apr 08

but can be quite informative too, if you let all the crap go to one side – like this entire thread. Name any item of information anybody would gain, other than all of us, whom already own/rent/dwell in houses NOT near vanilla bean (canberra is a big enough place afterall).

Consequently this is a self-gratification post, nothing more, nothing less.

Engage your oh Mælinar’s a wanker comments then at your own peril, since the side your taking makes you look like a bigger one just by hitting the post button.

Danman 3:46 pm 22 Apr 08

CR (Can I call you that) – I have disagreements here not regularly, and not infrequently – somewhere in between.

Having not been able to communicate my difference of opinion in the past, I have offered individuals free beer for their time to discuss face to face.

I am yet to have any serious offers.

Only really lock horns on subjects that I am passionate about – I can still think someone is a dickhead and be laid back and chilled in thinking so.

Additonally, just because I think it, need not mean I make my thoughts of that person public, like what I may be thinking about you, or you, or you (Points finger around room at random people)

This may be the difference between you and me, then again it may not, I don’t know, I do not know you, but needlessly name calling and swearing detracts from the real issues at hand and is usually a tactic used by those who have already lost the discussion point.

kapish ?

ant 3:38 pm 22 Apr 08

CanberraResident said :

so then, you’ve never read a blog comment and thought … “what a dickhead?”

I think quite a few people are thinking exactly that…

CanberraResident 3:27 pm 22 Apr 08

Danman, so then, you’ve never read a blog comment and thought … “what a dickhead?” I think you’d be lying if you said no. I’m not claiming to know everyone personally (Heaven forbid), but you can get a good idea of who’s half normal, and who’s walking around with a broomstick up their latted-farteed aaaaase, pretending to be cleverer than the next. And if cleverer is not a word … I don’t care.

Danman 3:14 pm 22 Apr 08

Oh and not here to take english lessons, so excuse my poor keyboarding skills.

Danman 3:13 pm 22 Apr 08

Canberra Resident
I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of pompous “aaaases” in all my life.
Presumptious when you do not even know me
I’m chilled – I’m one of the friendly ones around here 🙂

Put me in the chilled out basket as well.

usually if I have a disagreement on RA, I ask the part involved if they want to have a beer and discuss it, my shout of course, but only ever had one offer, and was stood up. However, Mael, i think, volunteered his time that day as well, but I missed him.

Then there was the many times I wanted to get into the ring with Bonfire, but thats another story.. got a year or 2?

RA is just another blog, if you lose sleep over what someone says, then maybe you best switch off your computer now.

PS I am passionate about cooking and customer service and have come into bat for many canberra restaraunts in their defence, so read teh reviews with a grain of salt, and try risking a dollar or so to form you rown opinion.

Main thing is to not be a sheep and think free, and enjoy your time here Vanilla bean.

CanberraResident 2:58 pm 22 Apr 08

oh, and here we go, a prime example, from none other than pee-beau ant. Having a go because you spoke your mind. But he’s allowed to speak HIS mind because he’s a VETERAN rioter and we should all be scared … ooohhhh

Career move? Who said anything about career? Very sad if you regard RiotACT as the be all and end all of your career …

Hit ’em with the ol’ Pea Beau, Hit ’em with the ol’ Pea Beau, Hit ’em high, hit ’em low, Hit ’em with the ol’ Pea Beau!

Mr Evil 2:58 pm 22 Apr 08

ant said :

Posting a “you all suck” when most replies were in support of one’s article is an inadvisable career move in most places.

Well, it is true – we do all suck. 🙂

And as for CanberraResident, get a big dog up ya: I love meat pies! In fact there was a thread on here last year about finding a good meat pie in Canberra.

I’ve never seen a thread about where to find a good latte though. 🙂

ant 2:51 pm 22 Apr 08

Posting a “you all suck” when most replies were in support of one’s article is an inadvisable career move in most places.

CanberraResident 2:38 pm 22 Apr 08

S4anta said :

Therefore, i would like to take Ms Resident out to tea.

She’s married … to me, so keep your filthy paws off or join RSVP or something.

S4anta 2:23 pm 22 Apr 08

bleeding on your side of the porch… thats a ripper.

oh, and in the case of the post in front mine, i’ll add a fourth point that being that i prefer to read half of what anyone has read and then make broad assumptions about the rest.

Therefore, i would like to take Ms Resident out to tea.

CanberraResident 1:47 pm 22 Apr 08

VanillaBean, don’t worry mate. I’ve only been here about 6 or so weeks, and I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of pompous “aaaases” in all my life. Don’t dare have a joke, or someone will pounce on you in a minute. Honestly mate, it’s a venomous place, but can be quite informative too, if you let all the crap go to one side. It’s hard to ignore sometimes though. Oh, and if you’ve been here less than five minutes, then you can expect to be told that you don’t have a voice because you’re a “newbie”. I’ve managed to get to Anarchist status after 6 weeks – go figure! Anyway, something keeps bringing me back; probably the fact that every now and again you come across a normal person who doesn’t drink lattes and knows what a meat pie is … I predict the following. 1. I’ll get ridiculed for saying what I’ve said.; or 2. They’ll ignore what I’ve said to show me they are boss, or 3. they’ll respond to your original thread and pretend they never read this or they simply don’t care …

NathanaelB 1:41 pm 22 Apr 08

I’m chilled – I’m one of the friendly ones around here 🙂

astrojax 1:40 pm 22 Apr 08

welcome aboard, bean.

actually, here at the riot, you’re generally much safer on topics of politics and religion than stuff that matters to you, as a canberra resident. that and maelinar’s inadequacies – though this is a very broad topic…

and evil, you might want to advise some rudimentary cleaning to that vacant dwelling first, might have a bit of the odour about it.

Mr Evil 1:38 pm 22 Apr 08

VB, welcome to our world. 🙂

So, how about the weather – lovely here in Canberra at the moment, isn’t it.

Vanilla Bean 1:25 pm 22 Apr 08

Interesting reading. Since I only joined Riot Act yesterday and wanted to start off with something vaguely tongue-in-cheek and amusing, it’s amazing that people assume I’m some latte-sipping nitwit who can’t see over the edge of my latte glass to the world at large. It was just meant as an ice-breaker, the type of topic you might dredge up when you meet people the first time without storming off into religion, politics or world poverty. So chill, people.

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