The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 5: The Kebab

johnboy 13 January 2007 20

In our ongoing efforts to educate young rioters with the skills necessary to ward off scurvy while maximising their drinking budget in the new year please let me present an essential part of any young single’s diet:

Yes, it’s the kebab. This one comes from the Lyneham Pide Hut where they make the bread themselves.

This complete meal at a low, low price is an essential part of survival for the young single on the go, for all the occasional risk of an upset tummy.

A word of advice, find a nearby kebab joint you like and stick with it. You want to be able to walk in and nod behind the counter to get your meal in seconds flat even when there’s a large crowd of moronic first timers standing around the till mis-pronouncing the menu and debating the merits of every item with the long suffering staff.

For the vegetarians and the squeamish there’s always the felafel option

BTW, we did pay for the kebab.

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20 Responses to The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 5: The Kebab
Thumper Thumper 1:07 pm 15 Jan 07

Ahhh, Humble Pie, Steve Marriot, Peter fucking Frampton, and some other guys.

Inexplicably successful, but sincerely woeful. Marriot should have never left the Small Faces.

terubo terubo 1:03 pm 15 Jan 07

I am forever eating humble pie, Thumper!

Thumper Thumper 1:00 pm 15 Jan 07

I reckon the next food hint should be the humble pie, mashed potatoes and peas.

caf caf 10:38 am 15 Jan 07

I second the Kismet recommendation (they have a shop in Kingston too, next to Filthys), but I’m not too proud to go to ali baba.

Kerces Kerces 6:25 pm 14 Jan 07

I’ve always found Ali Baba’s kebabs sufficient. One time I got served by a trainee who was very stingy with the salads and someone came to look over what she was doing and told off for not piling it on.

And the one kebab I ever had from the UC refec was badly wrapped and exploded all over the desk while I was trying to chair a meeting. Highly embarrassing and I eventually just gave up on it.

Jey Jey 3:48 pm 14 Jan 07

The ones at the UC Refectory were quite good. Haven’t had one for a while though, so don’t know how they are now.

dez dez 2:53 pm 14 Jan 07

I cant count the amount of times i’ve gotten a case of the shits from a dodgy Kebab, its never stopped me

johnboy johnboy 2:16 pm 14 Jan 07

I walked into the wrong kebab shop once in London… (across the road from the pub, two of them side by side, one excellent, the other, well…)

Ended up with dysentery.

Having said that, if not for being blind drunk at the time it was obvious the shop was dodgy. Never seen anything that bad in Canberra and I don’t honestly think a well run kebab shop is any more or less dangerous than anytime you let other people cook for you.

ross69 ross69 1:06 pm 14 Jan 07

I’ve never known anybody to get food poisoning off a kebab and that’s with living in a suburb with 3 kebab shops on every street(in the town centre). Now chinese food is a different story.

Danman Danman 12:50 pm 14 Jan 07

Crossing the road is unsafe – driving a car is unsafe – hell walking out your front door to the bug bad world is unsafe – live a little – have a kebab.

Food poisoning is an evolutionary equaliser

J Dawg J Dawg 12:03 pm 14 Jan 07

doner kebabs are unsafe to eat. too many avenues for food poisoniing.

Half the fun of eating them is risking food poisoning

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:50 am 14 Jan 07

Damn, that looks good.

johnboy johnboy 11:04 pm 13 Jan 07

everyone is a moronic first-timer at some stage or another, John-boy!

Some of them handle it with grace and an understanding of their own ignorance.

Then there are the rest.

lumnock lumnock 10:33 pm 13 Jan 07

$20 for anyone who delivers me one of those kebabs in the top pic right now.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:56 pm 13 Jan 07

Reluctant as I am to criticise my former countrymen, this is the only dish you can buy that looks the same both before, and after, eating it. The first picture proves this.

Gentleman Farmer Gentleman Farmer 8:52 pm 13 Jan 07

Kismet in Manuka is ace.

I will never buy anything from Ali Baba again, they nearly always have the worst lettuce (all the white bits) and they give you a stingy 3 half-slices of unripe tomato. It’s the Maccas of kebabs.

bonfire bonfire 8:51 pm 13 Jan 07

its easier to make your own souvlakia at home.

doner kebabs are unsafe to eat. too many avenues for food poisoniing.

luca luca 7:56 pm 13 Jan 07

everyone is a moronic first-timer at some stage or another, John-boy!

dez dez 5:13 pm 13 Jan 07

Bypass Ali Baba, I went to dickson the other day
– it was a poor excuse of a kebab
** stars

dez dez 5:10 pm 13 Jan 07

oh man I used to live on those things, two a day everyday all through uni, chicken for lunch, beef for dinner, and my health has never been as good as what it was back then

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