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The Steve Nogas incident at Summernats

By johnboy - 9 January 2012 56

Blownhemi has posted this gem to YouTube with this note of explanation:

Okay guys, this is a very controversial topic. Here’s the unedited footage of the Steve Nogas incident.

What seems to have happened is that the driver Steve Nogas was told he was disqualified for reason stemming back to his qualifying burnout (disobeying a fire mashal), he forced his car through a group of officials and on to the track, and after the burnout he was escorted from the track and his car towed away.

Could have been handled a little better from both sides, but forcing your way on to the track is definitely the wrong way to go.

I’ve posted this video to provide a little clarity to the incident.

UPDATE: Steve’s facebook page informs he’s the CEO of Kristal Limousines.

There also appear to be Steve Nogas support groups proliferating.


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56 Responses to
The Steve Nogas incident at Summernats
Sgt.Bungers 8:47 am 10 Jan 12

The scariest thing about this incident was the display of having absolutely no concept of how dangerous it is to use a 1+ tonne machine to force your way through a group of people.

A life ban from Summernats, as well as an “assault with a deadly weapon” charge should be on the table.

poetix 8:36 am 10 Jan 12

Well, that was five minutes of government subsidy well spent…

steveu 7:42 am 10 Jan 12

It wasnt handled well. What impressed me was the footage – pretty good effort, Im presuming from a amateur in the crowd.

southernyassfella 7:02 am 10 Jan 12

p1 said :

I’d be interested to the the vid from the camera on the roof.

Don’t know about the cam footage for this round itself, but here is the link to the qualifying round….

Devil_n_Disquiz 6:52 am 10 Jan 12

Some more info about this including a response from Mr Nogas.

KB1971 6:46 am 10 Jan 12

Yup, he has been banned for life. He apologised on his FB page yesterday & asked if he could negotiate his return.

See how hardline the organisers are I guess but regardless of the circumstance there is no excuse for pushing past the marshals & nearly running them over. It could have been so much worse.

Ozi 5:25 am 10 Jan 12

What a wanker. Deserves a life ban: can’t see anything overly wrong with what security did and his juvenile burnout-fuelled tantrum shows that he certainly doesn’t do the Summernats cause any favours.

WhyTheLongFace 1:05 am 10 Jan 12

What a great event. Surely the government can provide even more funding for this amazing ‘fun for the whole family’ event. All class!

gooterz 12:34 am 10 Jan 12

What a tosser!

MWF 11:51 pm 09 Jan 12

Oh my.

It’s all so “family friendly”.

troll-sniffer 11:36 pm 09 Jan 12

OK Summernats fans… here’s a quiz for yez (you get twenty chances to get it right by the way)…

Guess who won’t be allowed back in to Summernats, ever?

matt31221 10:45 pm 09 Jan 12

The official kicking Steve’s car @ 1:04 then almost assaulting Steve @ 3:07 seems to be walking a fine line.

Henry82 10:04 pm 09 Jan 12

Revving your car like you’re going to mow someone down is unacceptable. So he disobeyed a fire-marshal, event staff, and security, serves him right imo. Having said that, the security guard who approached the scene after the burnout didn’t handle the situation appropriately either. I hope it’s worth the lifetime(?) ban

p1 9:38 pm 09 Jan 12

I’d be interested to the the vid from the camera on the roof.

Is Nogas his given name, or did he change it to better represent the worlds gasoline reserves after he drives it for a few minutes?

damien haas 9:37 pm 09 Jan 12

Im told that he wasnt informed that he had been disqualified until his car made it to the start of the burnout pad, after sitting in the queue of other cars for at least an hour.

Neither side has handled this well.

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