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The NY Post and the Australian Capital on Crikey

By johnboy 21 December 2005 10

The following interesting item was in today’s Crikey Daily for those of us nursing a Sydney cringe.

14. NY gossip king: Sydney is a world capital

The NY Post’s Page Six gossip column ran this item earlier in the week:

December 19, 2005 – BEST-selling writer Malcolm Gladwell identifies with New York Times fraudulist Jayson Blair. The other night, the “Blink” author was on stage at the Players Club as part of the trendy storytelling session known as the Moth. Gladwell admitted he once got a buzz after he wrote up an earnings report incorrectly as a cub reporter and the affected stock plummeted 10%. He also inserted the Australian capital, Sydney, into a story about where an annual AIDS conference might be held because he wanted to go there and thought no-one “would mind.” His hilarious performance at the Moth, with Harvey Keitel and Moby in attendance, climaxed with a manic description of his competition with another scribe to get the phrase “perverse but often baffling” into print — a feat he eventually achieved when writing about the economics of health care.

Which prompted Crikey subscriber Dean Galloway to send through a correction to Page Six editor Richard Johnson:

Hi there

Australia’s capital is Canberra. Sydney just thinks it’s the capital. BTW, isn’t your editor Australian?



And he received this reply:

From: Johnson, Richard []
Sent: Wednesday, 21 December 2005 2:51 AM
To: Dean Galloway
Subject: RE: Story error

sydney is a world capital, like New York.

What’s Your opinion?

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10 Responses to
The NY Post and the Australian Capital on Crikey
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midnitecalla 5:49 pm 24 Dec 05

we did Ralph its called Commonweath Avenue / Kings Avenue/ Sydney Harbour.

Also DC is a wonderful city , Nyork is rude arrogant and dirty just like Sydney!

Ralph 12:13 pm 22 Dec 05

Build a bridge people

Mr Evil 10:42 am 22 Dec 05

World Capital, Sydney = city where it isn’t safe to go to the beach anymore?

ssanta 10:27 am 22 Dec 05

Agreed. Richard Johnson is a very big tool. God bless him for contracting Americanitis so quickly.

Absent Diane 10:25 am 22 Dec 05

It is a world icon yes…. perhaps he meant world city as per wikipedia entry….

Chris 10:13 am 22 Dec 05

Lay off Sydney you lot! It’s got the most fabulous harbour in the world, the greatest shops, fine food – yes, Sydney IS a world city and we should be proud – according to a travel agent interviewed on radio, nobody overseas cancelled bookings to Sydney even after the Canucks and Brits issues travel warnings…
Canberra is to Sydney what Bonn is to Berlin, DC is to New York, Ankara is to Istanbul, Shanghai is to Beijing…the list goes on ! Viva world cities!

OpenYourMind 9:19 am 22 Dec 05

Wikipedia has no listing for World Capital.

It does have one for Global City

There is general consensus that Sydney is a ‘Global City’, but there is much dissent on what is or isn’t a Global City.

bulldog 9:01 am 22 Dec 05

World capital? What a pack of wankers, more so becasue they can’t admit they got it wrong in the first place. Fucking pretentious ignoramus wouldn’t know a capital if it bit him in the ass.

And on what grounds are Sydney and new York “world capitals”? On the grounds they have iconic architecture such as the opera house, harbour bridge. empire state, statue ofliberty etc? Well in that case I guess we’d have to put Goulburn in the world capital list – the big merino is just as impresive as all of the above.

Thumper 8:47 am 22 Dec 05

Mr Johnson is frankly, a tool….

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:06 pm 21 Dec 05

World Capital? World Capital???? Whoever heard of a world capital? Sydney is a large major city with an international airport, and it is a STATE capital. Until Sydney or New York invade a national capital they will remain as major cities with delusions of grandeur.

Maybe I’ve gone over the top, but if King Johnson couldn’t accept that he made a mistake then he deserves to be spammed with that message.

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