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The Return of the King… or, a dog to vomit.

By johnboy - 13 July 2008 74

Greetings one and all with the news that I am once again a Canberran. My Yowie plates are affixed and my radio is tuned to local frequencies.

RiotACT is going to have a go at having a paid full time editor and the team were nice enough to offer me the job.

For those of you who are new to the site, and haven’t met me before, my name is John Griffiths and I ran RiotACT in my spare time from November 2000 to May 2007.

I’ve been living for the last year in Gerroa, a town of about 300 people overlooking Seven Mile Beach and working a variety of journalism and PR gigs. But you can’t run the Riot by remote control so here I am again.

I’m very keen to get submissions from people looking to write regular features and really want to get any interesting/funny photographs of things you might bump into out and about. Email them to . Or join the RiotACT facebook group (in the Australia network) to say hello.

Other than that if you like the site with the amenity of a full time editor then I suggest you get recommending us to potential advertisers. That or make use of the “donate” button on the right hand side of the page (down a bit).

That’s all for now, there will be some minor changes over the coming weeks but we can address them as we go. The plan is to have more original writing and reporting, and a bit more polish, without disrupting any of you too much.

I’d say it’s nice to be back, but that’s freaking SNOW on them hills. Brrrrrrrr.

What’s Your opinion?

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74 Responses to
The Return of the King… or, a dog to vomit.
Mælinar 8:47 pm 13 Jul 08

A pissup is in order.

grundy 8:38 pm 13 Jul 08

Good to see you back JB.

Perfect timing too, the Riot really needs you!

TAD 8:28 pm 13 Jul 08

Welcome home JB, all is forgiven.

Danman 8:14 pm 13 Jul 08

(Insert Slim Shady Bassline)

Guess who’s back?
Back again ?
JB’s back,
Tell a friend,
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back…

Vic Bitterman 7:51 pm 13 Jul 08

You’ve been away so long Johnboy that you forgot they are called Yogie plates and not Yowie plates 🙂

AussieGal83 7:43 pm 13 Jul 08

Welcome Home

Thumper 7:33 pm 13 Jul 08

Welcome back chief…

Pesty 7:28 pm 13 Jul 08

No idea who the hell you are, but you seem pretty popular! So i guess, welcome back! And, yes! there is snow on them there hills, I just got back from Thredbo, and if you had a camera (not to mention a microphone)Me & the Mrs tackling the ruddy snowchain fitting on the side of the road with no previous knowledge would have provided all the humour you needed to get you going again!

johnboy 7:20 pm 13 Jul 08

Ari said :

I bought you that lovely filigree candle holder as a goodbye present and now you’re back again?

I recall a pint of beer… but not a candle holder.

Happy to return the beer sometime though.

Swaggie 6:46 pm 13 Jul 08

JB’s back? Reaches for seatbelt..straps in tight..

Ari 6:35 pm 13 Jul 08

Bloody hell,

I bought you that lovely filigree candle holder as a goodbye present and now you’re back again?

Sweet Jesus, it’s about time.

SamTSeppo 6:17 pm 13 Jul 08

Things are about to get interesting around here.

I-filed 6:01 pm 13 Jul 08

Welcome back! I never noticed the donate button. Don’t be bashful – make it more prominent. Maybe call it a noncompulsory subscription? Posts have been a bit random timing-wise since you left, and lots of hot issues never surfaced. but the folksiness of the RA has made it still worth checking in.

cranky 5:57 pm 13 Jul 08

Welcome back – and may you have a large Field Marshall’s baton in your kit.

Mr_Shab 5:55 pm 13 Jul 08

Good to have you back JB. You’ve been missed.

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