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By Redsun - 27 January 2011 42

A subscriber to THE-RIOTACT.COM website has made some very unfavourable comments about Redsun and Blacksun Rehearsal Studios. Other people using this forum had asked this user to explain why they should “stay away” from our business. He did not follow this thread up with any response. It might help to point out that  this individual is regularly slapped in THE-RIOTACT.COM forums by other users for inappropriate comment.

Redsun management has contacted THE-RIOTACT.COM administration and asked politely if the comment could please be deleted. The response from the RIOTACT management is as follows:


We’ll ask the user what they think, but we take a very dim view of unfounded pseudo legal threats and suggest you don’t use words like slander if you don’t know what they mean.

Regards, John

This smug, curtly composed letter (singing of apparent veiled threats and pseudo legal recourse) seems to be the very best that THE-RIOTACT.COM management has to offer.. We have made no threats whatsoever in regards to legal action ever! Not to mention to suggest that I have no grasp of the English language and could not possibly know what slander means.

After these letters was a phone call between John and myself in which John Griffiths got extremely upset and REFUSED to delete the post, singing out again about legal this and legal that…. with ZERO regard for a struggling Canberra business.

We have been providing this service to the Canberra bands for many years. What many people may not know is that we do not make substantive profit from these businesses and as such consider it a service to the bands of Canberra and appreciate any assistance we can get.

We are asking THE-RIOTACT.COM to consider possible affect this comment may have on a small but highly necessary business like ours in the Canberra region and to do the right thing and have it removed.

We love and support all of the bands in Canberra and we plan to continue to provide rehearsal space to this amazing industry for many years to come.

This is a call out to ALL Canberra bands. Go to the THE-RIOTACT.COM website ( ) and log in as a user (it’s free and very simple) Go to this address ( ) and leave your comment and support for Blacksun and Redsun and your disgust in THE-RIOTACT.COM management for not making an informed decision to remove the old thread.


Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Redsun and Blacksun Management.

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42 Responses to
PBO 12:11 pm 27 Jan 11

Redsun said :

johnboy said :

well that’s one way to draw attention to yourself.

You think you’re so f***ing smart and funny don’t you John…

Well he does have a website.

Ian 12:09 pm 27 Jan 11

Redsun – I really think you need to rethink your strategy with this. All you’ve done here is draw attention to one person’s opinion from more than 6 months ago, and made a big deal of something that was basically dead and buried. Or are you getting feedback from potential customers that they are wary of using you because of that comment?

Now I’m curious to know why Jim Jones thinks Redsun and Blacksun Studios should be avoided like the plague.

John Moulis 12:04 pm 27 Jan 11

I think I’ll be the first to use the C word regarding these people. No, not that one but another far worse word – “censorship”.

Skidbladnir 12:01 pm 27 Jan 11

I’m guessing you just discovered the earlier thread’s google rank. 🙂

Using the free services of the same free service provider you’re complaining about to gather publicity for negative customer reviews (and launch an attack on the people publishing them) is a confusing step, but I guess you’re hoping the Streisand Effect will play out differently, just this once, just for you?

Jim Jones: 3:29 pm, 26 May 10
…Whatever you do, stay well away from Red Sun/Black Sun.

NathanielB: 6:03 pm, 03 Sep 10
…We used Redsun last night and was happy with the facilities though seeing it was after work we didn’t use anywhere close to the 4-hour session you pay for….

From the FAQ
You said something really horrible about me! What can I do about it?
You can email us a reply to what has been said; we will run it with equal prominence to the original story. Or you can email us ( ) and ask us to amend it, or take it down and explain why we should. If you make a cogent argument we might agree, but then again we might not. depending on our mood at the time. Be warned however that we do not respond well to frivolous legal threats and will quite likely publish them. In any case, register and submit a comment of your own rebutting the original comment.

PS: Randomly capitalising parts of sentences makes you look like a NUTCASE.

harley 11:57 am 27 Jan 11

It’s all part of the reptoid conspiracy.

capn_pugwash 11:53 am 27 Jan 11

…and as you’ve just demonstrated – it is a forum for free speech… jackass

capn_pugwash 11:48 am 27 Jan 11

whatever… what you fail to realise is that riotact readers are smart enough to take things with a grain of salt… all you needed to do was comment on the original post to say that you had attempted to resolve any issues. He’s our overlord and we like it that way…. beat it.

niftydog 11:44 am 27 Jan 11

Jim Jones’ comment was very innocuous – to call his 9 words “some very unfavourable comments” is stretching it just a tad, don’t ya think?

Why would you do more damage by exhuming the 6 MONTH OLD corpse, throwing a tanty and then making it public!? Completely bizarre.

Postalgeek 11:38 am 27 Jan 11

There’s an old saying that goes “let sleeping dogs lie”.

The thread died in the arse back in May. There’s a small negative comment followed by a call for an explanation, a promo comment and a positive comment. Ten replies. Six of them had nothing to do with Redsun/Blacksun. Only one was negative.

Now you’ve gone and dug up the negative comment, highlighting it using lots of colourful markers, drawn lots of arrows pointing to it, marked its position with big bold neon signs, along with a few fireworks, and quite possibly you’ve flown in Kylie Minogue to do a special concert to commemorate it.

Forgive me if it leaves me questioning your business sense.

weaponx 11:35 am 27 Jan 11

lmao what a silly move by Redsun making this post, I had never heard anything bad about them till now, haha now when I think Redsun I think of a sad little agency that gets upset over forum posts rather than letting their reputation right itself through quality business, why should Johnboy have any regard for your business? Wouldn’t that be censorship?

Mystery2Me 11:33 am 27 Jan 11

If every “unwarranted, unproven and unneccesary inappropriate comment” was removed from riotact there wouldn’t be much left.

Thanks Redsun for pointing me to a comment in a post that I otherwise wouldn’t have read.

Redsun 11:33 am 27 Jan 11

johnboy said :

well that’s one way to draw attention to yourself.

You think you’re so f***ing smart and funny don’t you John…

far_northact 11:31 am 27 Jan 11

If individuals can’t express whether they like/don’t like businesses, places etc- what would be the point of RiotACT? If the business has a good reputation, then ONE comment is hardly going to affect a business.

Jim Jones 11:11 am 27 Jan 11

A business that conducts itself via bullying, tantrums and childish threats. Not exactly the greatest recommendation, is it?

I’ve been part of the Canberra music scene for a long, long time, and I will continue to avoid Redsun and Blacksun Studios like the plague (and advise others others to do the same).

johnboy 11:02 am 27 Jan 11

well that’s one way to draw attention to yourself.

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