The surprise ACTION fare rise?

johnboy 2 July 2009 117

In the debate yesterday on rises to parking fees around town (ostensibly, at least in part, to make buses more attractive) Dommie raised an interesting point that this non-bus user had missed:

    #31 posted by dommie
    22:38, 1 Jul 2009

    Bus Fares went up 80c in one day!! I don’t get to watch the news very often and usually don’t pay much attention to the local stuff on tv. When I called the wonderful people on the ACTION helpdesk to enquire how this fare rise had been advertised there was no mention of any written print ads or posters. This was a complete surprise to me … yeah maybe I should get my head out of the sand but … when you stumble out of the house at 7.15am with three kids in tow with your cash in hand (and your paying daughters in hers), the last thing you want the bus driver to do is to look at you and say “your $1.20 short love, fares went up”. Communication in Government is abysmal at the best of times because they’re scared of wasting taxpayers money on advertising that won’t be appreciated. But this is something that affects many of the most vulnerable .. how many people were turned away from buses today because they didn’t have the right money?

    Come on ACTION communicate with your clientele.

So a hefty hike in the fares. Were bus users aware it was coming? One would think signs would have been up on buses a month in advance?

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117 Responses to The surprise ACTION fare rise?
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phototext phototext 2:52 pm 02 Jul 09

“If you don’t like the prices then don’t catch a bus. Simple.”

Yep, I’ll just use my magic carpet to get to work. Simple.

FC FC 2:47 pm 02 Jul 09

Mike Bessenger said :

Thumper said :

If you don’t like the prices then don’t catch a bus. Simple.

Wow that simple hey?

Well… yes. If it’s not that simple then don’t winge about prices. It’s a service, and like all, there is a cost. Try catch a taxi for that price, try run a car for $38 per week.

It is a service. A gold star for you.
One run by the ACT Government, so somewhat different to the taxi service. And if you were catching a taxi, you also doin’t have to sit next to smelly people, have the crazy try to talk to you, wait in the freezing cold hoping that your bus will eventually come, or walk in the weather at the end of each trip top get to the final leg of your destination.
Again, people will choose to WHINGE about something that they think is unjust, or not right.
And for a work week, I run my car for under $38.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 2:41 pm 02 Jul 09

Thumper said :

If you don’t like the prices then don’t catch a bus. Simple.

Wow that simple hey?

Well… yes. If it’s not that simple then don’t winge about prices. It’s a service, and like all, there is a cost. Try catch a taxi for that price, try run a car for $38 per week.

Granny Granny 2:40 pm 02 Jul 09

OzChick said :

Yep. Released in the ACT Budget on 5 May 2009.

Wow! Budget papers. The staple reading of all busy Canberrans. How very in touch with the community!

Silly us for not having read them ….

The bus driver did spend some time explaining to my daughter how something had happened that she wouldn’t understand, and she said, “Oh, you mean the end of the financial year?”

Do they want the patronage and income or not? Passengers can only give what they have.

Amazing how fifteen year olds working in a burger chain can manage to let customers know they can upsize their order, but adults working for a government department seem incapable of letting customers know about a price rise.

FC FC 2:39 pm 02 Jul 09

Yeah, its really that simple Mike. Pfft.If only we had you to solve all our problems.

If someone has a problem with someone then they definitly should say something about it. Otherwise how will people/business/government know what to change/amend or what the community is happy or not happy about.

I was my understanding that not long ago the government was trying to promote that catching a bus was not only good for the environment, but good for your hip pocket also.
Which, with the two fair increases I recall semi recently, it simply is not. It is cheaper for me to drive (to the other side of town) to work, than to catch the bus.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:39 pm 02 Jul 09

$5/day to bus it if you either plan ahead and buy a tenride ticket (the things don’t expire), or $7.60 if you’re caught short.
But the publicity surrounding the ACTION price rise has been negligible.

If you want huge prices, Deane’s Bus rides -within Queanbeyan- are ridiculous, and catching one across the border is obscene.
Linky to price schedule

Ian Ian 2:37 pm 02 Jul 09

#9 – of course if you catch it regularly a 10 ride ticket works out at $2.45 a trip which is better,

Nevertheless, ACTION really does need to do something about having a cheaper fare for short trips, something like $1-1.50 for less than xx stops/km. Not sure how they’d operate this, but they’re the supposed experts paid to figure stuff like that out.

Thumper Thumper 2:35 pm 02 Jul 09

If you don’t like the prices then don’t catch a bus. Simple.

Wow that simple hey?

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 2:34 pm 02 Jul 09

I wouldn’t say it was a suprise. I don’t even catch buses and I knew about it.
From memory I read about it in the Canberra Cyclist magazine.

If you don’t like the prices then don’t catch a bus. Simple.

Katie Katie 2:32 pm 02 Jul 09

First I heard about the increase was today on Riotact. I catch the bus to and from work approx 2 times a week. I usually have a 10 ride faresaver ticket but sometimes get caught short when the ticket is all used up.
Our bus service is woeful, I pity the poor drivers who are going to cop even more abuse from the public because of this.
Discover the plusses of busses my asses!

Thumper Thumper 2:31 pm 02 Jul 09

+1 FC

FC FC 2:27 pm 02 Jul 09

$7.60 per day to catch the bus to work.
Hardly worth it.
I think I’ll just drive..
Good work government on providing incentives to use (the crap enough already) public transport system.

rottweiler rottweiler 2:21 pm 02 Jul 09

I had this problem today I had to catch a bus to the city with my step daughter I’m a concession holder so my off peak daily pass was 1.50 now 1.60 no biggie but I was pissed off that it cost me $3.70 for a daily pass for an 8 year old child, next week I’ll have 3 8 year olds to catch a bus with all at $3.70 at pop while I only pay $1.60 that a total of $12.70 for me and my 3 kids to get anywhere during the school holidays.

Can I say rip off?

I believe we will have riding to close things or staying home then.

frontrow frontrow 2:18 pm 02 Jul 09

Full paying adult cash fares went up by 80 cents. Ten ride tickets only went up by $2.50. They are obviously trying to further discourage cash, as the saving on a prepaid fare went up from 80 cents to $1.35. Anyone still paying cash fares is either on an unusual trip because their car is unavailable, or not “vulnerable” enough to be worried by 80 cents.

OzChick OzChick 2:09 pm 02 Jul 09

From the budget: “ACTION bus fares have remained unchanged since July 2006. This initiative increases bus fares by an average of around 11 per cent from 1 July 2009. Cyclists using bicycle racks on buses will now be required to pay the appropriate fare.”

Isara Isara 2:08 pm 02 Jul 09

The fee increases were included in the ACT Budget papers, but you had to search to find them. They said something like an average 11% increase for tickets. I’m pretty sure the Budget papers (and the associated fee increases) were brought up here at the time of release, cos this is where I get most of my local news, and I wouldn’t normally seek out the Budget papers to check for this sort of thing.

OzChick OzChick 2:06 pm 02 Jul 09
AG Canberra AG Canberra 2:00 pm 02 Jul 09

Nope – nothing. But when has anybody seen a gov ad stating that we need to be aware that the price of one of their services is rising…..

I was lucky enough however to secure 5 ten trip faresaver tickest before yesterday’s price rise….

And the only thing i did notice today was a sticke about A5 in size near the coin tray spelling out the new fares. The bus did however have a big poster declaring that timetables would be changing from the 25th of May….

OzChick OzChick 1:59 pm 02 Jul 09

I am pretty sure all these price hikes were released in the ACT Budget. I bought my civic parking ticket before the 1 July due to this reason.

wednesday wednesday 1:58 pm 02 Jul 09

I saw a notice on the website about a month ago, but I think that’s the only place I’ve seen anything.

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