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The new parking vouchers now with a grey strip

By johnboy 7 August 2008 45

Last week we noted that a crack-down was to begin on people making their own parking tickets.

The vengeful arm of parking law was to be armed with a holographic strip. This was intended to put fake ticket manufacturing beyond the capacity of the average bubblejet printer.

Below are two pictures of the new tickets under different lighting conditions. I have to say when I first got it I thought it was just a grey strip.

But will the fraudsters chance their arm on the lighting conditions?

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
The new parking vouchers now with a grey strip
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johnboy 10:58 pm 12 Aug 08

here we go…

whdragon 10:52 pm 12 Aug 08

peterh said :

PBO said :

Deano said :

PBO said :

There has been a way to beat this for a few years and this new strip has actually made it easier from inspection of one of these tickets. I wont say how it is done but it should be blatently obvious.

Would it involve a pair of scissors and some glue?

OMG, the secret is out!

and just wait – someone will blow it up into an a4 sheet and advise that the parkies are D*ckheads, if they couldn’t see the ticket on the dash….

Since you don’t know the circumstances behind that insident you cannot comment on it, yes it’s funny looking at it at face value but if you knew the real story you’d be singing a different tune, the worst parking offenders are the ones that are supposed to be upholding the law, protecting us and leading by example, well guess what they’re not.

whdragon 10:21 pm 12 Aug 08

Holden Caulfield said :

I don’t care what the tickets look like I just want the wankers to synchronise the clocks on the ticket machines to something resembling normality. Always having the time 5-7 minutes fast must net quite a few otherwise innocent “customers” I dare say.


They are set that way to do the exact opposite, I’m sure there is something a little more important you could bitch about?

Davo111 2:59 am 10 Aug 08

blood_nut said :

this is a perfect example of the media encouraging me to do something i would not have otherwise considered.

+1, i reckon i could print off a weeks worth in 20-30min with the attached security seal.

ruhappynow 1:53 am 10 Aug 08

The more we fight against the system the more they will find ways to make us pay – just look at the parking systems in some Sydney councils – Sensors in the parking space know when you park, and when you have overstayed and summons the PI to book you. So, dumb ass scammers will make it even worse for us.

As for getting on up on the system I am all for culture jamming – like say finding out where all the bombers park their cars (if in paid parking of course) then find a way to dispose of their voucher (macgyver style, compressed air and a magnifying glass?) then have them all booked by each other lol (BTW would they be sacked if the refuse to book their own vehicle?)

A friend suggested electrifying his wiper blades (joking of course, a form of therapy when dealing with things we cannot change) but then googled the idea to find he’s far from the first.

Alternatively we could encourage the (Chaser) idea of more Citizens Infringement Officers.

I have only ever gotten five parking tickets in as many years, and yes, all were unlawful.

Good on you “””ozinaussie””” now all you have to do is send an invoice for your call costs logged in a diary plus the counseling sessions (probably in the dozens of pints). Although an envelope full of cash on your doorstep is a funny way to keep you quiet!

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