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The most annoying car park music in Canberra?

By johnboy - 8 September 2008 24

In the Canberra Centre this morning the car park was enhanced by a truly objectionable hammond organ recording.

Shopping centres for a few years now have played music in their hinterlands intended to drive away scruffy teenagers without being too objectionable to grown-ups with money.

So what are the stand outs for you in the different shopping precincts of Canberra?

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
The most annoying car park music in Canberra?
Whatsup 12:49 pm 09 Sep 08

AngryHenry: And you have just spent time on the internet commenting on people that hang around car-parks critiquing muzak. What was your point again ?

AngryHenry 12:36 pm 09 Sep 08

Hanging out in car-parks listening to muzak is one thing but writing and posting an article?

C’mon man!

I know not every posting can’t be a bona-fide hit with the masses but jeez!

This is your life, it’s ending one-minute at a time and you’re hanging around car-parks critiquing muzak… What a waste!

la mente torbida 11:23 am 09 Sep 08

I’m sure it was a mistake, but I remember Woden Plaza eons ago, were playing Frank Zappa over the music system…had to laugh at the line booming out “Don’t F@ck around with Billy the Mountain”.

pointe 2:37 am 09 Sep 08

Today I was serenaded with the joyous sounds of jazz in Woden Interchange on my way to work. Makes it all the more magical when you have a bus roaring past every few minutes.

ant 9:34 pm 08 Sep 08

I think that’s quite a nice idea, playing weird, quirky music. they could rent pensioners to sit and play their casio organs (or Hammonds, if they were rich). They coud do “when the saints go marching in” and “roll out the barrel” and all kinds of great stuff.

Whatsup 4:40 pm 08 Sep 08

Barry Manilow will get the young ‘uns running for cover !

Hero 3:48 pm 08 Sep 08

i always get 80’s pop in woden underground, which makes me inexplicably happy…
a few weeks ago in woolies coolamon court they were playing all this nostalgic 30’s style crooning….which was bizarre, then i realised that it was pension day!

Granny 3:29 pm 08 Sep 08

Or Steve Irwin:

“Crikey! What have we here?”

Overheard 3:19 pm 08 Sep 08

“Looks like a job for the crack Riot 501st!”

Or David Attenborough.

In plum English accent and safari suit: “We’ve ventured deep, deep into the Tuggeranong Delta, emerging from the murky wetlands, amidst the shopping trolleys and assorted smoking parapehrnalia discarded from the nearby shores, and make our way further into the impenetrable heart, towards the Hyperdome wastelands. On the air comes the unmistakable sound of the mating call of ‘Homospien Deep Soutius’: Barry White’s classic hits, as interpreted by the 101 Strings Orchestra, rearranged and remixed especially for ‘Muze-blech’ (TM, registered)…. and we know at last, our journey is nearing its end.”

Or something.

Granny 3:05 pm 08 Sep 08

Looks like a job for the crack Riot 501st!

Skidbladnir 2:26 pm 08 Sep 08

I use carparks to park my car and dodge nearsighted women driving 4WDs, and don’t spend enough time loitering in them to be able to review their music.

Jazz 2:14 pm 08 Sep 08

Can’t say i’ve ever noticed the music in the canberra centre car park. i’m more concerned with not getting run over by people looking for parking spaces than where they are going

s-s-a 1:53 pm 08 Sep 08

Last time I was in the underground car park at Woden Plaza I thought to myself that such a thing as car park music should never have been invented.

It’s all part of a general slide into hardly ever encountering an environment devoid of “entertainment” (aka advertising opportunities)…

bubzie 1:29 pm 08 Sep 08

tuggeranong bus interchange keeps on playing classical music, during the day, if its to keep hoodlims out, they failed. epically..

And the car park in woden keeps on playing kelly clarkson, whenever i’m there..which is kinda weird.

(oh, and dont get me started about music in supermarkets..i work in one, and have heard enough spice girls, aqua, hanson, and hilary duff, to re-live my childhood..)

New Yeah 12:10 pm 08 Sep 08

The Woden bus interchange went through a phase of playing country music in the evenings. Not the good style, but vile old redneck stuff.

Recently I heard a Spice Girls double-play while in Civic Supabarn – it got me so pumped that I bought an extra set of scrunchies.

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