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johnboy 18 September 2008 14

[First filed: September 03, 2008 @ 16:59]

Brace yourselves.

From 10am until a dangerous “late” Canberra’s first ever craft beer festival is going to grace Olim’s Hotel on 20 September.

From their press release:

    breweries from all over Australia will be showcasing their Craft Beers alongside local gourmet food producers providing tastings to tantalize the most discerning of taste buds. With great prize giveaways and evening entertainment by the Choir Boys, the festival is set to be a highlight on Canberra’s calendar of events this Spring. All profits from ticket sales and a charity auction at the festival will go to support the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.

    The National Capital Craft Beer Festival is the realisation of a dream for Samara Fuss – Head Brewer at The Schwartz Brewery and Daniel Gaul of Olims Hotel – a huge supporter of the Craft Beer Industry. Samara is one of only a couple of female Brewers in Australia, and has a long string of awards and accomplishments to her name.

    Samara said ‘Overall we want to create an appreciation for the Australian Micro-Brewing Industry, and show that Craft Beer is anything but a passing fad. The industry has huge potential, which we believe will boost jobs and tourism all over Australia. The National Capital Craft Beer Festival is a great opportunity for people to discover new beer styles and tastes and increase their knowledge about beer, brewing techniques and the latest trends.’

    The Festival is being attended by some of Australia’s premier Craft Breweries. Schwartz Brewery, Little Creatures, Matilda bay, Lord Nelson, Barons Brewing Co, Coopers, Snowy Mountains, Zierholz Brewery, Prickly Moses and many more… Head Brewers from many of the Breweries will be attending to share their expertise in the field of Craft Beer Brewing.

For more info check out their website. Tickets from Olims reception or

UPDATED: To get you in the mood festival organisers have sent through the top ten tips for satisfying home brewing by Richard Adamson, the master brewer at Barons Brewing Co.

    1. Clean, Clean and Clean. Most homebrew suffers from wild yeast or bacterial infection. Make sure everything that touches the beer-in-progress has been cleaned and sterilized.

    2. What to clean with? The pink soap powder the supermarkets and homebrew store sell you are OK but sodium met (metabisulphate) is an anti-oxidant and won’t do the sterilizing job completely. Pick up some idophour to sterilize your equipment. If you clean with bleach rinse well. If you use any metal gear use caustic soda (follow safety instructions carefully) as bleach will react to copper alloys.

    3. Cut the sugar. Sugar is easily fermentable by yeast and will produce a thick beer. If you are still at the early stages of brewing with tin kits buy a some malt extract from our homebrew store.

    4. Fresh hops. The homebrew kits you buy have hop extract mixed in with the malt. This gives your bitter flavour in the beer but lacks the hop character and aroma that will see your beer really shine. Add some hop pellets into the mix. Your homebrew supplier can recommend the variety and how much to suit your taste.

    5. Add some colour. If you want to step your way from kits to full mash brewing one way to dip your toe into the process is by getting hold of some crystal or other colour malts and steep them in some hot water and mix this into your kit brew. This will give you some complexity in malt flavour and some greater control of the appearance of your beer.

    6. Mini Mash. Your homebrew store can get you set up with basic and cheap mashing gear that you can blend with your kit. It will give the elements of point 5, a better mouth feel to your beer and you can dispense with the malt extract. Best of all, its a lot of fun!

    7. Throw out the packet yeast. Pick up some liquid yeast and start to experience the huge variety of yeast strains available. Both Wyeast and White Labs produce yeast for the home brewer which is a mini version of what the big boys use. Your beer will have a better finish, mouth feel and you have much greater control over the end result.

    8. Go the whole hog . Once you have mastered mini-mashing and using liquid yeast it is time you got into full mash brewing. There is a wealth of knowledge on the web and equipment really isn’t that expensive. Making a beer will take longer but, this is a hobby, not just a way of cheating the tax man and getting some cheap swill. You will produce beer that is as good if not better than the commercial stuff (I’m doing myself out of a job here!) and take pride in the knowledge that you have made your pride and joy from scratch!

    9. Use a light hand. A lot of home brewers get excited about injecting new flavours into their creations. You and your mates will appreciate the final results much more if you don’t go overboard with the new hops, dark malt, alcohol content or whatever has taken your fancy this week.

    10. Clean, Clean and Clean. Worth stating again. Pull everything apart – taps, air locks, seals etc. This is the only way to guarantee your fantastic ingredients and brewing skill will impress and be enjoyed.

BONUS: Also the first two premium members to contact us will win a six-pack of Barons for themselves.


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14 Responses to The National Capital Craft Beer Festival
lumnock lumnock 11:31 am 18 Sep 08

only two days notice! 🙁

really sucks working weekends sometimes.

Jazz Jazz 11:59 am 18 Sep 08

lumnock said :

only two days notice! 🙁

really sucks working weekends sometimes.

Take a look at the original file date lumnock. we put it up on the 3rd of sept. Its also in our events calendar 😉

caf caf 1:02 pm 18 Sep 08

Walking distance away… score!

Crikey Crikey 2:42 pm 18 Sep 08

The idiot on the poster would put me off attending.

New Yeah New Yeah 3:03 pm 18 Sep 08

Crikey said :

The idiot on the poster would put me off attending.

He could also be the poster boy for the National Capital Dope Craft Festival.

Good to see someone trying to sell something with a bit of tie-dye. It’s been a while.

Overheard Overheard 5:51 pm 18 Sep 08

He wouldn’t even get into a folk festival.

“Not in that head-band, sunshine!”

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:04 pm 18 Sep 08

I wanna go!!!!


(I can’t though, have marking to do)

babyface babyface 10:18 pm 18 Sep 08

that poster is a papyrus based crime against the eyes

Jazz Jazz 9:43 am 19 Sep 08

you dont have to go all day nyssa.

S4anta S4anta 10:11 am 19 Sep 08

I would like to add to this that i was fortunate enough to attend a H.O.P.S. at the New Sydney Hotel down here in Hobart, and had the pleasure of meeting Richard “The Baron”
Adamson. Not only is he a top shelf bloke and one of the more approachable and amiable people I have net down to date he is a font of knowledge on all things beer. So go along, and dont forget to give the Lemon Myrtle drop a few kicks and there is also a wicked light “not the skim milk gay beer variety) stout, i think that was a ripper too.

shauno shauno 10:13 am 19 Sep 08

nyssa76 said :

I wanna go!!!!


(I can’t though, have marking to do)

Just do the marking after a few pints at the festival

Overheard Overheard 10:51 am 19 Sep 08

Or just do what my old man used to joke about: stand at the top of the stairs and fling all the papers down. Papers that land on the highest stairs are As or High Distinction, further down is a B or Distinction and down to the Fs.

Then head to beer craft…crafty beer…. whatever.

Spectra Spectra 10:53 pm 19 Sep 08

The idiot on the poster would put me off attending.
Seriously? One slightly quirky/stupid poster puts you off the idea of sampling a wide range of great beers? Your loss, man. All the more beer for the rest of us 😛

Hope to see some of you there (though I won’t know most of you from a bar of soap…although if you were kind enough to stand next to said soap, wearing a name badge, I could probably make an educated guess).

ant ant 11:40 pm 19 Sep 08

nyssa76 said :

I wanna go!!!!


(I can’t though, have marking to do)

Outsource the marking (especially if it’s English or similar). You’ll probably find a whole coven of highly literate (and literary) persons there swilling microbrews.

they oughta hold this thing outside, in a park or somewhere. The venue puts me off.

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