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Life is looking up

The Liberal Shadow Cabinet unveiled.

By johnboy - 10 November 2008 25

[First filed: November 10, 2008 @ 14:47]

Since election day an eery silence has descended on the Liberals’ website with only Senator Humphries making occasional efforts to fly the flag.

Today the long silence has been broken with news of the new shadow cabinet!

    ““Unlike the Labor party’s regurgitated ministry, with its history of failures, the Liberal team will be one of new energy with a vigour to present a strong, formidable opposition,” Zed said.”

So the responsibilities are:

    — Zed – environment and climate change, planning, including transport planning, housing affordability, human rights, and ageing.

    — Brendan Smyth – shadow treasurer, economic development, business and tourism, emergency services, territory owned corporations, and gaming & racing.

    — Vicki Dunne – shadow attorney general, family & community services, nature conservation and water, industrial relations, women, arts, and manager of opposition business.

    — Jeremy Hanson – health (including mental health), police, corrections, indigenous affairs, and opposition whip.

    — Steve Doszpot – education & training, multicultural affairs, disability, and sport & recreation.

    — Alastair Coe – urban services, transport services, housing, heritage, and youth.

Hanson for the 2012 leadership anyone?

UPDATED: Jon Stanhope has helpfully pointed out that these rather strange arrangements will let Zed take credit for pretty much anything while leaving others to do the hard yakka:

    “Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has dealt himself a light hand in the division of portfolio responsibilities amongst his Liberal team, cementing the reputation he developed last term for being the most work-shy Liberal in the Assembly.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
The Liberal Shadow Cabinet unveiled.
radonezh 10:04 pm 10 Nov 08

To me, it seems that the portfolios of the opposition party are really quite irrelevant, since they don’t have the reins of power.

On a more fundamental note, I think that the ACT has/had a golden opportunity to implement a genuine system of democracy where citizens can vote on issues rather than on personalities to “represent” them. I like what they do at the cantonal level in Switzerland in terms of putting issues to the people in numerous local referenda instead of letting party politics play any part. Over there, the parliamentarians are only elected to formulate ideas for the good of the canton or country, and then to implement them responsibly. Giving politicians free reign to make decisions on our behalf is like giving a monkey a gun.

Special G 8:37 pm 10 Nov 08

Without mixing up the portfolios everytime how will everyone get to change their stationary or come up with new acronyms for departments or waste time/money resources on reshuffling.

spoonbill 8:25 pm 10 Nov 08

It shows that Stanhopeless is already bereft of ideas as he issues a press release to bag the new liberal ministry. What a waste of resources…all those 0s and 1s.

thetruth 7:30 pm 10 Nov 08

jakez said :

I sort of like laziness in a Chief Minister. The lazier they are, the less they can hurt us.

Hmmmmmmmm …………………..

jakez 7:01 pm 10 Nov 08

I sort of like laziness in a Chief Minister. The lazier they are, the less they can hurt us.

thetruth 6:58 pm 10 Nov 08

The Vicki Dunne appointment is disappointing ….

The total number of portfolios (both sides is a joke – more about pandering to interest groups and trying to get everything in the title).

Maybe we could learn from the US and have “permanent” departments. As a shot – why not Chief Minister and Government Services(Governemnt shared service providers, cabinet internal type stuff) Justice & Emergency Services (for AG’s correctional servies, police and emergency services), Urban Services & Ultilities (Transport, transport services, housing, heritage, water, nature conservation transport planning, housing affordability) Treasury & Economy (Treasury, business, Tourism, industrial relations etc etc) Community & Cultural Services (Diasability, Family, Multicultural, Arts, Indigenous, sport, aging and rec etc etc)- thats 5 portfolios.

This also allows Governments and oppositions to move bits into new departments as per their policy priorities (eg climate change could be either part of Urban Services & Utilities or Treasury and Economy depending on the focus of the Government of the day.). There is also sufficient similarity to get some level of efficiency

Stanhope calling ANYONE lazy is also a joke. Having worked with the last three CM’s – by FAR the least energetic and energised. Also has the personality of a mashed pea.

fhakk 6:18 pm 10 Nov 08

That seems like a real mishmash of responsibilities. It’s like every shadow minister has to be an expert on pretty much everything.

Eg. Why does Hanson have police and corrections but Smyth have emergency services?

Heavs 5:48 pm 10 Nov 08

Vicki Dunne as shadow A/G. Ye gods.

plausibly_deniable 5:25 pm 10 Nov 08

Yep, I reckon Hanson will be leader before long. He’s personable and has more gravitas than Zed.

Quick on his feet too: while campaigning in Weston Creek he asked me if I would a brochure: I pointed out that I was wearing a “Cuba” t-shirt with a red star and hinted that my political persuasions might lie elsewhere. His response?

“Comrade, would you like a brochure?”

amarooresident 5:11 pm 10 Nov 08

Jeez, thetruth, do you get your talking points directly from Zed or is it a group email thing?

It’s not like he had any choice, there are only six of them. I don’t think talent was a consideration.

peterh 5:11 pm 10 Nov 08

why do we have so many portfolios anyway??

seems to be more than the fed govt….

poptop 4:43 pm 10 Nov 08

Our Beloved Leader is seriously underwhelmed by the the Liberal Shadow Ministry line up. More exactly he is accusing Zed of being a work shy shirker.

thetruth 4:00 pm 10 Nov 08

Thanks to the electrate I count three new faces on this side.

On the Green/Labor side …………..same old same old. Now I agree they are somewhat limited because the voters did not inject new talent into the ALP. But the factional system only allowed a repeat of the same (with Gallager coming in for the kill on Stanhope by taking Treasury). Hargreaves for goodness sake…… a drunk driver in charge of correctional services. One of the other two air thieves (Porter / Birch) could have done an equally incompetent job. but at least something new.

Holden Caulfield 3:21 pm 10 Nov 08

Zed sad, “Unlike the Labor party’s regurgitated ministry, with its history of failures…” and yet they’re still serving up that snotty little toerag Brendan Smyth.

Thanks for the tip Zed, but you’re not fooling anyone.

Gungahlin Al 3:16 pm 10 Nov 08

It is becoming commonplace to split climate change and environment/conservation – I don’t agree with it.

The Liberals have found an even more perplexing approach – splitting environment and conservation! Huh?

And housing and housing afforability are two different things. Huh??

And transport planning and transport services are different things. Huh?

I think there is enough to get on top of in the ACT portfolios, without such arbitrary and – well – weird splitting of heavily related topics. And it makes it a nightmare for someone in the community to hook into the right person…

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