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The Smokers Sad Demise

By ixnay_on_the_illpay - 14 November 2005 57

This may seem petty and insignificant to some, but this morning my routine has been slightly displaced by the anti-smoking fascists. The bins/ashtrays at the entrances at Woden Plaza have all been removed.

I assume this has been prompted by overly concerned moral crusaders who have taken offence to the waft of smoke that hangs around the poor freezing addicts who have been vainly seeking shelter from the elements by the ashtrays at the entrances to the non-smoking paradise that is the Plaza.

This all makes sense to some extent, but where do I put my cigarette butts. Just because you take away the ashtrays doesn’t mean the smokers disappear. Now they just make more mess. Keep an eye out for suspiciously large piles of butts by the automatic doors next time you’re in Woden.

Has this happened elsewhere… just one more slow and measured step towards our final and social death (pre-empting the slower debilitating hold of lung disease).

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
The Smokers Sad Demise
Thumper 3:44 pm 14 Nov 05

I fail to see why, when this was discussed last time, people critised smokers for dropping butts everywhere, and yet now we see ashtrays being removed.

Seriously, you can’t have it both ways sunshine.

And surely they could have simply moved the ashtrays away from the doors? or is that too easy. Or maybe that doesn’t hold any creedance in the world of anti smoking fascists.

Hey, some people smoke. We’re actually pretty understanding of non smokers, and bloody tolerent to put up with all the shit.

get over it.

Cameron 3:34 pm 14 Nov 05

I also fail to see how 60-70% of the population can be described as the vocal minority.

Cameron 3:18 pm 14 Nov 05

Just as non-smokers should whinge about something more important (though I would consider a personal health issue of relative importance) than second hand smoke inhalation, smokers should whinge about something more important than having their ashtrays taken away.

Absent Diane 3:16 pm 14 Nov 05

Religion is the biggest health hazard there is to us

Mr Evil 1:45 pm 14 Nov 05

I think smokers are the least of our worries for the health system of the future; it’s the burger, donut, all-you-can-eat menu and coke guzzling crowd that are the next big worry.

Maelinar 1:26 pm 14 Nov 05

nyssa76, they’re working on adequate hospital care by virtue of smokers not clogging up the hospitals in their later years because they have failed to take heed of all the warnings and still expect the health system to prop them up for ‘quality of life’.

Save it tool.

Maelinar 1:22 pm 14 Nov 05

It’s not really that subjective, given that there is a health hazard attached to 2ndary smoke.

So the positive for the anti-smokers is they don’t have to go through a cloud of smoke when they enter a shopping mall, and the positive for the smokers is they primarily don’t have the secondary smoke inhallation causing lung disease in innocent people on their conscience, and secondarily they won’t get bothered while smoking where they do manage to wind up because the non-smokers won’t have a need to go through there.

I suspect however that the non-smoking rule in that particular area is for the cafe that is right there, as it would have been affecting their OH&S compliance. (a designated smoking area needs to have an area of equal size designated non-smoking, and smokers walking by would affect the amount of tables they can designate smoking by virtue of their secondary smoke output)

nyssa76 1:20 pm 14 Nov 05

LMAO, good call Mr. Evil.

Personally, I think that the “do-gooders” just want to bitch about something….here’s a thought, why don’t they bitch about serious issues i.e. mental health, state of our schools and their resources, adequate hospital care.

Oh that’s right, it’s in the “too hard” basket.

Mr Evil 12:57 pm 14 Nov 05

Maybe they’ve been moved to make way for the light rail?

ixnay_on_the_illpay 12:45 pm 14 Nov 05

Camel, a positive result is a subjective thing…

ixnay_on_the_illpay 12:44 pm 14 Nov 05

I wondered how much it actually cost to move the bins vs the mental anguish fo listening to a whinging vocal minority (maybe majority, but I’m guessing just a few well to doers with bugs up their arse)

Cameron 12:26 pm 14 Nov 05

I guess they already pay cleaners to empty the bins. Sweeping them off the floor probably won’t matter. If the end result is that fewer people smoke there, then that’s a positive result.

Thumper 11:27 am 14 Nov 05

hehehe.. Camels stealing ashtrays.

you just can’t trust ’em….

colsim 11:05 am 14 Nov 05

oooh, a smoking post – I heard it was the camel’s fault.

Thumper 10:57 am 14 Nov 05

And so now you will see people complaining about the amounts of butts on the ground…

Devil and deep Blue….

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