The Power of Riot Act

mojo filter 9 October 2007 8

The political power of Riot Act is demonstrated once again.  After growing steadily in size for more than 5 years with no attention from the Minister for Holes in the Road and Other Things the John Hargreaves memorial pothole appears on the Riot Act and is repaired in less than 2 months!  One suspects that it would have been quicker if it hadn’t taken him 2 months to find it ……..

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8 Responses to The Power of Riot Act
el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 8:57 pm 16 Oct 07

Masson St in Turner has some doozies…

cranky cranky 5:56 pm 16 Oct 07

What can I say? Hargreaves, you have excelled. Your pothole fillers have done a marvellous job on the pothole on Mugga Lane I noted in my previous post.

Thank you for such prompt attention. May the RiotAct be constantly well read by the authorities.

caf caf 4:02 pm 12 Oct 07

Maybe we should have a sticky “Potholes” thread like the “FAQ” thread.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:22 pm 12 Oct 07

Addendum to the above…Within two days of mentioning it on here it was filled. 🙂
Someone is watching, but it still won’t be enough to make me vote Hargreaves.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:44 am 10 Oct 07

There are all kinds of potholes around the place in dire need of fixing, why does this one get special love?
Or do we have do start naming all of them after John Hargreaves to get attention on them?

*has to dodge several mid-large ones driving to&from work*
Spraypainting the most common offender might get me arrested through, as its right outside the Tuggeranong police station. 🙁

cranky cranky 7:21 pm 09 Oct 07

Hargreaves old scout; You could task your underlings to check the condition of Mugga Lane between the tip and the recycle centre. There has been a bonejarrer over both lanes near the (lower) entrance to the methane plant for years.
My vote depends on it being fixed.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 6:49 pm 09 Oct 07

And some potholes that didn’t even exist have been filled as well – like the ones on the southbound lanes of the Monaro Highway between Duntroon and Fyshwick. The potholes at the (Monaro Hwy) end of Morsehead Dr that have been there possibly longer than the John Hargreaves memorial pothole would of been better to fix I would of thought.

There are also still plenty of potholes left to fill on Majura Rd, with more appearing daily. Might have to move some of the roadkill to get to them though.

philbert83au philbert83au 5:24 pm 09 Oct 07

Dare I say it, but to be fair, some of my most disliked potholes around the traps have been filled in over the last month. Perhaps the surplus has bought us some tar.

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