The Perth view of Ross Solly

johnboy 7 May 2009 16

The All Seeing Eye has picked up a Perth blogger apparently unhappy with the offerings of their own local ABC presenter Eoin Cameron. They’re even more unhappy with the repartee with Canberra’s own Ross Solly.

    If he’s winning ratings, Mugabe has to have a hand in the voting results. I had the misfortune to hear 10 minutes of the s***tiest radio I have heard in my life yesterday as Cameron yukked it up with some other moron from Canberra called Ross Sully[sic]. It was like two turds congratulating each other on their stench.

The rest of the language in the recapitulation of Solly/Cameron dialogue can’t be reproduced here. But if you have a taste for strong language and vitriol click through.


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16 Responses to The Perth view of Ross Solly
astrojax astrojax 8:12 pm 07 May 09

i second colourful identity’s vote for fran.

that said, in the car on the rare drives to work i listen to my local abc and don’t mind the solly git now and again. beats the pants off having to listen to f#ck’n ads, f’sure. at least abc deals with local issues; pretty much like the riot, eh?

hek62 hek62 7:51 pm 07 May 09

I cant stand Solley….I wish the ABC would can him and get someone better.

jakez jakez 4:34 pm 07 May 09

Back when I aspired to be a politician I decided that I should put my fingers on ‘the pulse of the people’. As such I decided to swtich from listening to a US Libertarian talk radio show in the morning to listening to Mike Jefferies/Ross Solly.

I quickly switched back.

Calwell Resident Calwell Resident 3:27 pm 07 May 09

Would rather cut my arm off with a plastic knife than listen to the new boy. It would be more interesting watching paint dry than listening to him. At least Mike Jefferys had opinions and would voice them.

Steady Eddie Steady Eddie 3:23 pm 07 May 09

Calwell Resident said :

I have recently had to move to ABC after the demise of Mike Jeffreys on 2CC. Better than listening to the new 2CC presenter.

You’ve dropped 2CC because they got rid of a rabid right winger and you’ve moved to the ABC, home of the rabid left wingers? Strange.

Calwell Resident Calwell Resident 2:31 pm 07 May 09

More like doubly doomed

gingermick gingermick 2:17 pm 07 May 09

Solly and Dolly. We are doubly blessed.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 1:15 pm 07 May 09

colourful sydney racing identity said :

the only option for morning radio is…Fran on Radio National

Or ABC Newsradio, the team always do good work I have found.

Calwell Resident Calwell Resident 12:58 pm 07 May 09

Is there some sort of Intelligence test that must be passed before having and posting an opinion.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 12:50 pm 07 May 09

the only option for morning radio is…Fran on Radio National

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 12:45 pm 07 May 09

Nothing is too trivial for Ross Solly.

Primal Primal 12:19 pm 07 May 09

An intellegent dissection of the shortcomings of the two men in question, that was not…

Calwell Resident Calwell Resident 12:10 pm 07 May 09

I have recently had to move to ABC after the demise of Mike Jeffreys on 2CC. Better than listening to the new 2CC presenter.

Anna Key Anna Key 11:56 am 07 May 09

We are limited for choice. The ad fests and idiots on FM aren’t much of an alternative. At least now the US election is well and truly over we don’t have to listen to the constant load of irrelevant garbage about some small US town and how they will vote.

But the US stuff aside, I don’t think Ross is too bad, although it is never on for long. At least the rural stuff seems to have improved beyond whingeing farmer blaming the government

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 11:14 am 07 May 09

Putting your own hands through a cheese grater has more appeal than listening to Ross Solly.

MsCheeky MsCheeky 9:49 am 07 May 09

Probably a bit harsh, but I do think he often descends into some very banal radio, and the descent isn’t too far, because he doesn’t start very high. He has done some truly atrocious interviews. David Kilby and Chris Ulhman (sp?) provided such fantastic breakfast radio – does it get any better? Nothing I’ve heard does.

I can’t remember the name of the guy before them, but I absolutely loathed him. Was it Mark Giffard? I used to have the clock radio tuned to him to ensure I’d get up just to turn him off. He used to annoy me awake. I’d listen to Solly, leavened by the excellent Tim Gavel, anytime over that idiot Giffard.

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