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The sod, turned! in Casey!

By johnboy - 3 June 2009 34

With Cleverclogs sending in a photo I felt inspired to pass on the Chiefly One’s enthusiasm for the new suburb of Casey. He can be seen here starting work for it with his shiny shovel.

The great enthusiasm for Casey is that 22% of the blocks are considered to be “affordable” as opposed to the mandated 15%.

    “Casey is a further sign of the success of the ACT Government’s expanded land release program and our efforts to target affordable housing.”

So there you go.

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34 Responses to
The sod, turned! in Casey!
screaming banshee 2:11 pm 03 Jun 09

niftydog said :

I think you’ve misunderstood the motivation behind some of the comments.

Nope nice and clear, some people clearly expect that the government should significantly subsidise the cost of buying a house.

I want an Audi, why should I make do with a Toyota. I’ll just have to whinge and moan to the government so they implement a First Audi Owners Grant, drop the stamp duty and then whinge some more when they tell me I can afford an A3 when what I really want is an A8.

niftydog 1:39 pm 03 Jun 09

screaming banshee said :

Oh, and suck it up princesses…

Hmm, how original.

screaming banshee said :

Why is it people go through life expecting everything to be laid out for them without having to do any hard work.

I think you’ve misunderstood the motivation behind some of the comments.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:34 pm 03 Jun 09

You could always buy a cheap place in Yass, Goulburn, Cooma or Braidwood and enjoy a similar commute to many Sydneysiders. It’s all about the choices.

screaming banshee 1:32 pm 03 Jun 09

How about a partially renovated 3 bedder for $49K

Not in canberra obviously but you are choosing to live here with our, as you say, unnafordable housing.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 1:30 pm 03 Jun 09

Not if you buy a house and land package. Then YOU get to choose the size and shape of the house.

ant 1:14 pm 03 Jun 09

Trouble is, whatever size blocks they release, the developers will fill them with the largest and most expensive edifice they can get away with. The concept of modest little houses on small blocks doesn’t compute when some man wants to make money. This “marketplace” stuff works real well so long as you’re rich, but for those who aren’t, it’s led to a situation where the average income will not allow you to have a home. The government needs to re-assume control, and *responsibility*.

screaming banshee 1:09 pm 03 Jun 09

– introducing over-the-counter land sales at a range of block sizes and prices,
particularly focusing on the release of land priced between $60,000-$120,000, thereby
allowing home buyers to establish dwellings in the range of $200,000-$300,000.
How will the Government ensure the land is affordable?

To ensure ongoing access to affordable housing, the Government will require that at least
15 per cent of blocks are priced in the $60,000-$120,000 price range. It will achieve this
by introducing a range of block sizes, rather than by cross-subsidising the affordable
blocks through ‘inclusionary zoning’.

found here –

You can also read about it here –

Oh, and suck it up princesses, you could be in any other large city where there is significantly less land to be released.

Why is it people go through life expecting everything to be laid out for them without having to do any hard work.

Gungahlin Al 1:01 pm 03 Jun 09

It’s fair for people to equate affordable with small. Up until recently the government was releasing so-called Moderate Income Blocks, reserved from the ballot process for people of more modest means. But when I did some calculations on costsize, it was a straight line relationship. It was just a farce of saying in essence that if you aren’t rolling in it, then you can have a yard for your kids.

And so it has continued with the current methods – just an excuse for producing ever-shrinking block sizes, and then being able to turn around and claim “the market” is demanding smaller blocks.

Hog. Wash.

TP 3000 1:00 pm 03 Jun 09

I am wondering when this picture was taken? As in some time back in April I drove on the already opened roads in Casey & the bus stops had already been painted on the road.

ant 12:40 pm 03 Jun 09

What do they mean by “affordable”? Under half a million dollars? Affordable on a single income (yeah, right, not). Probably the former.

I wish the gov’t would re-assume control of specific projects like this, and hold a competition or something for aspiring designers to come up with clever and environmental and attractive and AFFORDABLE dwellings for people, rather than commercial developers feathering their own nests and building monsters on tiny blocks.

screaming banshee 12:38 pm 03 Jun 09

I cant see where stanhope is being turned?

Gobbo 12:31 pm 03 Jun 09

The sod, turned.

Was he facing the other way at some point?

niftydog 12:30 pm 03 Jun 09

So, what, “affordable” = small?

I’m sure the developer took a lot of convincing to allocate 22% to “affordable” housing. What an altruistic gesture! Congratulations indeed.

Woody Mann-Caruso 12:26 pm 03 Jun 09

In other news, the garden gnome community was outraged today by the theft of one of its tiny shovels.

Gungahlin Al 12:01 pm 03 Jun 09

I was surprised that the construction for duplication of a large chunk of Flemington Road between Harrison and Franklin started last week with nary a whiff of a pollie sod turning.

Certain media advisers missing some obvious op ops.

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