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The Smokers Sad Demise

By ixnay_on_the_illpay 14 November 2005 57

This may seem petty and insignificant to some, but this morning my routine has been slightly displaced by the anti-smoking fascists. The bins/ashtrays at the entrances at Woden Plaza have all been removed.

I assume this has been prompted by overly concerned moral crusaders who have taken offence to the waft of smoke that hangs around the poor freezing addicts who have been vainly seeking shelter from the elements by the ashtrays at the entrances to the non-smoking paradise that is the Plaza.

This all makes sense to some extent, but where do I put my cigarette butts. Just because you take away the ashtrays doesn’t mean the smokers disappear. Now they just make more mess. Keep an eye out for suspiciously large piles of butts by the automatic doors next time you’re in Woden.

Has this happened elsewhere… just one more slow and measured step towards our final and social death (pre-empting the slower debilitating hold of lung disease).

What’s Your opinion?

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The Smokers Sad Demise
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nyssa76 8:40 pm 15 Nov 05

gingermick – PJ’s.

What are you smoking to be such a tool?

vg 7:26 pm 15 Nov 05

Same entrance today. Same people making the effort to walk the 15m to the bin.

Same question as to what the original point of this thread was

gingermick 7:22 pm 15 Nov 05

ADFA puke, nys? What the hell are you smoking?

Absent Diane 4:32 pm 15 Nov 05

dammit…. my laziness has always been so effective in the past….

Maelinar 4:16 pm 15 Nov 05

I won’t grant you the luxury of googling the information for you.


Absent Diane 4:07 pm 15 Nov 05

Possibly only because a ciggarette is easier to conceal…. but I really think that more innocent bystanders suffer due to alcohol abuse than passive smoking…. as a point of interest are there stats out there on people who develop lung cancer in the same vein as smokers due to passive smoke…..

Maelinar 4:00 pm 15 Nov 05

Let’s not cloud this conversation with misinformation regarding another hey ?

Alcohol has it’s place, and it’s being worked upon as well. As it’s an individual based drug (I can’t catch alcoholism, or get drunk by watching you drink), it doesn’t have the same priority as tobacco related products.

It will have it’s turn, although, that said, I’m sure if you walked into Woden Plaza with an open longneck in your hands, security would pay you much more attention than if you still had a lit cigarette.

Absent Diane 3:49 pm 15 Nov 05

Shame on alcoholics who abuse (physically or verbally) people they care about, cause their families grief and kill people in car accidents… lets ban piss as well!!!

Thumper 3:05 pm 15 Nov 05

Chalker, indeed it was. But its still something I do….

Chalker 3:01 pm 15 Nov 05

I would imagine that the army training was not out of concern for the environment, but out of a tactical concern of not revealing your presence to the enemy.
Regardless, well done to those smokers who make the effort not to affect others with their habit. Shame on those individual smokers who give those considerate smokers a bad name. (ooh, I used the shame word… I feel very Deryn Hinch… shudder).

Spitfire3 1:24 pm 15 Nov 05

Good on you both, Thumper and LG. I applaud the smokers who can recognise and respect the reasonable boundaries of their own rights and those of non-smokers.

RandomGit, I seem to remember bonfire being of the strong opinion that dropping cigarette butts is not littering (please forgive me if my memory has failed me on this occasion). That’s just stupid.

Thumper 11:42 am 15 Nov 05

And in the Army we used to have to put the butts in our boot when out bush, or at Kapooka, in your pocket!

I still put my butts in my boot when out on SES ops.

LurkerGal 11:30 am 15 Nov 05

Vic: As ex RAAF, I OFTEN put it in my pocket. When you go through training, you have to do it. After smoke break the smokers have to show their butt, then put in their pocket. At least, you did in the late 80s early 90s anyway.

RandomGit 9:43 am 15 Nov 05

There is only one valid opinion in this smoking debate, but bonfire hasn’t posted it yet. *harumph*

I’m a fan of the ‘make yourself foul and kill yourself slowly -over there-‘ brigade.

Cameron 9:20 am 15 Nov 05

Well put Maelinar.

Maelinar 9:00 am 15 Nov 05

From what I just read I can hardly believe some of the RA posters here have the knowledge to be able to connect to the internet and post.

How, in this day and age, can you still stand up and say that smoking statistics are flawed ?

How, in this day and age, can you still stand up and say that the hospital bills of smoking related complications are covered by the tax on cigarettes ?

How, in this day and age, can you still stand up and say that secondary smoke doesn’t affect other people ?

I’ve got one word to say to you – Denial, you’re in it.

Regardless, you’ve been moved on, so be like an indian and go build a casino.

nyssa76 9:55 pm 14 Nov 05

vg, I’ve already stated that I don’t smoke near people – can’t you get the msg?

I don’t mind walking 15m away to smoke. I do mind that there are no butt bins and I have to walk back to the door – which I have tried to avoid when smoking.

gingermick, please don’t tell me your an ADFA puke? Or are you just an idiot who is sleep deprived? Says it all really.

gingermick 9:15 pm 14 Nov 05

Quite right, nys. Way past my bedtime. Unfortunately, I have to go on shift at 2300hrs at Chisholm Ross, and it’s a bit of a drive. So, TTFN.

vg 9:04 pm 14 Nov 05

You’ve lost me. Walk 15m to the garbage bin. Stub the cigarette out properly on the stainless steel rim provided and, once its extinguished, throw the butt in the bin. It ain’t rocket science.

Plaza management has obviously reacted complaints to move smokers away from the doors. Not only does it make it health and safety compliant but its good business sense.

Then again you could smoke when and where you liked if you took the portable ashtray idea on board, again not rocket science.

I take offence to the coronary care that people who dont have self inflicted injuries (i.e. non-smokers) are deprived of because of the lifelong smokers that clog the system. Maybe an extreme view but I’ll wear it.

Deprivation of liberty issues relate to people like Gitmo inmates, not to the most villified individuals on the planet, smokers. I enjoy the occasional cigar or ciggie after a few ‘sherbets’ and I make sure that what I do doesnt offend anyone around me, and I dispose of the butt properly. Its not hard, just move your lazy bum the 15m and stop whingeing

nyssa76 8:52 pm 14 Nov 05

gingermick, grow the fuck up. You must be 12yo. I think it’s past your bed time little man.

Again, it’s nyssa76. Idiot.

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